Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, better known as 15-22 for short, is a .22 LR variant of the M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle. It’s one of the most popular sports pistols right now in the market as well. That’s because it’s easy to purchase and it’s quite affordable as well.

Even though the stock gun is quite good for any kind of shooting sports and competition, it could still use some upgrades to make it a custom M&P 15-22 and cater to your taste.

Finding the right Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 accessories isn’t that easy. After all, a gun so popular like this has so much to choose from. There are good brands and there are brands that have shady past as well.

Finding the right upgrade among those can be a bit hard. That’s why I aim to help you find the best 15-22 upgrades in this post. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

1. M&P 15-22 Stock Upgrades

Buttstocks are the most common upgrade in a pistol. The stock often isn’t fit for most shooters out there. To make it more universal and comfortable, companies tend to make stocks for guns. Here are some stock upgrades that you can consider.

i) Hera Arms CQR AR-15 Buttstock

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

Hera Arms stocks are quite popular among AR-15 rifle owners. AR rifles are more common nowadays as purchasing them is easier. The M&P 15-22 does support AR buttstocks. That’s why CQR is the go-to buttstock for any M&P 15-22 owners.

This buttstock is made out of polymer. A durable and tough material that is used in pistol making. Speaking of pistols, it’s a common buttstock among M&P 15-22 pistol upgrades.

The Hera buttstock also offers 6 adjustable positioning. That you won’t find in any stock stocks ever. The positioning adjustability gives short shooters a chance to change it to their desired length. Giving them the complete freedom and confidence to shoot.

The Hera stock is designed to be used in military and law-enforcement service. That doesn’t mean you as a casual shooter can’t get their hands on it.

What it does mean is, it’s an extremely durable buttstock that will last you for a long time in regular usage. That’s a key selling point of this stock. The comfort and stability are a bonus haha!

ii) Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

The PRS Gen 3 is considered to be one of the best AR stocks. As the adjustability of this is so convenient and how well it performs with most AR rifles out there, it’s an easy choice for most shooters. After all, Magpul’s reliability is widely known.

The stock is made out of multiple different materials. The adjustable knobs and the connection point are made out of aluminum. While the butt of the stock is made out of rubber. And that rubber is also adjustable.

Ultimately, you can configure it to such a feat that you can take part in competitions easily. That’s why, most of the time this is recommended to serious shooters. As confidence is the key to winning competition, you will feel confident with the stability and comfort of this stock.

I know what you are thinking. But what about M&P 15-22 folding stock? Well, what if I tell you, you could make any stock foldable? Sounds like fire, right? That’s right, you need a Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter and your stock will become a foldable one. Easy solution for everybody.

2. M&P 15-22 Trigger Upgrades

M&P 15-22 triggers caused a lot of commotion over the years. Some like it while some change it faster than Flash. While it’s where I play the preference card, upgrading the trigger can give you an edge in competitive sports. It’s something that you should definitely look into.

i) Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

The best part of the M&P 15-22 pistol is, it’s a weapon that can take a ton of AR items. Which gives you the opportunity to put in a ton of AR parts and take it to the next level. Geissele is an American brand that has been serving excellent gears for over a decade now.

To enhance your shooting capabilities, the trigger pull on the Geissele trigger is quite lightweight. The first stage of the pull is 2 lbs and the second stage is 4.5 lbs. Both with a sharp repeatable trigger release.

For competitive hunters and shooters, this trigger is a must-have. The lighter trigger pull with proper safety built-in makes it a wonderful trigger system for the M&P 15-22. The short reset is excellent for fast tapping.

ii) Elftmann Tactical ELF 3-Gun Trigger

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

The blessing of having a pistol that is compatible with AR accessories. Elftmann Tactical 3 trigger is made for AR as the name suggests. The trigger costs nearly half of what M&P 15-22 costs. That’s the reason why upgrading a trigger often comes last in the list.

But this trigger system from Elftmann is one of a kind. The trigger is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel. Two of the most durable materials in gun accessories. It’s quite lightweight as well. It won’t make your gun feel heavier all of a sudden.

The trigger pull is lighter than you find in a typical AR. It’s nearly 50% lower and faster than a typical AR-15 trigger. The faster response rate with better shooting safety gives you an excellent firing experience. Elftmann didn’t cheap out on any corner of the trigger. The price tag clearly shows that.

3. M&P 15-22 Grips Upgrades

The forend of a gun is a very important part. It plays a big role in stabilizing the gun and giving you a better gripping experience. Here are some of the best M&P 15-22 pistol grips you could buy.

i) Bravo Company – Ar-15 Mod-3 Gunfighter Grip

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

When it comes to pistol hand grips, Bravo company is one of the best in the business. Their AR15 Mod 3 is an excellent gun grip. From the gripping texture to how robust it is, makes it a perfect choice for an everyday hunter.

The grip is made out of polymer. A durable and lightweight plastic that is known for its longevity. Unlike the regular thin plastic that you find toy pistols, this one is much denser and with a better pattern for you to grip on.

The grip is also angled a bit to make it more ergonomic. As it will put less strain in your arm, you can shoot for longer. That’s music to my ears if you ask me. Overall, this pistol grip is simply put, amazing.

ii) Hogue Beavertail Rubber Grip with Finger Groove

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

Who hasn’t heard of Hogue? They are no strangers in the pistol accessory business. Just like making countless different grips for different pistols, Hogue has also made pistol grips for AR-15.

The Beavertail pistol grip is a perfect choice for any M&P 15-22 owner. After all, the grip is amazing to grab and it’s made with ergonomics in mind. The main portion of the grip is made out of fiberglass and then overmolded with rubber.

Making it extremely comfy to grip with or without gloves. A firm grip is necessary for fast shooting. Whether you are spraying or tapping, without holding the gun properly, you cannot shoot accurately. That’s why a grip like this can help you a lot in your everyday shooting endeavor.

4. M&P 15-22 Forend Upgrades

Just like the grip at the end, the forend also requires some upgrades. The forend of the M&P 15-22 uses M-Lok technology. Thankfully, most companies nowadays have found their own way of making their forend compatible with M-Lok. Take a look at some of the best M&P 15-22 forends you can purchase.

i) Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

The Link from Strike Industries is an AR-15 foregrip. As you guessed already, the 15-22 accepts this grip as well. As the Link has an M-Lok connection, you don’t need an adapter or change something on the gun to make it compatible.

The foregrip is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum. An incredibly durable aluminum that is also known as aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s durable and lightweight. The balance is perfect.

Most importantly, it’s comfortable to grip. That’s the point of adding a forend. Something to grip onto while you shoot. It also balances the recoil and muzzle rise. In short, it’s a very well made forend and excellent value for the money.

ii) Magpul AFG2 Angled Forend Grip

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

When it comes to M-Lok forend grips, Magpul is one of the best if not the best manufacturers. Their patented grips are some of the most comfortable grips on the market. That goes for their other grips as well.

The AFG2 is a lightweight polymer forend grip. Instead of aluminum or hardened steel, they went with polymer. You might think it’s a strange choice. On paper, it does seem like a strange choice to save money. But their polymer products are so good, I think it’s more about confidence in their craftsmanship.

For both comfort and saving some weight, this grip makes the perfect choice for everyday shooting. Whether you are a hunter or practicing to compete in the local tournament, this is something you should definitely buy for your 15-22.

5. M&P 15-22 Scope Upgrades

Being compatible with AR accessories does open up an opportunity to use some high-end red dots and riflescopes. The ironsight of this gun is simply not enough. Not even for John Wick. That’s why, you definitely should look to upgrade scope. Finding the best M&P 15-22 scope wasn’t easy. But here we are.

i) Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm SFP Rifle Scope

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

If you love mid-range shooting, you will love this scope. Leupold is an excellent manufacturer that is known for their lens making. They provide great performing optics for an affordable price tag.

The 3-9×40 is a medium-range riflescope with a huge 40mm objective lens. The objective lens gathers a ton of sunlight for the scope to work with. Resulting in incredibly vibrant and vivid pictures. It’s like you are seeing through another pair of eyes that has magnification in them.

While the scope is built like a tank and it performs excellently, it won’t support the M&P 15-22 right off the bat. Because Leupold doesn’t include any mounting accessories with the scope.

You will need to purchase Leupold PRW2 Rifle Scope Rings to pair this with. Make sure to purchase the 1” variant. As the scopes tube diameter is 1”.

ii) Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Red Dot Sight

Best Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle Accessories

Ah, the familiar face! Romeo 5 is one of the most recommended sights when it comes to red dots. Sig Sauer is a brand based in Germany and USA. The merge of two sisters gave us some of the best red dot sights in the market.

The Romeo 5 is built like a tank to survive war-like situations. While you won’t go to a war with the M&P 15-22, it doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared. Jokes aside, the sight is water, fog, and shockproof.

While the 20mm objective lens can be a bummer for some, it still gathers plenty of light to work during the day and night. That’s right, the reticle on this is illuminated. You will need a CR2032 battery that you will find in the box. You don’t need any mounting device as this sight comes with a built-in mounting system.

What Are Some Other Upgrades For M&P 15-22 Worth Doing?

After all, this can’t be it, right? I mean the gun is compatible with AR-15 accessories. The options to upgrade this gun to the max is vast. But not all of those upgrades are necessary or worth it. Here are some minor upgrades that can lift up your performance with the gun.


As the gun is compatible with M-Lok accessories, you will find a lot of people upgrading the handguard. One of the best M-Lok AR-15 handguards is made by Tacticool22. The Tacticool22 Free Float is a M-Lok handguard.

Installing it is quite easy and simple. It’s extremely light. The weight balance is good and it is made with precise machining. The material here is aluminum. One of the most durable materials you will come across.

How To Choose The Right Upgrade Order?

It’s not that hard once you think about it. What do you want to upgrade in the gun? Is it the trigger? Is it too hard for you? Then why not just upgrade the trigger first and use it for a while?

What if you want to join a hunting competition and they require some kind of optic for you to register? You will need a good scope then, right?

Upgrade the forend and grip for better stability and ergonomics. These small things play a big role in your everyday shooting enjoyment.

The idea behind upgrading a gun is to make the gun reach its full potential. And use the gun to our complete enjoyment. That’s why the upgrade order will mostly depend on what you want to do with the gun.


And here you are. I tried to help you find the best 15-22 upgrades possible and how to approach the whole upgrade scenario. It’s not that hard once you think about it with a cool head. Sure, the available items and options are vast.

But all of them aren’t worth it nor any good. The ones that are good, are already here. Besides them, there are other items available as well, for sure. But those will require you to go blind and gamble the QC.

And that’s about it. We have reached the end of a beautiful journey. I hope I was a good guide and helped you learn a bit more about the gun you love so much. I hope you will come back for more upgrades later. Until next time, take care.

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