After massive success with the Romeo red dot sight series, SIG Sauer has come up with another revolutionary optical device for our keen shooters. The Juliet magnifier series has got some great magnifiers to go hand-in-hand with their Romeo red dot sights.

Now the question is which one you want for yourself. You will find SIG Juliet magnifiers up to 6x magnification and it will depend on your shooting purpose and which one you want to choose. However, the fact that a high magnification range does not necessarily work for every situation, shooters want to go for a save option.

The best possible solution for this confusion is to purchase a magnifier with a medium magnification range so that you can use it for both close and mid-long distance targeting. Both Sig Sauer Juliet 3 and Juliet 4 come with medium magnification range and as a result, these magnifiers are gaining more attention from the shooters.

But you must be confused while choosing one from both the magnifiers as they are almost identical in their features. In order to drive all your confusion away we will be comparing both these magnifiers and find out the better Juliet for your sight. So, let’s begin!

Sig Juliet 3

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Flip to the side mounting system.
  • Fully multi-coated lens.
  • 3X magnification.
  • Waterproof.

Red dot sights are supposed to be 1x to keep their close-quarter combat ability as sharp as possible. Every now and then, you will find yourself in situations where 3-4x magnification wouldn’t hurt to get. That’s where the magnifiers from Sig come in! Their Juliet 3 is marketed to be paired with the 20mm red dots like Romeo 5.

Besides the Romeo 5, you can use this with other Romeo and different brand red dot sights if you wish to. As for the Juliet, it’s constructed from high-quality aluminum and is seated on top of a flip-to-the-side mounting system.

The magnification is fixed at 3x. The objective lens is 22mm. It’s wide enough to gather a lot of light. While it’s not suitable for night-time usage, you can easily use this during low-light conditions. Really good performance for the price.

Sig Juliet 4

Key Features

  • 4x Magnification.
  • Lightweight.
  • Flip to the side mounting system.
  • Suitable for all day usage.
  • Wide field of view.

I absolutely love the naming scheme from Sig. While the 3 in Juliet 3 represents the magnification, 4 does the same here. That’s right, if you are looking for an optic magnifier with 4x magnification that won’t put you under a lifetime debt, Sig Juliet 4 might be what you have been longing 4!

Pardon the pun, couldn’t help myself. The Juliet 4 features a 24mm objective lens. The objective field of view is larger than Juliet 3 and it can also show you the target from a longer range.

As for the housing, it shares a similar material as other Juliet products. It also has an anti-scratch coating on the housing and the lens is fully multi-coated. The light light-gathering capability of the optic is really good. But I wouldn’t recommend using a magnifier in dark environment. It can cause parallax-related issues.

Besides that, it’s a great magnifier for any red dots that you might want to pair up with. Flip to the side mechanism is absolutely brilliant!


SpecsSIG Juliet 3SIG Juliet 4
Objective Lens24mm/22mm24mm
Field of View8 degrees6.25 degrees
Exit Pupil8mm6mm
Total Elevation Travel110 MOA90 MOA
Total Windage Travel110 MOA90 MOA
Diopter Adjustment Range+/- 2+/- 2
MountQuick Release Powercam/ M1913 PicatinnyQuick Release Powercam/ M1913 Picatinny
Water Resistant LevelIPX8IPX8
Weight9.9 oz12.5 oz
Dimension81x69x61 mm108x49x71 mm

Difference Between Sig Juliet 3 and 4

From the specifications of both the sights, it is pretty clear that Sig Juliet3 and Juliet4 hardly have any difference between them. Still, there are some points we would like to discuss just so you are sure which magnifier matches your needs the most. Now, let’s look at these contrasting points.

  • They definitely have two different magnification ranges from each other. This is the major contrasting quality of both magnifiers.
  • With their quick release mount both the magnifiers are compatible with most firearms. However, these Sig Juliet Magnifiers work better with certain Romeo sights and we need to find out which ones.
  • You will also find some differences in their field of view and exit pupil which will determine the lens clarity and focus level of the magnifiers. In addition, the windage and elevation adjustments will give you an idea about their visibility.
  • Finally, the design and weight range will also play an important role in deciding which magnifier will be easy to handle.

Who Is The Better Juliet?

All the contradicting qualities of the magnifiers mentioned above will guide us through the journey of finding our favorite Juliet. We will be discussing these points below.


The major point to consider before purchasing a magnifier is the magnification range. Apparently, this difference is what makes Juliet 3 and Juliet 4 distinct from each other.

Juliet 3: The Sig Juliet 3 magnifier comes with a 24mm objective lens and 3x fixed magnification which will cover you well till 100 yds. This is perfect for close to mid range targeting. You also get a micro version of this magnifier which comes with a 22mm objective lens.

Juliet 4: The Sig Sauer Juliet 4 magnifier also has a fixed magnification range. But this device is 1x zoom higher than the Juliet 3 magnifier, giving you 4x magnification. It also has a 24mm objective lens like the Juliet3 model. The magnification level will give you mid-long range coverage more than you will in the former magnifier.

Since the Sig Juliet4 magnifier has more magnification than the Juliet 3 model, it will be a better option to cover more area. But in case you are not satisfied with this magnification range, you can choose the Sig Sauer Juliet 6 Magnifier with 6x magnification.


After the magnification range, we will talk about the magnifiers’ compatibility with external devices especially with the Romeo red dot sights. Along with the M1913 Picatinny mount, these magnifiers also include 1.41”, 1.53” and 1.63” spacers to adjust height.

Juliet 3: This Sig Juliet Magnifier comes with a quick release Powercam 90° and M1913 Picatinny mount that can mount on any weapon including high recoil rifles and shotguns. When it comes to matching with other optical sights, the magnifier makes a great companion for the Romeo MSR sight.

Juliet 4: Similar to the Juliet 3 magnifier, the Juliet 4 model also comes with the Powercam 90° mount that has built-in recoil lugs so that you can get repeatable zero with high calibrated rifles and shotguns. This is a perfect Juliet magnifier for Romeo5 red dot sight. This model of Romeo and Juliet 4 goes hand-in-hand in order to enhance your shooting experience.

From the compatibility of the magnifiers, we can say that both of them will work great with any external sight. Still, the combinations of Romeo sights and Juliet magnifiers are something to keep in mind for better targeting.

Lens Clarity & Focus

We will also compare the lens clarity and focus quality of both the Juliet magnifiers through their field of view and exit pupil. Besides, their windage and elevation adjustments will also help in deciding which magnifier is better.

Juliet 3: In the Sig Juliet 3 magnifier you are getting 8 degrees field of view along with an 8mm exit pupil. This means the Juliet 3 magnifier covers more peripheral areas of the field giving you better visibility. Also, the 8mm exit pupil will capture more light. Besides, the magnifier gives a maximum of 110 MOA of elevation and windage adjustments allowing you to compensate for wind drift.

Juliet 4: On the other hand, the 6.25 degrees field of view and 6mm exit pupil of the Juliet 4 magnifier will give a good visibility with a wide focus window, but not as much as the former magnifier. However, the exit pupil will maintain the moderate flow of low that is best for your eyes. The magnifier also provides you with 90 MOA of windage and elevation adjustments.

From what we are getting through the above information, we can say the Juliet 3 will give you better lens clarity and focus. However, we also have to keep in mind that with higher magnification the field of view of a magnifier will be compromised.

Design & Weight

Finally, we will give our attention to the design and weight range of the magnifiers. Both the Juliet magnifiers are made of CNC aluminum giving them lifetime reliability. With this, you are also getting IPX8 water resistance. Although there is no difference in their construction, the dimensions and weights of both magnifiers tell us a different story.

Juliet 3: This Juliet magnifier has a 108mm length, 71mm width, and 70mm height. The dimension of this magnifier is compact enough and not something that will interfere with your shooting. But in case you want a more compact size you can opt for the micro version of this same model. Moreover, the magnifier weighs about 12.8 ounces, which is not too overwhelming compared to other magnifiers.

Juliet 4: having the same height as Juliet 3, this magnifier comes with less length and width size. You will not find much difference in the length size but it is less bulky than the Juliet 3 magnifier, making it even more compact than the other model. The magnifier also weighs a little less than the Juliet 3 model, stopping at the 12.5 ounces weight range.

This is actually not a big difference to consider since it will not bring a solid change in your shooting experience. But we still want to state this little difference in case you want to consider the distinct.


To sum up, the distinct features of both the Sig Juliet 3 and Juliet 4 magnifiers are not something over the top that will make a huge difference. We have covered all these little details so that you can have all the information to suit your needs.

More than a rival we would say these two magnifiers are counterparts of each other with the only major difference between their magnification range.

Therefore, the choice will be yours. If you want a higher magnification go with the Juliet 4 model. Or, you can choose the Juliet 3 magnifier in case you want more field of view and wind compensation.

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