Holosun HS407C Vs HS407K [Which one Is Better?]

Holosun C and K series have always been quite similar to one another. Tonight on Raw we got two sights from Holosun, again. Yes, again! Bare with me on this one cause you are in for a treat.

Besides their appearance, they also have other differences among them. As you keep reading you will find more about these two sights and will end up knowing which one is the best between Holosun HS407C vs HS407k.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Holosun HS407C

Key Features

  • It’s quite small and compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be used on handguns and as an auxiliary sight on rifles.
  • Solar failsafe.
  • Incredible battery life.

Holosun is a Chinese giant sight maker that has infiltrated the entire world. Their products are widely used by civilians and law-enforcement services alike. The 407C is one of their best sellers.

This optic is made out of high-quality aluminum. It features a lens that is fully multi-coated and rated to be scratch-resistant. While it’s not scratch-proof, it will fight against dust and debris. Oil and water won’t stick to the surface of the optic either.

The best part of this sight is the solar failsafe. Imagine in the middle of a bright sunny day, the battery of your sight dies on you! Sounds like a horrible way to end a session, doesn’t it?

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in that situation, Holosun’s solar failsafe will save you from a disaster. It converts solar to electricity and keeps the reticle bright and illuminated. As long as there is sun, you have a reticle.

Holosun HS407K

Key Features

  • Lighter than 407c.
  • Smaller as well.
  • 6 MOA reticle.
  • Great battery life!

If you take a close look at them, you will find striking differences between the two. While Holosun kept the same durable housing, they changed the housing style and the lens type altogether.

It’s still a fully multi-coated optic and you will have a great shooting experience throughout the day, but it doesn’t feature the solar failsafe. You will need to use the included battery to power this up. Don’t worry, the battery is capable of keeping this optic running for years!

With a massive 50,000 hours of battery life, Holosun is here to see through whatever you decide to put it up against! As for the visual clarity, it’s excellent and will not slow down or show blurry vision to you ever.

Holosun HS407C/ HS407K – Specs

Weight1.5 oz1 oz
Size1.78×1.15×1.15 in1.6×0.98×0.95 in
Window Size0.63×0.910.58×0.77
W&E Travel Range±50 MOA±30 MOA
Reticle2 MOA6 MOA

Holosun HS407C & HS407K – Key Differences

There are many things different among these two sights we have here. Holosun usually doesn’t change much between two variants of the same sight, but with these two, they are completely different.

  • Holosun HS407K is lighter than Holosun HS407C.
  • HS407C has a bigger window than HS407k.
  • Holosun HS407K has a bigger reticle.
  • Adjustment value is different between the two.
  • HS407K is slightly smaller.

Which One Suits You More Then?

Let’s take a look at what they are offering and based on that decide which one you should end up going for.


HS407C: Holosun never skimps on the quality of the material they use. HS407C is made entirely from 7075 T6 aluminum. It’s the type of aluminum that you see in 3,000$ scopes as well. It’s extremely durable and lightweight. Both of those characteristics are clearly visible. It is also water, shock, and fogproof at the same time. The exterior has a matte anodization that makes it look extremely appealing.

HS407K: Just like the 407c, this one also is made out of the same 7075 T6 aluminum. It’s a type of aluminum mostly being used with sights and similar accessories. It is extremely light and durable. Without a doubt, 407K will last you a long time. It’s shock, water, and fogproof. You can use this in any weather and with any guns you want.

Durability-wise, they are both built like tanks and made to withstand tough shooting environments. Both are solid choices.

Lens Clarity

HS407C: Without a doubt, the most important part of a reflex sight is its lens. The lens of HS407C is made out of high-quality and durable glass. It is then coated multiple times with different chemicals. This processing enhances the sunlight gathering capability and makes it a viable optic under bright light and low light. A versatile sight if you want to call it that. The lens is not immune to scratches, but they are not prone to easily getting scratched either.

HS407K: The 407K uses a similar type of glass if not the exact same glass. It is also fully multi-coated. As it is water and fogproof, you will not see any moisture in the lens. You won’t witness any kind of fog clouding your vision either. Low-light performance is quite good. There is no coloring error present on the sight either.

Lens-wise, both of them are on the same tier. They are both great units that will bring you joy on the field.


HS407C: As this is a reflex sight, there is no magnification present on the sight. It comes with 1x magnification and that’s fixed. You can increase the magnification by using a magnifier for Holosun, but that’s not something everyone wants to do.

HS407K: The magnification on this one is also fixed at 1x. You cannot increase or decrease it by default. You can add a magnifier to make this device viable at mid-range, but that’s not something you absolutely should do.


HS407C: Here is something that you will find different in both of them. The HS407C uses a standard 2 MOA reticle. You will find this type of reticle readily available in most reflex and open-air optics. The reticle is etched onto the glass directly. Recoil shocks won’t be able to move the reticle anywhere.

HS407K: The reticle here is huge. Really huge! Coming at 6 MOA in size, it’s 3x bigger than HS407C. Does that mean the reticle covers the entire FOV? No, absolutely not. The reticle is still quite small compared to the viewing area of the sight. It is accurate and it is etched on the glass directly. Preventing any reticle related accidents from happening.

If you prefer a bigger reticle, the choice here should be HS407K.

Brightness and Battery

HS407C: The brightness on this unit is quite good. It has 10 levels of daylight setting and 2 levels of night vision setting. You can change the brightness with a push button quite easily. The night vision settings perform quite well in low-light areas. 407C uses a single CR1632 battery and it has a solar failsafe. If your battery runs out, the sight will use the stored energy through the solar rooftop.

HS407K: HS407K also has 10 levels of daylight settings and 2 night vision settings. At the lowest magnification, you will get 50k hours of battery life with a single CR1632 battery. It’s the same type of battery and life as the 407C. But the key difference here is, there is no solar failsafe on this sight. If your battery runs out, it runs out.

If solar failsafe is important for you, then you should stick to 407C. Otherwise, both of them have similar longevity.


With that, we have reached the end. It did take longer than I anticipated. But the two sights are quite different. I feel like you can easily choose between the Holosun HS407C vs 407K now.

As they are quite different from each other and have different price tags as well, it will depend mostly on what you want from the sight. There are a couple of neat features present on the 407C that arguably make it better, but most of you can sacrifice those features to save money. The choice is yours.

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