Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

Ruger LCP is commonly used as a self-defense item. Some hunters like to carry as their secondary weapon as well. While it’s not made for combat, you can try and upgrade some accessories of the gun to make it a bit more competitive.

The LCP is an extremely small and compact pistol. That’s the reason why many prefer it. While trying to find the best Ruger LCP upgrades, my idea was to find something that doesn’t make the gun unnecessarily bulky. Upgrades that will keep the integrity of the gun and improve its performance.

All while still keeping the portability intact. It wasn’t easy, that much I will tell you. As for what kind of LCP accessories I recommend, you will find it out soon enough. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Ruger LCP Sight Upgrades

It’s not uncommon to see pistols coming without a sight. Whether you are using the LCP for self-defense or for something else, you could use a sight to get an advantage in your shooting sessions.

i) LaserMax CenterFire Ruger LCP Pistol Laser Sight

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

The first sight I recommend is from LaserMax. As their name suggests, they are known for making laser sights for pistols. The laser sight is an incredible way of getting into nighttime shooting. Their accuracy is extremely high and their range is quite impeccable.

The laser sight is made out of polymer. The polymer housing is waterproof as well. As it’s not metal, there is no chance of getting corrosion either. Instead of using a touch activated sensor, LaserMax used a button system in it.

It’s an ambidextrous button that you can easily turn on with your index finger. If you are not using the laser for 10 minutes straight, it will turn off. This way it saves battery a lot. With a single 1/3N lithium battery, you can squeeze out 4h of usage from it.

ii) ArmaLaser TR12 Designed Ruger LCP II Laser Sight

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

ArmaLaser is another incredible laser sight maker. They are known to make laser sights for tons of different pistols. Glock owners are quite familiar with them. ArmaLaser makes the Ruger LCP series as well.

This sight here is made out of polymer. It’s the same type of polymer your pistol is using as well. In terms of durability, it will last you quite a few drops. Just don’t throw it like you mean to break it.

The laser here is red. Red lasers are known for their power efficiency and battery saving. The laser output is 4 mW. That’s within legal limits and you can see targets up to 50ft with this laser sight. The laser can run continuously for 2.3 hours.

2. Ruger LCP Holster Upgrades

Carrying a gun without any kind of safety is never recommended. As it is used as a self-defense weapon, it makes sense to carry the gun with a holster. But finding a holster that is durable and supports accessories is hard. Here are some of the best holsters for Ruger LCP.

i) Fobus KT2G Evolution Holster

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

This is the second generation of holsters from Fobus. They have upgraded the internal design and made it easier to grab on the fly. That doesn’t mean the gun is gonna fall off from the holster while running.

The holster features passive retention designed by Fobus. It works as it’s intended to. The material of choice here is polymer and hard polymer. Both are excellent materials to make holsters out of.

While it’s not as soft as a leather holster, the polymer has a nice texture to it. The texture feels quite good to the hand. The open top design here really looks awesome, to say the least. A perfect example of looks paired up with performance.

ii) Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

IWB holsters are quite popular among self-defense enthusiasts. After all, their concealment is quite good and they are lighter and smaller than others often. Galco did an interesting thing with the Kingtuk.

The Kingtuk is made out of Kydex and leather. That’s the interesting part of this holster. Leather gives it a soft texture that is quite comfortable to grip and quite excellent to look at. The Kydex base makes it quite durable.

Another good thing about the holster is, this is available for tons of different pistols. That includes LCP 2 and many other pistols from Springfield Armory. For folks who are looking for a good holster suited for self-defense usage, this is the perfect choice.

3. Ruger LCP Grip Upgrades

Ruger LCP doesn’t feature a removable grip like many other pistols. That’s why you are not going to find many replacement grips for this gun. But some companies did take up on the challenge and made some grips for it. Here are some grip upgrades for your LCP.

i) Hogue Ruger LCP HandAll BGS

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

This grip here is well suited for Ruger LCP II pistols. LCP 2 does tend to receive more love than other Ruger guns. But that’s a given. Considering how well the LCP 2 does in the market.

Like your pistol which is made out of polymer, this grip is made out of thermoplastic. A much more comfortable and flexible material compared to polymer. This grip will give you a nicer and firmer grip.

Something that a polymer pistol lacks. HandALL BGS Ruger grips are available in a ton of colors. That’s the benefit of having thermoplastic grips. If you want to change the look and turn it into a custom Ruger LCP, then you absolutely need a grip like this.

ii) Hogue Handall Hybrid Ruger LCP Grip Sleeve Gun Grip

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

The second grip sleeve is also from Ruger. This is a hybrid variant of the same grip you saw a bit above. The Handall Hybrid grip sleeve is made for people who find thermoplastic or polymer grips a bit hard to grip.

The texture on this is quite gorgeous and the exterior of this is made out of rubber. Which gives you a comfortable grip. Unlike the other grip, this one is limited to black only. A bit bummer for people who are looking for aesthetics.

As it’s a friction fit grip, you don’t need any kind of screws to install this on your gun. You can easily put it on like you are putting on a pair of gloves and call it a day. Simple and easy for newbies as well.

4. Ruger LCP Trigger Upgrades

The trigger is an important part of a pistol. One might consider it the most important part. If the trigger jams or doesn’t register on pressing, it’s an annoying feeling. You will miss shots. If it’s a dire situation, then you will have to suffer a lot for a bad trigger. So, you should think of upgrading the trigger of your LCP.

i) Peacemaker Short Stroke Trigger

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

This trigger from Peacemaker is made for the LCP lineup. The short stroke trigger is made out of CNC machined aluminum. An extremely durable material that you find in much more expensive items. While a trigger kit can cost more than a gun sometimes, this one here is nothing like that.

With an affordable price tag, Peacemaker truly tried to make peace with all LCP users. The installation process of this trigger is a bit tricky. The trigger can’t be installed by amateurs.

You should take the help of a gunsmith to install this properly. A downside of this trigger is that it won’t fit the LCP 2. For that, you will need to buy the Sigurd Short Stroke Trigger. That’s made for the Ruger LCP 2.

4. Ruger LCP Magazine Upgrades

While the stock magazine isn’t bad, having extra options is quite nice to have. Here are a couple of magazine upgrades that you may find useful.

i) Ruger Lcp Ii .22lr 10-shot Magazine

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

This magazine isn’t much different from the stock one. What changed here is the type of polymer used. On top of that, this kit comes with a pair of magazines. That gives you the option to instantly switch from one magazine to another.

With the stock magazine, you now have 3 magazines that you can swap out at any time. 30 bullets on a self-defense pistol at your disposal sounds great, right? That’s the entire point of upgrading to this magazine.

Giving you a plethora of more bullets to fire. Keep in mind, that this kit is available for Ruger LCP .22LR. Don’t buy this if you have a Ruger LCP .380.

ii) Magazine Extensions

Best Ruger LCP Upgrades

Instead of buying magazines, you can try to buy an extension grip for your current magazine. Extension grips allow you to grip the magazine better while unlocking the magazine to reload.

Try out the AmeriGun Club Grip Extension and pair that with the ADCO Super Thumb VI speedloader. You will have a killer magazine reload experience.

How To Upgrade Ruger LCP?

The Ruger LCP has quite a few upgrades that you can do. Some of them you can do ASAP and some of them you could delay till you feel the need of upgrading. If you are still struggling to choose the right order, let me help you a bit more.

Sight is something that everyone should upgrade. Even if the regular use is only for self-defense, you should upgrade the sight of this pistol. That will give you an edge over others and will enable you to shoot during the night.

As for grips, they are your preference. While I’m someone who can’t like the polymer handle of the pistol, you might enjoy its stock. If you don’t, the rubber/thermoplastic grips are your best friend.

The trigger update is something that’s entirely situational. Like I said earlier, the gun doesn’t have an issue with the trigger. However, it can have issues with the trigger due to how the pistol is constructed. That’s why an aluminum trigger can be a lifesaver.

Last but not least, is the budget. If your budget allows you to go ballin ‘, who am I to stop you? It’s up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend behind the gun. It’s up to you to decide what’s worth it for you.


There are some other Ruger LCP 2 accessories you could upgrade to. But not all of those are well reviewed nor worth the money. The ones that I put up here are definitely worthy of your consideration. After all, I want you to have the best Ruger LCP upgrades possible. If you enjoy it, it means I’m enjoying it.

That’s all for today. Thanks for bearing with me till the end. I hope you found this useful. I will be back with more upgrade guides for you soonish. Till then, take care and stay safe.

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