It is always fun to practice target shooting with the SBR. The speed and accuracy the firearm offers make the target acquisition more fun and exciting.

So, if you love using AR rifles, you should at least try a SBR once in your life. Because it has similar features to AR rifles but has a more lightweight and compact construction.

However, do you know using an optic with the firearm can not only increase the fun but also enhance your shooting performance?

In today’s market, you will see many options in the optics which may leave you quite confused while selecting the right one for the firearm.

Therefore, after doing intense research, I have brought the reviews of the 7 best optics that you can use with your SBR.

Additionally, I have included a buying guide to help you understand the key factors you should check before buying an optic for the SBR. So having said all, let’s jump to the buying guide and reviews!

Buying Guide For SBR Optics

There are some key factors you should consider while buying an optic for your SBR. Below is the list of factors that I recommend you better check before selecting an optic for the firearm.


The body construction of the optics is really important. If the sight housing or the scope tube is made of poor materials, it won’t be able to endure heavy impacts or rough handling. Hence, make sure the optic has been constructed with strong materials.

Additionally, the optic lens needs to be multi-coated, it will allow the lens to transmit the maximum amount of light through the glasses.


If you are selecting a red dot sight or a dot scope, make sure it is offered with a high capacity battery. It will allow the optic to run for a long time.


Whatever optic you want to install on the firearm, you will need the right mounts for it. In case the mounts are not perfectly compatible with the optic, it won’t be able to hold off the optic during heavy recoils or impacts.


The good thing is you don’t need a high magnification optic for your SBR. Whether you want to use a riflescope or red dot scope, low to mid magnification power will be best for the firearm.


The red dot sights are available in different MOA dot sizes such as 2 MOA, 4 MOA, 6 MOA, and so on. The choice of dot size mainly depends on the shooters, so you can buy a red dot with your preferred dot size.

However, to have a precise aim on the target, I would suggest you to go for small dot size sights for SBR.

1. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope

Best Optic For SBR

If you want to improve your ranging abilities, this is one of the best scopes around in the market to mount on your SBR. It offers all the necessary features that you would expect from a scope to use with the firearm!

For starters, it has a VMR-2 MOA reticle system, meaning the scope has a hash marked ranging reticle with an illuminated center dot. This dot uses MOA-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections.

Besides, the reticle is placed on the second focal panel, so the reticle appears the same at different magnification ranges.

With the 1-6x magnification power, you can aim quickly for low to mid target distances. Additionally, the daylight bright illuminated center dot enables you to make precise shots under various lighting conditions.

In order to manually control the brightness level, the scope has a low-profile locking illumination dial.

This illumination dial system comes with an 11 level brightness adjustment system with off positions between each setting. Moreover, the scope has a rugged construction and optical system.

For its construction, the company has used Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. Plus, it has a hard Anodized finish to a low-glare matte surface to help you to conceal your position.

Additionally, the scope is O-ring sealed and argon purged which ensures its waterproof and fogproof performance. Besides, you will also love the optic’s APO optical system. Because it works to deliver high image quality through premium, high density, extra-low dispersion glasses.

Apart from that, the lenses are also fully multi-coated with XR plus anti-reflective coatings to increase light transmission for better target images.

Plus, the use of the Armortek coatings helps to protect the external lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt. Sounds like the features you need in your scope, you know what to do!

What is the turret style of the scope?

The scope has a low capped turret system. It enables you to keep the adjustments to remain the same during heavy recoils. Plus, it also helps you to easily adjust and reset the zero whenever you want.

Does it come with a battery?

Since it has an illuminated reticle, it needs a battery to operate. Hence, the company provides a high capacity CR2032 battery along with the product.

What is the eye relief of the scope?

In order to keep your eyes safe from injuries of recoils, the scope you’re selecting should offer you a good amount of eye relief. With this optic, you will get around 4” of eye relief.

2. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight w/Standard Mount

Best Optic For SBR

The red dot scope you’re selecting for your SBR should enable you to make precise aim on the target. Since this Aimpoint red dot comes with a 2 MOA dot size, you can easily aim for the targets from all distances.

Additionally, the 1-6x magnification range allows you to quickly zoom in/out for fast target acquisition.

The best part of the red dot is that it has a 12 level brightness dial system. So, depending on your shooting lighting environment you can adjust the brightness of the optic.

Plus, this brightness system includes one extra bright mode so that it can be used under bright sunlight. Therefore, if you like to practice your shooting in bright light conditions, this red dot will be the right choice for you.

Besides, you can use the optic for a very long time. Because it is offered with a high capacity CR2032 battery. The battery can run up to 50,000 hours (nearly 5 years) of its battery life. Hence, you won’t need to change the battery frequently.

In terms of its construction, the red dot can provide shockproof performance. The optic is made of Aluminum, enabling it to handle heavy impacts and recoils.

Moreover, it has been designed with an advanced lens system and coatings. As a result, you get maximum optical clarity to make a clean shot on the target.

Hence, the optic can be a good deal for you if longevity is what you’re looking for in optics.

What else is offered with the product?

Not much is offered with the product. You will get front and rear plastic flip cap lens covers and a micro adjusting tool along with the optic.

Is it available with a night vision setting?

Unfortunately, the optic doesn’t have a night vision setting. However, the red dot is compatible to use with all generations of night vision. So, if you want you can use a night vision sight to use the optic.

Can you use aftermarket mounts with the red dot?

Yes, you can. In fact, there are plenty of options in the aftermarket mounts to use the red dot. But I would recommend buying the “Scalarworks Aimpoint LEAP/Micro T-2 Mount” since it is highly compatible with the optic.

3. EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

Best Optic For SBR

Looking for a Holographic sight? The EOTECH is the best call for your SBR. There are many features that make the sight perfect for the SBR rifle. To begin with, it has many versions of the reticle system.

However, the EXPS3-0 model will be more suitable for this firearm.

As this version comes with one 1-MOA dot at the center of the 68 MOA ring, it allows you to make accurate and quick shots on the target.

In addition, the optic has a manual brightness adjustment system, enabling you to adjust the brightness level as per your shooting needs.

It offers you 20 daylight brightness settings and 10 additional settings for Gen 1-3+ night vision devices. It means with the push buttons you can switch between the daylight brightness adjustment level and also can change the brightness level to use the optic with a night vision sight.

To operate the optic, it is provided with a CR123 battery which can serve you up to 1,000 continuous hours at a nominal setting of 12 at room temperature.

Moreover, the Holographic sight is designed to be compact in size. Hence, it enables you to have ⅓ co-witness setup on your rifle.

Besides, the Quick Detach mount helps you to quickly attach or detach the optic from the rifle. So, whether you’re an owner of an 11.5 AR SBR or a 10.5 SBR, you can consider the optic to use with the firearms.

Does it have water resistance?

The Holographic sight has a strong water resistance ability. The optic is engineered to be submersible up to 33ft. or 10m depth.

What is the windage and elevation adjustment system of the optic?

You can easily adjust the windage and elevation system of the optic. Because it has a 0.5 per click adjustment system to correct the windage and elevation.

Does it come with a warranty?

The product is solid enough to go through any rough situation. However, it is still offered with a 10 years of limited warranty.

4. Trijicon MRO 2.0 MOA Adjustable Green Dot Scope

Best Optic For SBR

Trijicon has specially crafted this Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) to use with different firearms like rifles, carbines, and shotguns. So, it will perfectly go with your SBR.

Since it is a reflex optic, it will allow you to aim on the targets by keeping both eyes open.

Besides, the 2 MOA green color dots will help you to make clear shots on the targets in all light conditions. As the human eye is sensitive to green color, you can easily perceive the dot to aim in low light or transitional light situations.

Especially, if you have astigmatism, this sight will be better than the red color dots.

One of the best features of this SBR optic is its ambidextrous brightness control. Because it allows you to dial for brightness adjustments without removing your hand from the fire control.

Therefore, both the left-handed and the right-handed shooters can easily change the brightness levels as per your needs.

The MRO offers you 8 brightness settings which includes 2 night vision-compatible settings as well. Moreover, the optic is extremely durable to withstand rough situations. It has hard-anodized, forged 7075-T6 housing, making it strong enough to endure heavy recoils.

Plus, it has fully sealed construction and dry Nitrogen, protecting it from harmful outer elements.

In addition, you won’t need any special tools to adjust the elevation and windage turrets.

Interestingly, the optic is designed to be capless to protect the zero, instead of the caps, it has sub-flush adjusters to maintain the zero during rough handling. All in all, it is a great holographic sight to consider for SBR.

Is it offered with a warranty?

Yes, the optic is offered with a limited lifetime warranty. You will have a 5 years of warranty on the electronics of the optic.

What battery does it need to operate?

To operate the optic, the company provides a high capacity CR2032 Lithium battery. The battery will run up to 1 year if you continuously use it at day setting “3″ (setting 5 of 8) at 70°F (21°C).

Does the optic have submersibility?

The Holographic sight has a good amount of water resistance, hence, you can use it in wet or watery situations. The optic is crafted to be submersible up to 100 ft. (30m).

5. HOLOSUN – HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight

Best Optic For SBR

In case you want a bit more technologically advanced red dot sight, you can choose this HS510C reflex sight. It is constructed with technologies like MRS, Shake Awake, and Solar Power Failsafe Technology. All of these features work together to make your shooting experience as best as possible.

The red dot comes with a Multiple Reticle System where you get 3 options in reticles to aim for the target such as:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 65 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

So, it gives you the flexibility to switch from one reticle type to another according to your shooting needs. Besides, the large reticle ring comes really handy while aiming quickly on the targets.

The company provides a high capacity CR2032 battery to function the optic. It enables the dot sight to run up to 50,000 hours of its battery life. However, even if the battery dies in the field, the optic can still function with the help of the Solar Power Failsafe system.

Therefore, this red dot will never ditch when you are out in the range.

Additionally, the Shake Awake technology works to save battery energy. If the red dot remains inactive for a long time, this system can automatically shut down the optic to prolong the battery life.

Plus, it can also immediately power it back when the system senses motion in the dot sight again. Moreover, this sight offers 10 level daytime brightness settings and 2 night modes to use it in all lighting conditions.

The red dot is also constructed to be rugged enough to endure rough handling. It has been made of Aluminum and Titanium, making it extremely durable to withstand all sorts of impacts and recoils.

In addition, the multi-coated lens of the optic enables it to transmit a maximum amount of light through the glasses. As a result, you get clear and crisp target images to aim for. Overall, it is one of the best options you can consider for your SBR.

Is it parallax free?

Yes, the optic is parallax free. It is important that the optic you’re choosing for your firearm is parallax free. Otherwise, your target image can get blurry while aiming for the target.

How can you adjust the brightness level of the optic?

You can manually adjust the brightness system of the red dot. With the “+” and “-” push buttons, you easily increase or decrease the brightness level of the optic.

What accessories are offered with the red dot?

The good part of this product is, it is provided with a few necessary accessories such as a T10 L key, an Absolute Co-witness QD mount, user manual, a CR2032 battery, lens cloth.

6. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm SFP Riflescope

Best Optic For SBR

The 1-6x magnification power scope allows the shooter to engage targets from point-blank out to 600 yards. Besides, the BDC3 reticle and a thread-in throw lever of the optic make your aiming process much faster. This BDC3 reticle helps you to improve the ranging distances and holdovers.

Plus, the illumination reticle system of the scope enables you to make perfect shots in low light conditions.

By using the side illumination control dial, you can easily change the brightness level. You will get 11 levels of brightness adjustment system with the optic. Additionally, the reticle also has 5 MPH wind increments.

Moreover, the scope has Aircraft-grade Aluminum construction, making it shockproof to use the optic in different environments. It also has Nitrogen purging and O-ring sealing to help it deliver waterproof and fogproof performance.

In addition, the anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces work to increase light transmission for better target image clarity and low light performance.

What you will love most about Optic is its various adjustment systems as the turrets, eye-piece, and turret indexing adjustment systems. The scope has a fast focus eye-piece which is designed to quickly adjust the focus on the riflescope’s reticle. Follow the given steps to adjust the eyepiece.

  • First, look through the scope by aiming it at a blank white wall or at the sky.
  • Then turn the eyepiece focus knob fully counterclockwise.
  • Lastly, turn the knob clockwise as slowly as possible. Keep turning the knob until you get a crisp reticle image.

You can also easily adjust the windage and elevation turrets of the scope. The turrets of the optic provide audible and tactile clicks. And with each click, you can change ½ MOA point of impact. The given steps will help you to adjust the turrets quickly.

  • Take off the turret caps.
  • Now by following the directional arrows, turn the turrets in the direction you wish the bullet’s point of impact to go.
  • After finishing the adjustment, replace the caps on the turrets.

To make your future zeroing process easier, this scope has designed the elevation and windage turrets to allow you to re-index the zero indicators after sight-in without disturbing your zero setting. Follow the given steps to complete the process:

  • Once you have completed your final sight-in, remove the turret caps.
  • Next, twist the turret dial to reposition it with the “0” mark which is aligned with “Up” on the scope housing. Now, while turning it be extra careful, otherwise you will end up rotating the turrets.
  • Finally, place the caps right back on the turrets. And you’re done!

Want to take your shooting performance to the skyline, mount this Eagle on your SBR!

Does the product have a warranty?

Warranty is one of the best parts of the product. Because the company offers you an unconditional lifetime warranty with the optic.

Is it provided with the scope caps?

Yes, it is. To keep the front and rear lenses safe from harmful outer elements, Vortex provides flip-up caps for both lenses.

Do you need to buy the mounts separately?

The scope doesn’t come with mounts to install it on the firearm. So, you need to buy the mounting rings separately for the scope. If you want you can use the “Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Riflescope Mounts” with the scope.

7. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 Gen III SFP Rifle Scope

Best Optic For SBR

This is another option you have in scopes to mount on the SBR. With the 1-6x magnification power, you can quickly aim from close to mid range targets. The highlighted part of the scope is its ACSS reticle system.

It will come as a great help for bullet drop compensation, wind holds, moving target leads, and range estimation.

Besides, since the reticle is placed on the second focal panel, it will appear in the same different magnification range.

Additionally, the optic features a partially red illumination system. It has an 11 level brightness setting to enable you to make clear shots on the target in different lighting conditions.

Like any other high quality scope, this one is also offered with a high capacity CR2032 battery.

However, even though the scope works great in daylight conditions, it doesn’t have any night vision mode. So, it won’t help much to aim on a target in a dark environment.

Moreover, the scope has been constructed with 6063 aluminum, making it strong enough to be used in any terrain.

Plus, it is IP67 rated which means it can also deliver waterproof performance in wet weather conditions. In fact, the scope has gone through rigorous field testing and has been given a Silver-tier rating by the National Tactical Officers Association.

Looking for a scope that comes with a balanced structure? This is it!

What is the eye relief of the scope?

Depending on your mounting style, you can have a minimum eye relief of 3.30”. But the scope can give you a maximum of 3.50” of eye relief.

Is there any accessory offered with this scope?

Yes, the product is offered with a good number of necessary accessories such as a CR2032 3V Lithium Coin battery, a pair of flip-up lens covers, a cleaning cloth, and an owner’s manual.

Does the company provide any warranty with the product?

You will have a limited lifetime warranty with the scope. The warranty will be applicable if the product has manufacturer defects or has normal wear or tear. In these cases, the company will replace or repair the product.


To sum up, if you want to improve your shooting performance, there is no alternative to using an optic with the SBR. Now, I know finding the right optic is not an easy task to do.

Hence, to reduce your research load, I have gathered the 7 best optic recommendations for the firearm. Go through the reviews by keeping your shooting needs in mind, it will definitely take you to the best optic you can use with the firearm.

Plus, don’t forget to check the buying guide that I have added in this article. It will enable you to make a better choice while selecting an optic for your SBR.

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