Best Red Dot for FN PS90 [Top Notch 3 Optics]

Although it is one of the most well-known rifles, it is also relatively unknown. That is, its unusual profile makes it easy to identify; nonetheless, many people just know it as “that rifle” and have no clue what it is other than a popular choice in sci-fi films.

The first thing you need to understand about the FN PS90 is that it is a bullpup rifle. This is a stylish, tiny rifle design that has found appeal among some weapons enthusiasts.

The FN PS90 is a kind of weapon used by secret service groups and government armed forces. It’s an enhanced version of the world-famous FN P90 in certain aspects. Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s gun. It’s a fantastic weapon. It is not a long-distance weapon.

As a consequence, with FN PS90, a red dot/holographic sight outperforms a riflescope. There are various well-designed attractions to choose from.

How do you decide which one is the best? And how do you determine which lens is best for the PS90? Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Sit back, unwind, and read the book.

Best Optic for FN PS90

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights

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Vortex is the undisputed king of the FN PS90 Sights game, P90 sights work on PS90 as well. I mean, it’s fairly obvious. The Vortex was also used to make solid sights for the P90. These optics are currently used with the FN PS90.

This single-glass design lacks a prism. The glass is totally multi-coated, with scratch-resistant and brightness coatings included. Everything seen via the sight is very crisp, and the color fidelity is incredible.

The brightness of the illuminated reticle can be changed. There are two buttons on the left side of the screen. You may use them to modify the brightness of your eyesight.

The sight’s lens is sealed with an O-ring. Moisture or moisture will never penetrate the sight. Both the battery container and the windage/elevation knob include O-rings. Vortex thought about it.

Venom offers an auto-brightness option that uses an ambient light sensor to modify dot intensity if the shooter wishes.

Windage and elevation adjustments are 1 MOA, making sighting simple. Because you won’t have to take out your sight to change the CR1632 battery, the top load method is a breeze.

Is this equipped with a rail mount?

The sight is intended to be connected directly to a Picatinny rail. On a handgun that is semi-automatic that is not pre-cut for the sight, you must obtain a dovetail mount.

Is it possible to change the brightness of this sight?

The brightness of the Venom Red Dot may be adjusted to 10 different levels.

Is this made in China?

Almost many reflex sights are now made in China, however, this one is made in the Philippines. The only one manufactured in the United States is the Leupold DeltaPoint.

HOLOSUN Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight

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Even if your battery dies in an emergency, Holosun’s Solar Energy Failsafe Technology maintains the red dot sight functioning. The battery capacity may last up to 50,000 hours depending on the settings.

The Solar Failsafe feature automatically brightens the reticle in direct sunshine and dims it when you step indoors to simulate ambient lighting conditions.

With the slightest movement, the inbuilt motion detector in Holosun’s Shake Awake Technology will instantly illuminate the LED. To save battery life, the LED will turn off during periods of inactivity.

HOLOSUN creates and sells red dot sights for rifles and pistols. This one is made up of guns. It has limitless eye relief and is a red dot reflex sight.

The reticle’s many layers are illuminated. You may use the 2 MOA red dots in the center of the 65 MOA circles spaced out surrounding the center. A CR2032 battery powers both devices.

This device has a very long battery life. It may last for up to 50k hours. That is massive. You will not need to replace the battery anytime soon.

Is this compatible with a Weaver rail?

It’s intended for use with a Weaver Rail.

How many reticles are available on this?

It is available in three configurations: a 65 MOA outer with a 2 MOA inner, a 2 MOA inner only, or a 65 MOA outer just.

Is this product suitable for use with the Holosun 510C?

The 510C is also known as the HS510C. The abbreviation for Holosun is HS.

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

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The Vortex Strikefire II is another 1x red dot sight. Rather of using a single glass setup like some of the other red dot locations, it appears and functions as a scope. The pictures observed through an objective lens are magnified by a prism inside the housing.

The Strikefire II is a durable, dependable red dot sight that can be utilized in a wide range of shooting scenarios. It allows the shooter to quickly respond to changing circumstances by toggling between two dot colors and ten brightness levels.

Fully multi-coated lenses provide an unobstructed field of view. The capacity to have infinite eye relief allows for rapid target acquisition. The maximum adjustment for elevation is 100 MOA. The maximum windage adjustment is 100 MOA.

The power controls are conveniently situated at the back of the Strikefire for both aesthetic and functional reasons. A CR2 battery powers the Strikefire II. The optic has 11 brightness settings that may be changed. The brightness may be adjusted using the controls on the side.

The building quality on this site is rather good. It’s not too heavy or too light. The weight distribution is even, and the exterior coating is excellent. The covering did not look to be coming off any time soon. On the inside, it’s waterproof and nitrogen-purged. 

Why is this item not available for delivery to California?

California is communist, and the people there are oppressed.

What’s the measure of the MOA?

It has a 4 MOA measurement.

Is it compatible with a magnifier for sight marks?


Best Optic for FN PS90

Buying guide for Best Optic for FN PS90

Corrections to Elevation

Long-range shots need dialing in elevation and windage, which entails calculating the target distance. You may estimate it or measure it using a range finder.

Then, based on your rifle and ammunition, you’d calculate the bullet drop at that distance – what magnification do you require for the different distances? You adjust the scope’s turrets based on that drop, resulting in the crosshairs being centered on the target at 100 yards.

Turrets and reticles

This should be self-evident. However, you’d be surprised how many rifle scopes have turret adjustments that don’t correspond to the reticle. If you get a mildot reticle, it appears that you’ll also get a mil-based turret adjustment. 

Unfortunately, scopes with MOA-based turret settings are available, which is not what you want. This is especially true with lower-cost long-range scopes. 

Objectives Size

It is one of the most well-known firearms, but it is also relatively unknown. That is, its distinctive profile makes it simple to recognize; nonetheless, many people simply refer to it as “that rifle” and have no idea what it is other than a popular choice in sci-fi films.

The PS90 is a bullpup rifle, which is the first thing you should know about it. This is a sleek, miniature rifle design that has found favor with some weapon aficionados.

The focal plane

Depending on the zoom setting, the reticle marks on a first focal plane sight become larger or smaller. The markers may be far apart when using the largest zoom level, but when using the lowest zoom level, the markings may be close to one another, which may obscure the target and result in erroneous aiming.

The markers do not zoom in and out on optics with the reticle in the second focal plane. At first appearance, this appears to be a superior option; but, there is a huge disadvantage.

The distance between the reticle markers is only suitable for one zoom level. As a result, if you utilize them to correct for height or windage, you must compute the adjustment.


This one change could have a big impact on how your rifle works and how well you shoot. Optics does not replace expertise; rather, it enhances it. The appropriate optic will provide you with a major advantage in a fight, in your immediate surroundings, in competition, and, of course, at home.

If you’re questioning if an optic should be added, it’s time to recognize that high-quality, task-specific optics are best suited to the platform.

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