350 Legend Vs. 450 Bushmaster- Let’s Unearth!

In the world of big-bore cartridges, the showdown between the 350 Legend and the 450 Bushmaster is nothing short of epic. These two heavy hitters have gained popularity among hunters and shooters for their incredible stopping power and versatility. It’s a battle of ballistics and performance as we delve into the nuances of these cartridges to determine which one reigns unique.

This article examines the differences between the two rifles and why you should choose one. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your rifle.

350 Legend

The 350 Legend Rifle and the 450 Bushmaster are popular hunting and target shooting rifles.

The 350 Legend is a reasonably new rifle created by Winchester in 2019. It is a straight-walled cartridge and is designed to be used in short-barreled rifles. 350 Legend is an ideal choice for deer hunting and can take down giant game such as elk and bear. It has a muzzle velocity of 2,200 feet per second and is considered a very accurate round.

450 Bushmaster

The 450 Bushmaster is a large-caliber rifle cartridge that was created in 2008. It is designed for AR-15-style rifles and can take down large games such as moose and bear.

450 Bushmaster has a muzzle velocity of 2,200 feet per second and is considered a decisive round. It is an excellent choice for hunting in dense brush and thick woods.

350 Legend Vs. 450 Bushmaster – Key Differences

350 Legend Rifle Vs 450 Bushmaster


The caliber of a cartridge directly impacts factors such as ballistics, effective range, stopping power, and the types of game it’s best suited for. The 350 Legend has a smaller caliber, typically around .355 inches where the 450 Bushmaster has a larger caliber, approximately .452 inches.


350 Legend:

  • Bullet Velocity: The 350 Legend typically offers around 2,200 to 2,800 feet per second, depending on the load.
  • Bullet Weight: Common bullet weights range from 145 to 180 grains.
  • Trajectory: The 350 Legend boasts a flatter course due to its smaller caliber and more aerodynamic bullets. It can lead to accurate shots at longer distances.
  • Energy: While it has less power than the 450 Bushmaster, the 350 Legend maintains energy well over distance due to its flatter trajectory.
  • Effective Range: The flat trajectory and moderate recoil of the 350 Legend make it effective at medium ranges, making it suitable for hunting and target shooting.

450 Bushmaster:

  • Bullet Velocity: The 450 Bushmaster typically has velocities around 2,100 to 2,400 feet per second.
  • Bullet Weight: Bullet weights often range from 250 to 300 grains.
  • Trajectory: The 450 Bushmaster experiences a more curved course due to its larger caliber and heavier bullets. It leads to more pronounced bullet drops at longer distances.
  • Energy: With its larger caliber and heavier bullets, the 450 Bushmaster offers more incredible energy, resulting in powerful stopping power at shorter ranges.
  • Effective Range: The 450 Bushmaster excels in short to medium ranges, making it suitable for hunting medium to large games where stopping power is crucial.


350 Legend: The 350 Legend generally produces less recoil compared to the 450 Bushmaster. This lower recoil is due to its smaller caliber and typically lighter bullet weights. It can make shooting more comfortable, especially for those sensitive to recoil or needing faster follow-up shots.

450 Bushmaster: The 450 Bushmaster tends to have a more pronounced recoil than the 350 Legend. The larger caliber and heavier bullets used in the 450 Bushmaster generate more recoil energy. It can impact shooter comfort and potentially slow down follow-up shots.


Both of these cartridges are known for their versatility. Thanks to their durable choices of material by the manufacturer, they remain okay if you store them for a long time as well. Some may prefer the 350 Legend over the 450 Bushmaster when it comes to hunting.

But others may do the opposite. After all, their short to medium-range hunting potential is quite similar due to having a close stopping power.


The performance difference between the two is not as high as you are thinking. You might be thinking that the 350 Legend is obviously the better performer for having a higher muzzle velocity. That’s not entirely the truth.

The 450 Bushmaster isn’t far behind when it comes to the performance. It also can shoot pretty far up to 250 yards with high accuracy. On the other hand, the 350 Legend can perform well up to 300 yards.

But both cartridge manufacturers recommend you to use their stuff within the 250 yards for the best result. After all, 250 yards is the most effective range for both.


At 250 yards, it’s hard if not nearly impossible to difference the accuracy of them both. The 350 Legend tend to have a flatter trajectory which results in better accuracy. However, due to their close specification and on-field performance, the difference is well within the margin of error scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ammunition for both cartridges easy to find?

Yes, the 350 Legend and 450 Bushmaster both have accessible ammunition options, although the 350 Legend might have a broader availability due to its compatibility with standard magazines.

Does the 450 Bushmaster have more recoil than the 350 Legend?

Yes, the 450 Bushmaster generally produces more recoil due to its larger caliber and heavier bullets.

What are the main differences between the 350 Legend and the 450 Bushmaster?

The key differences include the caliber 350 Legend is more petite, while 450 Bushmaster is larger, ballistics, effective range, and intended applications.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing between the “350 Legend” and the “450 Bushmaster” hinges on your specific shooting and hunting requirements. The “350 Legend” excels with its flatter trajectory and lighter recoil, making it ideal for accurate shots at medium to longer ranges.

On the other hand, the “450 Bushmaster” prioritizes stopping power, particularly at shorter to medium ranges, making it a compelling option for medium to large game hunting scenarios.

Your decision should reflect your shooting preferences, intended applications, and the type of game you plan to pursue.

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