Best 7.62×39 Muzzle Brakes

Muzzle brakes are a great way to fix the recoil issue of a gun and make shooting more comfortable without losing anything in the process.

But finding a good muzzle brake isn’t as easy as others make it seem. It requires a good bit of research and finding the compatible ones with the caliber you are firing.

The task on hand today is to find you the best 7.62×39 muzzle brake. It wasn’t an easy task to finish, but for you guys, I had to give my all. Don’t worry, I have already done the heavy lifting for you.

You could just read the thing and find the much-needed brake you are looking for (full pun intended). Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

How To Choose The Best Muzzle Brake For 7.62x39mm?

Choosing the best for 7.62 is not much different than .308. After all, they are the same stuff. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while purchasing a brand-new muzzle brake for 7.62.

Build Quality

How durable is the brake/compensator? Is it made out of material that catches rust easily? If it’s poorly made or catches rust, then it’s a no-go. You should always prioritize how well this is built and what kind of steel it was used.

Recoil Reduction

The point of a muzzle brake or recoil compensator is to reduce the recoil. While it can reduce the flash to some degree, it’s not their job to reduce flash. Make sure the brake you are buying reduces the recoil greatly and adds a bit of stability to the gun.


Muzzle brakes aren’t that heavy, they are quite light. But sometimes they can be a bit too heavy towards the front. Just keep in mind to take something light with a properly balanced weight.

1. Airborne Arms AAS8 Spectre 7.62x39mm Muzzle Brake

Best 7.62x39 Muzzle Brakes

Besides looking pretty, this little muzzle brake can tame the recoil of a lot of other calibers. Yes, that does mean it supports 7.62×39 as well. The AAS8 Spectre comes in a classy silver color finish.

It does give the rifle in hand a different flare. If your gun barrel is black, it might look a bit out of place. But the finish on this one is so good, you will forget the look in no time.

The choice of material here is stainless steel. Heat-treated steel is one of the most durable materials on the market.

It can hide a lot of flash coming through the nozzle and compensate for the recoil as well. While it won’t reduce the recoil by 100%, it will definitely reduce the recoil to the point where you feel the gun is more stable in your hands.

Tired of missing shots while switching to targets on the fly? Try this one out. The reduced recoil makes it easier to shift targets on the fly. As it also hides the flash coming out slightly, it makes it a good bargain for hunters as well.

Is it a 7.62×39 flash hider 5/8×24?

No, it’s not a flash hider. While it does reduce the flash a little bit. It’s not the job of this brake to completely remove the flash.

Where is this made?

This is made in the USA.

What’s the total length of this?

The total length of the muzzle brake is 2.95 inches and it weighs 3.9oz.

2. Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc Fatman HexBrake

Best 7.62x39 Muzzle Brakes

This does sound like something came directly from the MCU, doesn’t it? But don’t let the name fool or offend you, it’s an amazing little product that can easily tame the recoil of a heavy hitter like 7.62×39.

The choice of material here is stainless steel. It’s a heat-treated steel that’s known to be corrosion free and waterproof as well.

The steel has a parkerized finish that makes it 100% corrosion resistant. A well-known coating for steel and used in weapon making.

To make the fit tight with your gun and not give any water gaps, Phase 5 includes a crush washer with the muzzle brake. In terms of how well it’s built and fits with the gun, there are no complaints.

There could be one complaint made about this. That is the weight. It weighs nearly 6oz. Yes, on paper that sounds like a lot for a small object like this, but the weight is so well-balanced it’s quite nice to use actually.

Does it work as a flash hider?

No, it’s not intended as one. It hides a little bit of the flare coming out while shooting, but it won’t make it disappear completely.

Where is this made?

Everything related to the brake and the brake itself is made in America.

Is it hard to install this on a gun?

No, not hard at all. You don’t need any special tools or anything. Even a newbie can do it without a gunsmith.

3. Fortis Manufacturing 7.62MM R.E.D. Barrel Muzzle Brake

Best 7.62x39 Muzzle Brakes

The biggest disappointment of this muzzle brake is, it’s not colored red. How outrageous! Jokes aside, the R.E.D by Fortis is a muzzle brake oriented for both competitive shooters and regular shooters to reduce the recoil of their guns and give them a more stable shooting experience.

Fortis went with 4140 steel. A corrosion free steel that is durable against rapid heat as well. It won’t deform from firing too fast and too much.

Instead of parkerized or phosphate, they went with a nitride finish. Have to give it to them, the finish looks amazing.

It is also quite premium to touch and is really good at the job of reducing the recoil a lot. The weight of the brake is only 3.8oz. That’s extremely light considering it’s 2.75 inches long.

If you are someone who shoots a lot in the range or practices regularly with .308/7.62×39, then you will absolutely love this. This was tested in harsh conditions to ensure longevity and durability.

Is this available in any other color?

Yes, it’s available in stainless steel/silver color as well. And it’s available in black. But not red.

Does it come with a crush washer?

Yes, a crush washer is included in the package.

Where is this made?

Just like all the other accessories of Fortis, this one is also made in the USA.

4. Yankee Hill Machine Yhm Mini Qd Muzzle Brake

Best 7.62x39 Muzzle Brakes

No, the brand doesn’t belong to Daddy Yankee. Yes, I’m a bit too big on the jokes today. Ha-ha! Need to keep you guys entertained! Anyway, YHM is a great accessory manufacturer that is well-received by the community. They kept making good accessories and thus making a good name out of it.

The choice of material here is steel just like most other muzzle brakes in the market. This one supports 5/8×24 threads. A very popular variant of 7.62 guns.

The steel is treated with heat. It’s corrosion free and quite resistant against heat generated from rapid fire.

The weight of the brake is only 3.2 ounces. While it’s not the lightest on the market by any means, it’s one of the smallest. With a total length of 1.6 inches, it’s extremely compact.

Installing this is not hard at all. You can install it with minimal tool usage and with no need of a gunsmith.

Ease of access isn’t appreciated enough in my opinion. Each year, we get a lot of newbies in the hobby due to how hard it is to upgrade a gun or install new accessories in it. Thankfully, these accessories are not like that at all.

Where is this made?

This is made in the USA. You will get the warranty and customer service from there as well.

Is this compatible with AR-10?

Yes, it’s compatible with AR-10 and LR-308.

Does it come with washers?

Yes, Yankee includes washers in the package for your convenience.

5. Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator

Best 7.62x39 Muzzle Brakes

Looking for a heavy duty recoil compensator but not willing to spend a ton of money for it? Precision Armament has the perfect thing for you. This M4-72 compensator is made to last a long time with .308 and 7.62mm.

This is made with stainless steel. A material we are very familiar with. It’s a durable, lightweight, and corrosion free material that is used in many weapons and accessories as well.

The weight of this compensator is 3.1oz. The total length of this compensator is 2.275″. It’s not too long for a 7.62x39mm compensator.

What’s even better is, it’s available for other rifles and calibers as well. Want this for 5.56/.223 instead? Precision Armament got you covered. The same thing, but for a different caliber, that’s a really thoughtful strategy.

The .308/7.62 compensator is designed to support anything from .243 Winchester to 338 Lapua Magnum! Honestly, for the price you are getting way too much than you bargained for.

Does it come with a washer?

No, the Accu-washer muzzle alignment is not included in the package.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Is it available in different colors?

You can choose from Silver or Black. Those are the two finishes available for this compensator.


Would you look at that? We are at the end here. I promised earlier to do all the heavy lifting for you. And that’s exactly what I have done. What you have here is the best 7.62×39 muzzle brake. You could purchase whichever fits in your budget the most.

In fact, some of you might go for what looks better. And I can understand that totally. But even if you go for what looks best, you are not getting a bad product. All of them are good and do the job excellently. That’s all for now, I’m sure you will be back for more soon enough. Till then, take care and have fun.

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