Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

As you’re here, I can assume you don’t need a definition of a muzzle brake. However, before going for any firearm device, it is essential you educate yourself about that particular accessory. Even though muzzle brake is not a new phenomenon, its popularity has been increasing lately.

Whether you are a hunter or a competition shooter, muzzle brakes will definitely come in handy to you to absorb the recoils. Especially when you’re using calibers like 50 Beowulf, adding a muzzle brake to your rifle will help you to focus on your target better.

Now, the obvious question comes, how would you know which muzzle brake will be right for your .50 Beowulf rifles? To make the right choice, you would need to look at some factors while buying the device. Hence, in this article, I will provide you with the basic aspects that you need to look at while making the purchase.

Plus, I will give the reviews of the 5 best muzzle brakes you can consider for your 50 Beowulf rifles. So, without further adieu, let’s begin!

Buying Guide For 50 Beowulf Muzzle Brake

The buying factors of the muzzle brakes normally vary according to the rifles and calibers. So, the following list of factors are the general things that you are suggested to check while buying the muzzle brake.

Thread type

The muzzle brakes are made for different sorts of threads. So, each muzzle brake works differently in various rifles. Therefore, when you want to buy this device, make sure you know the right thread size of the muzzle brakes for your rifle.


It is essential that the muzzle device you’ve selected for your rifle is compatible to use with the firearm. If the device doesn’t fit the muzzle of your rifle, it won’t be able to serve its purpose.


Since the muzzle brakes are being manufactured quite vastly, you will see variations in their quality. Hence, while making the purchase, look at the construction material of the device. Try to buy a muzzle brake that is made of durable material. It will allow you to use the device for a really long time.


Budget is an important factor for many of us. Nowadays, the muzzle brakes are available in different price ranges. So, if you do a bit of research, you will surely come across muzzle brakes that come within your budget.

1. Alexander Arms Tank M-BEOTNK .50 Beowulf Muzzle Brake

Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

It is one of the best tank muzzle brakes for .50 Beowulf around the market. This muzzle brake has been threaded according to standard .50 Beowulf muzzle thread. Therefore, it comes with 49/64-20 RH thread type. Besides, the device has been carefully crafted to deliver its best performance.

Since the muzzle brake is designed by following the artillery brakes, it uses two large impingement baffles in an open form construction. As a result, it can reduce up to 50% of the recoils of your .50 Beowulf.

So, this is one of the reasons that shooters mostly prefer this 50 Beowulf tank muzzle brake over others.

Moreover, on each side of the thread of the muzzle brake, you will see two opposite facing ports. These ports allow the blast to direct through the sideways.

However, note that even though the device can operate symmetrically, it can’t reduce the muzzle jump. Plus, it may add more sounds to the noise of your shooting.

Additionally, it is made of steel. Hence, it can withstand rough handling and also can reduce the recoils. Plus, you can also use the device under different environmental conditions. Overall, it is going to be a good investment if you purchase this 50 Beowulf tank brake.

Do you need a crush washer with this?

Not necessarily. It is not mandatory to use the crush washer with the device. But you are recommended to check whether you will need it to attach the muzzle brake to your rifle or not.

What is the outer diameter of the muzzle brake?

The device has a standard diameter to fit into your firearm. So, its outer diameter is nearly 1-inch.

Is it difficult to install the device?

You can easily install the device in your gun. The muzzle brake is provided with a locking set screw to bolt the muzzle brake down. While mounting the device, you are suggested to use blue Loctite because it will help the muzzle brake to stay still on the firearm during the recoils.

2. Alexander Arms Pepper Pot Threaded .50 Beowulf Muzzle Brake

Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

You can also consider this Pepper Pot threaded muzzle brake kit on your .50 Beowulf firearm. Similar to the tank muzzle brake, the brake kit is threaded 49/64-20 RH standard .50 Beowulf muzzle threading.

Besides, it comes with a symmetrical design. It features five simple rows of holes arranged in a helical pattern.

With the help of this design, the muzzle device can redirect the muzzle gas and work to produce a brake effect on the recoil.

Since the internal bore of the brake has a conical design, it enables the gas to easily flow through the bore ports. Additionally, it creates plenty of clearance for the projectile.

Depending on the type of your rifle, the device can reduce recoil by up to 30%. The good part of the brake is it does not significantly increase the noise of the shooting.

Plus, it does not produce any back-blast to the shooter. Hence, the device is best suited for the hunters and shooting practitioners.

Moreover, this 50 cal Beowulf muzzle brake has rugged construction to endure recoils and bumpy situations. The brake is made of steel, therefore, it has the ability to withstand any situation you throw it at. So, it can be a good deal for you to consider for your .50 Beowulf.

Is it available in one color?

The product only comes in one color which is black. So, unfortunately, you won’t get any options in colors for this muzzle brake.

What is the weight of the device?

The device has been carefully crafted so that it doesn’t add much weight to the rifle. As per the company description, it weighs around .5 Ib.

Can you consider it as an AR-15 accessory?

Yes, you can consider it as an AR-15 accessory. Since it can fit into different AR-15 rifles, you can also use it with your AR-15 firearm.

3. Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf Millennium 49/64-20 RH Compensator

Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

If you are looking for a muzzle device for your 50 Beowulf that will work as both a muzzle brake and compensator, it will be a perfect choice for you.

Because this compensator kit offers you both functions of a muzzle brake and a compensator. The design of the device makes sure it produces a brake effect as well as diverts force to counteract the muzzle flip.

In order to redirect the gas in a backward and upward direction, the device has a series of four compound angled slots on each side of the unit. These slots allow the gas to quickly pass through the device.

As a result, it creates a combined effect to reduce recoil and muzzle jump. Therefore, if you want you can make rapid shots on the target without worrying about the effects of the recoils.

Like any other high quality muzzle brake, this one also has rugged construction. Since it has been made out of a combination of nitride and stainless steel, it ensures its durability in different environmental conditions.

Hence, after mounting the device, you can take your rifle in any terrain you want.

One of the common problems of the muzzle devices is, they often add extra weight to the rifle. However, due to its construction material, you will find the device quite lightweight to mount on the rifle. Plus, the installation process of the muzzle brake is also easy and simple.

Sounds like a perfect combination? Then what are you waiting for, buy it now!

Does it produce a back blast?

Most of the time, you will see the muzzle brakes produce back blasts. Even though it is a good quality product, it can cause back blasts. So, this muzzle kit is no different because it also produces back blasts.

What rifle platforms will be more suitable for the device?

The device is compatible with the AR rifles. Hence, if you own a rifle like AR-15, you can consider the device for your firearm.

Does the product have any harmful effects?

It doesn’t have any harmful elements that can explicitly expose your health to chemical reactions. So, you can use the product as long as you want.

4. Timber Creek Outdoors .50 Beowulf Heart Breaker Muzzle Brake

Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

Heart-Breaker? Nah, this muzzle brake is anything but a Heart-breaker. It neither breaks your heart nor your expectations. Because it does its work efficiently to facilitate your shooting performance.

The device can cut out the recoil effects and also prevent muzzle jumps. It has a meticulous construction which ensures it performs its best.

The unit is designed to have two large side parts and dual top ports. So, it allows the gas to flow easily through these ports. Plus, it makes the muzzle stay in the same place.

Therefore, it won’t affect the accuracy of your shooting. Additionally, it will enable you to make rapid shots on the target without any accuracy issues.

In terms of its construction, the device is made of strong materials, enabling you to use it under different weather conditions and situations.

In addition, the muzzle brake has parkerized finish. This heavy duty finish makes sure that the device can withstand recoils and rough handling.

Besides, the installation process of the muzzle brake is really easy as well. To mount the unit on the firearm, it is provided with a locking nut. So, by using the locking nut you can quickly install the device on the rifles.

Looking for something for heavy duty? Go for it!

Does the product come with a warranty?

The product is durable enough to serve you for a long time. However, it is still provided with a lifetime warranty.

What is the thread pattern of the muzzle brake?

Similar to the other muzzle brakes, the Heart-Breaker has also been designed by following the standard thread pattern. The thread of the brake is 49/64-20 RH standard.

Is it heavy to install on a rifle?

Even though the unit is for heavy duty rifles, it doesn’t mean it will weigh heavy as well. The weight of the muzzle device is nearly 5.5 Oz.

5. DB TAC Aluminum Caliber Tanker Style ¾”X24 TPI Muzzle Brake

Best Muzzle Brake For 50 Beowulf

The reviews above have covered the muzzle brakes that have 49/64-20 RH standard thread pattern. All of them will be perfect for the .50 Beowulf rifles.

But what if you have a 50 Beowulf rifle that doesn’t go with this thread pattern? Because some of the rifles have different muzzle types that need other sorts of muzzle brakes.

For example, this DB TAC muzzle brake comes with a tanker style ¾”X24 TPI thread pattern. So, if you have a 50 Beowulf rifle that requires a muzzle brake with this thread pattern, you can choose the device. Plus, it can endure heavy recoils and impacts because it has a rugged construction.

The device has been crafted with the Aluminum 6082-T6. As a result, it can withstand all environmental conditions. Additionally, the unit is quite lightweight to mount on your 50 Beowulf.

Hence, if you mostly use your rifle for hunting or shooting practice purposes, it can be a perfect choice for you.

Moreover, the muzzle brake is provided with a jam nut. The diameter of the jam nut is around ¾-24. With the help of this nut, you can fixate the device on the rifle.

Hence, even if you make rapid shots with your rifle, the muzzle brake won’t come out. And it will also help to reduce the recoil effect.

Therefore, you can choose the device over others if it matches with your needs. One thing to note, the DB TAC also manufactures muzzle brakes for 50 Beowulf which accepts 49/64-20 RH standard thread patterns.

So, in case you want a muzzle device with this thread style, you can check the product as well.

Does it have an anodized finish?

Yes, it does. The unit comes with a black anodized finish. So, it provides a cool look and reduces glare as well.

Will it produce back blasts?

It may sometimes produce back blasts. However, it mostly does well in handling back pressure for the shooters.

Does the company manufacture muzzle brakes for other caliber rifles?

DB TAC manufactures different sorts of muzzle brakes which are compatible to use with the calibers. Therefore, you can visit their website to find muzzle brakes for the calibers like .223/5.56. 6.5 Creedmoor, .308/300 Blackout, and so on.


To conclude, muzzle brakes are important to reduce recoil. So, if you are a hunter or shooting practitioner, the muzzle device will come as a great help. However, finding the right muzzle brake is not an easy task to do.

Therefore, I have gathered the reviews of the best muzzle brakes you can consider for your .50 Beowulf rifles.

Just go through the reviews, it will lead you to the best muzzle brake for your 50 Beowulf. In addition to that, you are also suggested to read the buying guide. It will enable you to decide better while going through the reviews.

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