The Rimfire that is savage enough to take any action is the Savage 64F firearm. This bad boy holds the legendary reputation of accuracy along with the reliability of straight-blowback semi-automatic action.

Using the .22LR cartridges in its detachable 10-round box magazine, this rifle has the strength of taking on any task from home defense to heavy action.

The 21 inch blued satin carbon steel barrel is home to one front sight and two adjustable rear sights that also invites any optical devices to mount on the weapon. A Picatinny base rail or Dovetail mount will go easily on top of the 64F Rimfire and you can easily mount any scopes using appropriate scope rings.

But before we dive into the top best scope recommendations for your Savage 64 firearm, let us look at the general points that you need to know about the scope for Savage 64F and how they will affect your shooting experience.

After that, I will review all the top scopes available for your weapon so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Buying Guide For Savage 64F Scope

This buying guide is a checklist of all the important features a scope needs to have. Go through the list to learn more about the Savage 64 scope and learn which points match with your needs.


Magnification is the first feature to look at while choosing a scope. There are two different magnification ranges- fixed and variable. Getting a variable magnification will help you cover different distances. For your 64F Savage rifle, you will need a minimum 4x to 6x magnification but you can go up to 12x to cover over 600 yds range.


The next thing you need to see is the reticle of the scope. There are generally three types of reticles- Duplex, Mil-Dot, and BDC. The Duplex reticle works best for hunting big games whereas BDC reticles serve almost all shooting purposes. You also need to know the MOA measurements to get an idea about the bullet drop distance.

Lens Quality

Looking at the lens quality is also another important feature. There are two things you need to focus on. One is the objective lens diameter and another one is the lens coating layers. A wide objective lens will attract more light for better clarity of the picture. At the same time, having a fully multi-layered coating on the lens will ensure color contrasting for better visibility.


This point will let you know where the reticle of your scope is placed. In case the reticle is in the first/front focal plane you will get the advantage of targeting at a long distance. On the other hand, reticles in the second/rear focal plane will work for both close and long distance aiming.

Eye Relief

Eye relief might not be a major factor for red dot sights but it is an essential factor for rifle scopes. Especially for Rimfires such as the Savage 64 that uses .22LR cartridges, you will need at least 3 to 4 inches of eye relief that will provide you with a better position for faster acquisition. Without this much eye relief, you might too become a victim of Loki’s joke.


last but not least, any scope you are choosing for this Savage firearm needs to be durable and reliable enough to be able to withstand calibration from 22 Long rifle cartridges. In addition, check for the water resistance level and impact withstand capability in order to know whether the scope can survive during a harsh environment.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Scopes For Savage 64F

Now that you know about all the important aspects of the Savage 64 22LR scope, I will be reviewing the top 5 best scopes for the 22LR Savage firearm and find the perfect one for you.

1. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40mm Riflescope

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X 40mm Riflescope

The first scope in my list of Savage 64 22LR scope is the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope. This scope is famous for its coverage during low light settings, especially during twilight zones as the name suggests. Let’s find out what the scope has to offer.

With a variable magnification range, you are getting 3x to 9x zooming possibilities. This type of magnification is perfect for spotting targets at different positions. The 9x zooming option will take you to up to 200 yds.

Therefore, you can not only target close quarter fast moving games but also long range big games.

This scope has a large objective lens with a diameter of 40mm that will ensure more light transmission in order to provide you with high-contrast image quality. The lens also has Dusk and dawn brightness (DDB) multi-coating that gives HD clarity for crisp pictures of your targets during any lighting condition.

Its Multi-X reticle has crosshairs that help you to estimate the target distance in low lights during twilight zones, making it easy to see and spot the targets in low light settings when they are in full action.

Even with the 12 inch long last focus eyepiece, you will be able to adjust the reticle to your eye faster than ordinary scopes.

You are getting 3.3 inches of eye relief that will give enough space for estimating the exact position of your targets and at the same time will save you any reaction from the 22LR 65F rifles.

The turrets of this scope are capped so they are safe from any external impact. The ¼ MOA adjustment for both windage and elevation allows precise change in the point of aim.

The scope actually advocates its capability of dealing with dim lighting and gives you the freedom to use it when it actually gets difficult to spot the targets. You can easily mount the scope using 1 inch scope rings on your Savage 64 scope mount.

Its selling point is the dusk and dawn reticle and if you want something that will give you access to your favorite games during this time of the day then this scope is perfect for you.

What scope ring size will be good to mount the scope on Savage rifles?

For the savage rimfires, it is better to go with medium height scope rings, especially since the objective lens is 40mm. However, it will also depend on how you hold your gun.

What is the mounting length for the Bushnell scope?

This Bushnell Dusk & Dawn has a mounting length from 5.5 inches to 2 inches.

Is this scope good for a Savage 220 bolt action 20 gauge slug gun?

The Bushnell scopes are well-known for their durability and impact resistant capability. Therefore, it will be able to withstand vibration from the Savage 220 bolt action slug gun.

2. BARSKA 4x32mm Plinker-22 Black Matte Riflescope

BARSKA 4x32mm Plinker-22 Black Matte Riflescope

The next scope for your 64 Savage rimfire is the Barska Riflescope. The reason for choosing this scope is its versatility. This scope is perfect for those who like to take shooting as a hobby or a way of recreation.

You can easily use this scope on your Savage 64 rimfire when you are going on a general hunting game with your family or for plinking.

Because of the daily usable nature of this scope, it offers a fixed magnification range with 4x zooming quality which will cover you for 100 yds in the open field.

Along with the 32mm objective lens, you will get a clear and crisp view of your targets. For general hunting purposes, this kind of lens works well and is not too heavy but transmits enough light.

Just to amp up the quality of its objective lens, the glasses are fully coated which means all the external glass is coated in a single layer. This kind of scope with full coating is perfect for grabbing lights to give a clear picture.

For this reason, this Barska scope will prove to be a great companion for your 64F Savage .22 rimfire during your hunting trips.

Coming to the reticle of this scope, you are getting a 30/30 crosshair reticle that is generally used for easy targeting. So the scope is built in a way to provide you with ease and comfort. The reticle is placed in the second focal plane so you don’t need to worry about image distortion for 4x magnification. This placement keeps the reticle versatile enough so that you can use it for both close and mid distance shooting.

In addition, the field of view at 100 yds for 4x magnification is 29 ft which is not bad. Along with 3 inches eye relief and 8mm exit pupil, the scope is set for the shooters who like to have scopes for comfort and easy accessibility with their firearms.

For turret adjustments, the scope is offering ¼ MOA click value that is precise to control small changes for accurate aim point.

Besides, the scope comes with ⅜ inches dovetail rings that will help you mount this scope on your Savage 22 rifle without the extra hassle of finding the right size rings. Its extra-rigid construction and waterproof and fogproof housing are perfect to take for a day-long adventure.

I would suggest this scope mainly for beginner shooters who will be able to easily handle the scope with the 22 rimfire.

Are the mounts included in the package removable?

Since the dovetail mount of this scope comes separately in the package you can easily remove the rings from the scope.

Will the scope work on a Weaver style base?

The scope might not work on Weaver style base since Rimfire rifles typically use dovetail mounts and the rings included in the package with scope mount on the dovetail.

What is included in the package?

With the scope, you will get a set of dovetail rings, scope caps, and lens cloth in the package.

3. Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Matte Black Riflescope

Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Matte Black Riflescope

Simmons Riflescope is another good recommendation for your Savage 64F firearm. This rifle scope is one of the most popular scopes because of its unique features that will ensure an enhanced shooting experience. This 22 Mag series is specially made for the 22 long rifle cartridges.

You are getting a 3-9x variable magnification range that will work up to sighting targets at 200 yards. The 3x zooming is good when you are looking for something at a close distance or even for home defense. And, with the 9x magnification, you can go from mid to long range aiming.

The 32mm objective lens is good for attracting enough light that will provide you with high-contrast image quality. But Simmons scope also offers a 40mm diameter objective lens.

Now, this will definitely enhance the quality of your pictures since the large lens will attract more light and you can pick this objective lens in case you want more clarity.

In addition, you are getting a truplex reticle which is perfect for any hunting purposes. This 60/60 crosshairs reticle works great when you are targeting big games such as deer and coyotes.

The scope has a QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece which literally does what the name suggests- helps you acquire the targets faster.

With 3.75 inches of long eye relief, you can safely use the scope with your 22 Savage rifles, and will help you easily focus the reticle at the same time.

The scope’s objective lens offers a wide field of view about 33 feet at 100 yards. You will be able to quickly spot the targets with this field of view.

I like the fact that the lens not only has an anti-reflective coating but also comes with a unique coating called Hydro Shield. This coating makes the lens glass stain free and protected from any impact.

As a result, the scope is low maintenance and easy to preserve.

Plus, the SureGrip rubber surface makes the scope waterproof. Along with its strong and highly durable housing materials the scope has the ability to survive vibration from 22 long rifle cartridges in any harsh environment.

What kind of adjustments do the turrets have?

The turrets of this scope have finger adjustments just so you do not need any external tools or coins to change them.

Will the included rings work on a Weaver rail?

Yes, the scope rings that come with the scope will mount on a Weaver rail base.

What size Butler Creek flip caps does the sight take?

I would recommend trying the Butler Creek flip caps of size 10 which is 1.516” and 38.5mm for the eyepiece and objective lens.

4. Pinty 3-9X40 Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope

Pinty 3-9X40 Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope

Now my next recommendation for the Savage Rimfire 64 model is the Pinty Rangefinder Optical Rifle scope. This rifle scope is perfect for those who take hunting and plinking as a fun activity and like to go on hunting games quite frequently.

This is actually the motto of this brand they make shooting fun for you. So, if you are looking for something within the budget just for occasional hunting adventures then this scope is for you.

With the promise of giving you a good time the rifle scope comes with two different illumination settings- red and green. The green light is perfect when you are working on an open field during bright sunlight.

But make sure you use the red one when surrounded by greeneries because for me the green light gets lost in the background.

Other than that, the red illumination setting will also come to your rescue in low light conditions, especially during the twilight zone. They also have added 5 different brightness options to match the existing lighting situation in order to give you the best view possible.

The magnification range is also great as you are getting 3-9x variable magnification where you can zoom up to 200 yds with this Savage model 64 scope. I also like the fact that it has a good size 40mm objective lens which has multi-coating for better light transmission. Also, because of the diopter adjustments, you will not have a distorted image of your targets.

When it comes to the reticle, you are getting a Rangefinder type that provides you with fast aiming points for multiple shot distances.

The scope uses a CR2032 lithium battery for the red and green illumination and you are getting 2.7” to 3.3” eye relief which is sufficient for rifles like Savage 64f.

Besides, Pinty is offering two 1” complementary scope rings that will easily attach the scope on your Savage model 64 Picatinny rail. Plus, the O-ring sealing and nitrogen filled interior allows you to use the scope in heavy rain or foggy atmosphere.

Will the scope be able to stand the recoil of a 30-60 bolt action?

Although the Pinty brand has confirmed the scope to be for general hunting purposes, you can use this on a 30-60 bolt action and the scope will be able to survive the recoiling and hold zero for a long time.

Does this sight have a black reticle?

The scope actually comes with two illumination options- red and green. But without using these two lights, the scope also has a black reticle option.

Where do you put the battery in this scope?

The scope uses a CR2032 lithium battery to support the illumination. It has a battery compartment under the cap of the eyepiece where you are supposed to put the battery.

5. CVLIFE 3-9×40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope

CVLIFE 3-9x40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope

Nine years in the business, Cvlife has been producing great optical devices that fulfill your daily shooting necessities. Because of its budget friendly price range and good quality products, it has been popular among shooters for quite a while.

And, that is the reason I have listed this product as my last scope option for the Savage 64 tactical rifle.

Similar to the other scopes in this list, this optics also has a variable magnification range from 3x to 9x. This will cover for the same distance as the other Savage scopes.

Plus, the 40mm objective lens allows 95 percent of light transmission which is 300 percent more visible in the light spectrum in order to provide you with a high-contrast and color accurate image of your targets.

With the R4 crosshair reticle, the scope makes it easier to spot the target and take a good aiming position. It is also easy to estimate the target distance with the ¼” click value. Its 25’-14’ field of view at 100 yds gives a wide angle for target spotting which ensures faster acquisition.

Now one thing I do want to discuss is the diopter adjustments of the crosshairs for clear visibility. I will explain it in a few steps so that you can easily understand.

  • First, you need to rotate clockwise to loosen the locking ring.
  • Then, rotate the eyepiece to match the diopter to your eyesight until you feel comfortable with the position and the crossline is clear to your view.
  • Finally, rotate the locking ring in the opposite direction or counterclockwise to secure the current eyepiece position for further use.

With the above instruction, you will be able to easily adjust the crosshairs of the reticle. Besides, the outer and inner structure of the scope has a special interconnection that maintains interaction between the surface and interior of the scope.

This machined aluminum tube fits any 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rail so you can easily mount this with the Savage 64 scope rings.

Is the scope illuminated?

No, the Cvlife scope does not come with an illuminated reticle. It has a simple Mil-Dot crosshair reticle.

Can you change the mounts to 11mm (⅜”) dovetail mount?

This Cvlife scope actually mounts on a 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rail base. However, if you want to mount this scope on a ⅜” dovetail then you will need to purchase the Cvlife 1” Dovetail Scope Rings which will attach to the Savage 64F dovetail size.

Does the scope come with lens caps?

Yes, you will find lens caps with the Cvlife scope. They are yellow-tinted clear lens caps.


Lastly, the Savage 64F weapon has a long history of reliable support it gives to shooters. With this legendary reputation, the firearm will expect nothing but the best. That’s why you will need to be more cautious about which one you are mounting on your Savage gun.

But before that, you will also need to have all the knowledge about the scope for this savage boy. For that, you can go through the buying guide section and gather all the information you need. After that, you can just go through the reviews of all the scopes I have recommended and choose the one that can handle this Savage Boy.

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