Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Hard To Find?

Without ammunition, you cannot operate your gun. That fancy gun of yours with an even fancier scope on top of it means nothing if you can’t even fire the unit. 35 Remington is used for various acts.

Such as whitetail hunting, and feral hogs and it can take down black bears at close range as well. While the gun’s flight is enough to make it a medium-range cartridge for shooting range, the main purpose of this is still short to medium-range hunting. But we are here to find out why it’s so hard to find 35 Remington ammo in stock. Let’s try and see if we can reach an answer or not.

Why Is 35 Remington Ammo Hard To Find?

35 Remington ammo is not a cheap stock to come by. Often they cost more than other 200 yards ranged calibers that can also hunt hogs, whitetails, and other large-scale animals at close range.

One of the main reasons why there is a shortage of this chamber cartridge is due to the lack of production. There aren’t many companies present on the market that produce this caliber actively right now. As it’s not readily distributed, there is always artificial scalping involved in the scene and making it even harder for a regular user to find.

If more companies start producing the ammo and the shipping costs reduce a bit, it will be easier for more stores to keep it in stock and sell it to regular consumers at an affordable price. But at this rate, the caliber price is not coming down anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remington 35 Ammo Out of Production?

When you see some of the scalped listings or just find them out of stock everywhere, you might think it reached the end of the line. But that’s not true. While the number of companies that make this ammo is hand-countable, it is by no means out of production.

In addition to not many modern firearms supporting this chamber, lever-action demand is on a steady decline as well. Some websites specialize in selling hard-to-find ammo. But you will have to buy it at a higher price. While it may not seem justified, it is how the scene works unfortunately.

What Caliber Bullets Does a 35 Remington Take?

The Remington 35 has a chamber that takes rimless .30-06 Springfield cartridges that can fire up to 2300 FPS. The 35 Remington is popular for medium range game hunting. The weapon is also used in self-defense acts as well.

Is Remington 35 Really Powerful?

The Remington 35 is not the most powerful gun by any means. But it’s quite a capable hunting gun. The gun is capable of laying big bad bears and deer flat within 200 yards of range. This is exactly why it is also quite well-known for self-defense. The gun is used for medium-game hunting.

Should You Buy 35 Remington Ammo at a High Price?

That depends on how desperate you are. If you are keen like a hawk and glued to the websites and local inventory like I’m, then you can find a good amount of stock every now and then. But if you are not interested in going through the hassle and want an easy way out, then the best way is to pay a bit extra and buy it from the websites that keep this scarce ammo in stock.

Ultimately, this will depend highly on what you want. If you are not willing to pay extra like most of us, then you should wait and find it available in a more affordable way. Otherwise, it is what it is.


And there you have it. The main reason why it’s hard to find 35 Remington ammo and what should you do to prevent it. And I know it’s quite hard to find it in stock and ultimately you might succumb to paying a bit higher. But if you love the gun and don’t want to change to a modern gun with a different chamber, then it’s a solution nonetheless. Albeit an expensive one.

And that’s all for now folks, hope you had fun reading it. I had both fun and a bit of sadness while writing it. A part of me doesn’t want to support exploited prices. Then again, I can understand the lengths those website owners go through to get their hands on these rare ammunitions. Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope you find some ammo to shoot with. See you all on the next one.

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