Will A Shotgun Slug Set Off Tannerite

No. Tannerite is a binary explosive target that requires a high-velocity impact from a rifle round to detonate. Shotgun slugs, which are typically fired at lower velocities than rifle rounds, do not possess the necessary impact energy to reliably set off Tannerite.

Note: Using shotgun slugs for shooting at Tannerite targets reduces the risk of accidental detonation, as shotgun slugs are unlikely to provide the required impact energy for Tannerite to explode.

Can I use shotgun slugs to set off Tannerite targets?

No, shotgun slugs do not typically possess enough impact energy to reliably set off Tannerite targets, as they are designed to be used at lower velocities than rifle rounds.

What type of ammunition is recommended for setting off Tannerite targets?

Tannerite targets are designed to be used with high-velocity rifle rounds, typically with a velocity of 2,200 feet per second (fps) or higher, for reliable detonation.

Why is it important to use the recommended ammunition for Tannerite targets?

Using the recommended high-velocity rifle rounds for Tannerite targets ensures reliable detonation, reducing the risk of accidental detonation from using ammunition with insufficient impact energy, such as shotgun slugs. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines for safe and proper use of Tannerite targets.

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