The scope rings don’t come with universal fitment for the scopes. So, the amount of torque you need to bolt them down will be different for every scope mounting situation. However, ideally, the scope rings can be tightened using the torque level between 14-25 in/Ibs.

Moreover, many experts suggest that while mounting the scope on the rings, make sure they are not closer than 3/8” from the magnification adjustment rings placed on the rear, center, or slightly forward than the center part of the scope tube.

But we believe you should see the scope rings recommendation given by your scope manufacturer. It is the best way to know the amount of torque you need to tighten your scope rings. Otherwise, there is a good possibility that you will end up doing under or over torque the rings.

Either situation will be harmful to your scope. Because when you under torque the scope rings, they can’t hold the scope firmly to withstand any impact or recoil. Thus, your scope can easily fall off and get damaged when you use it on the field.

How Tight To Tighten Scope Rings

When you over-tighten the scope rings, it can cause the erector tube and adjustment turn to malfunction. And in the worst case scenario, it can even crush the scope tube and leave it permanently damaged.

How To Tighten The Scope Rings?

The process of tightening the scope rings is more or less the same. But be sure of that whether you need to follow any extra steps or other processes for your scope rings. So, before we get down to the tightening steps, let’s look at the list of tools you will need to complete the process.

  1. Vise
  2. Hex wrench or screwdriver/ torque driver
  3. Mounting base
  4. Levels (optional)

Once you’ve gathered the tools, follow the given instructions:

  • First, place the rifle on the vise. It will ensure that the rifle remains in one place during the process.
  • Make sure you have the right mounting base for the scope rings. If the base is already attached to the rings, simply bolt them down on the rifle rail.
  • Initially keep the scope rings a bit loose to allow the scope to sit properly on them. It will also help to move the scope back and forth to bring it to the right position.
  • Your scope needs to be leveled up, or else the crosshairs will not be properly set up and will cause you to miss shots. You can level up the scope by virtually estimating the alignment. But you can also use a level for this step. Place the level on the windage and elevation knobs. Now turn the scope slowly on the rings until it is perfectly leveled.
  • Next, tighten the scope rings with a hex wrench or screwdriver. If you want you can also use a torque driver for it. The rings should be correctly tightened if you use 15-18 in/Ibs torque on the screws. However, as we said before, do check what your scope manufacturer has recommended in this regard. Otherwise, you can use the torque level we have suggested.
  • Lastly, sight in the scope. It is essential that after the scope installation. You should sight-in to make sure the scope can hold the zero when you actually use it in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much torque should you use for the Leupold scope rings?

For Leupold scope rings you can use 28 in/Ibs torque. You don’t need to go beyond this level because then it will cause over-tightening of the rings. Simply place a torque driver on the Torx screws of the rings and evenly tighten them with 28 in/Ibs torque.

Are the scope rings supposed to touch the scope?

No, it shouldn’t. There needs to be a slight gap on the sides of the rings. If you see the rings have touched the scope, it means you have over-tightened them. In this case, you have to loosen the screws and re-bolt them. Otherwise, it can cause severe damage to the scope.

Do scope rings affect accuracy?

The scope rings are important to hold the scope firmly in one place. So, if they are somehow faulty or not properly installed, they won’t be able to keep the scope in its place. Thus, it will affect the shooting accuracy.

Should you Loctite scope bases?

Well, it is not mandatory to use in the scope bases. In fact, many manufacturers don’t recommend using it at all. But if you feel it’s necessary to use it, you can.


To sum up, you should not over-tighten or under-tighten the scope rings. Because both will cause damage to your scope. Try to follow the recommendation of your scope manufacturer to tighten the rings perfectly.

In case you don’t know the right torque amount for your scope rings, use 15-18 in/Ibs torque to install the rings. Lastly, you can follow our given instructions to tighten the rings properly.

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