Best Light For Springfield Hellcat

The Hellcat is known as the highest-capacity 9mm compact pistol in the world. While Springfield is excellent as CCW. In fact, it’s probably the most recommended CCW weapon out there.

This Croatian beauty has a lot of things going for it. From a durable polymer housing and capable of firing 9mm, the weapon is simply put great. But it still isn’t even a complete kit without a bit of upgrade.

One of the most recommended upgrades for the weapon is a weapon light. The Springfield Hellcat can benefit a lot from a weapon light. But finding the best light for Springfield Hellcat is not an easy task to do. That’s why I have taken up the challenge to find the best one for you. Without further ado, let’s start this.

Should You Buy A Light For Springfield Hellcat?

Now that you know what are the best Springfield Hellcat lights, should you purchase one? Or should you just ignore this post and use your gun as it is? In short, yes, you definitely should purchase a light for your Hellcat. Let me explain why.

The Hellcat is a concealed carry, correct? It is also used as a self-defense weapon, correct? And can be used for tactical operations as well, correct? All of the answers are yes, without a doubt.

The thing is, all of those tasks/operations I mentioned earlier, are something that you do in the night as well. Specially, hunting, and self-defense acts happen most of the time during the night.

Do you get the point I’m trying to make? If the gun will be used during the night often, doesn’t it make more sense to get something that will make your gun useful during the dark?

Best Light For Springfield Hellcat [Editor’s Picks]

1. SureFire XSC Micro-Compact Handgun Light

SureFire is one of the best if not the best weapon light makers in the market. Their lights are expensive yet they pack a lot of value. The Micr-Compact XSC light is available for Glock, Hellcat, and P365/P365XL.

Seeing the texture, one might think that the light is made out of polymer. But the light is actually made out of durable aluminum with a Mil-Spec hard anodized finish. It’s one of the most durable handgun lights you will ever come across.

With a swift ambidextrous momentary on/constant-on switch, you can easily turn it on or off with ease. Doesn’t matter whether you are a right handed user or a left handed one, this light is suited for you all.

Where is this light made?

All SureFire lights are made in the USA and this is one of their high-end offerings. You will get great service with this one.

What’s the battery life?

The battery life of this is rather lackluster. You can get 30 minutes of runtime with 2000 candela at 90 meters. While it’s extremely power hungry, its still unobstructed 90m illumination range is insane.

Is this concealable?

Of course! It’s made to conceal carry. With that in mind, SureFire made sure it supports most holsters available in the market.

2. OLIGHT Baldr Mini 600 Lumens Weaponlight

While Olight may not be as popular as SureFire but their lights definitely are. They offer a better price to performance ratio than most high-end models. That’s why people love Olight flashlights.

The Baldr Mini named after Balder is a compact carrying flashlight for pistols. The Baldr mini is compatible with Hellcat and comes in two color finishes. Desert Tan and Black. Just like the SureFire light, this one is also made with high-quality aluminum. It’s light and extremely durable.

The hard-coat anodized finish is something incredible, to say the least. On top of being a flashlight, this one has a <5mW class 3R green laser light built in. Making it legal in most states. Paired with 600 lumens of white light, the light is capable of throwing up to 130 meters.

Is this rechargeable?

Yes, it is. It has a battery built-in and comes with a magnetic charging cable that is capable of recharging your light quite fast.

What kind of mount does this use?

It uses a Picatinny mounting rail. If you want to pair this with other guns or handguns you can do that as well.

What’s the battery life?

The battery life is different based on how you use it. If you use the green beam on, then you can keep it turned on for around 30 or so minutes. But if you use it without the green laser, then around 39 minutes.

3. Streamlight 69287 TLR-6 100-Lumen Pistol Light

Using laser sights with a pistol is a common sight (pun intended). But if you want to use a bottom mounting weapon light, you cannot use a laser sight as well. What if there was a way to do both? Sounds incredible right? Just like the Baldr Mini, the Streamlight TLR-6 also comes with an integrated laser light.

The light is made out of polymer. The same type of polymer is used to make handguns. It’s durable, light, shockproof, and will last you a long-time as well. If you are a hunter and carry a concealed weapon as safety/backup, this combination will come in clutch during the night.

The light is packed with a 640 to 660nm red laser and a white led light. The light has 3 modes. Laser only, light only, and laser+light dual mode. Depending on what kind of condition you are using the gun in, you can take complete advantage of this. The light is capable of outputting 100 lumens with a 2000 candela peak. Resulting in an 89-meter max distance.

Is Streamlight a Chinese company?

No, they are not. They are an American company based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania. Their customer service in the state is amazing as well.

What’s included inside the package?

You will find one TLR-6 that is designed to fit Hellcat. Inside, you will also find a CR 1/3N battery and a 0.050 hex wrench. Besides the tools and the battery, you will find some documentation. Including a sticker.

Is this good for tactical shooting?

Absolutely! While Streamlight mentions it’s quite good for hunting, they also mention how good of a light it is for tactical usage. And for self-defense, it’s unbeatable at this price-range.

4. Ade Advanced Optics HG55-1 Flashlight Sight

Ade Advanced isn’t a new name in the industry. They have been making quality sights for handguns for a while now. They have dipped their toes in flashlight making as well. This one however is a 2-in-1. It is equipped with a powerful LED light and a green laser light.

The combination is safely tucked inside a durable aircraft-grade aluminum housing. With a black anodized finish, this thing looks extremely attractive. The Pat Pending mounting design is a unique touch as well. Two spring loaded pillars push to the rail slot and sit snugly there. This way, the light won’t move around while you shoot as well.

The weight of the flashlight with the battery is 2.5 oz. That’s extremely light! As for the battery, it requires one CR2 battery that is also included inside the package. With that battery, you will be able to use the light at 250 lumens with a 3200 candela peak. And reach up to 100m with the beam. As the laser is rated to be Class 3R, it doesn’t exceed Class IIIA emission limits.

Is Ade Advanced Optics American?

Yes, they are. They are based in Oregon. Their handgun sights, laser sights, reflex sights, and rifle accessories, all are made in the USA.

Can I use a holster with this combination?

Definitely. It’s made for concealed carry weapons. That’s why, they kept the holsters limit in mind as well. It will fit most modern holsters for concealed carry.

Will this fit the Canik TP9SF?

Yes, it will fit Canik TP9SF and guns like Glock as well. In fact, you can also use it with the famous PT111 G2.

5. Viridian Weapon Technologies Essential Class 3R Red Laser Sight

What if you didn’t need a flashlight for your Hellcat, but rather want a laser light that has more range, battery health, and better accuracy? If your answer is yes, then you should keep the Viridian Essential laser sight in mind.

It’s a laser light made to be used with concealed carry weapons and has a Class 3R-rated red laser built in. It has a model that is specifically designed for the Hellcat. You don’t need to do any tweaking or head to gunsmith shops to get yours fixed.

The laser sight is safely stored inside a polymer housing. The battery is stored in a splashproof compartment. While they don’t recommend you to use this in rainy weather, you can get away from a couple of splashes or two.

Is this touch activated sensor?

No, it’s not. It has a button that you need to press to turn on or off. The good news, the button is ambidextrously placed. Meaning, it has buttons on each side. You can use either your right hand or left hand to turn on the laser.

What’s the total weight of this sight?

The total weight is just 0.78 oz! That includes the battery as well. It’s surprising to see sights this light that will basically not change the weight balance of the gun.

Is this made in the USA?

Yes, it is. It’s designed, machined, and assembled in the USA. Viridian has a good warranty and service policy as well. You should check that information out on their website.


If you read the entire thing, I appreciate it. And I’m sure you are a bit confused about all the options. After all, what’s the single best light for Springfield Hellcat?

Well, simply put none. All of them have different aspects that stand out from others and some features that will cater to specific demographics. So, depending on your budget and which one sings the most to you, grab that and fit on your Hellcat.

Well, there you have it. A formula to tame the cat that you bought from hell. Pardon my terrible puns, but this is where we part ways. For now, at least. I will be back with more soon enough. Till then, don’t hold your breath, rather have some fun and return later. Ciao.

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