If you’ve ended up finding this article, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place to find a perfect sight for your Sig P320. Because here you will get multiple options in the sights to use with your firearm.

Plus, I will help you to make an informed purchase by giving you a clear idea of which sight works its best in different shooting environments.

When you look for the Sig Sauer P320 sights, you will see many people suggesting different options for you to consider.

However, from what I’ve seen, if one doesn’t have a clear idea about the sights’ usability, it becomes more difficult to choose the right sight to mount on the gun.

Hence, before going through the reviews, take a moment to read the information on each sights. So, interested in making the best sight purchase ever? Just scroll down!

Buying Guide For Sig P320 Sights

It is wise to check a few important factors of the sights before buying them. It will help you to understand that the sight you’ve selected can satisfy your shooting needs. Below is the list of factors you’re suggested to check while purchasing a sight:

Shooting Purpose

The first thing you should do before looking for sights is to dictate your shooting purposes and needs. Without focusing on your shooting needs, you can be sure if your chosen optic is right for you or not.

For example, if you mostly shoot in daylight conditions, choosing the red dot will be more appropriate and budget-friendly for you.


Make sure the sight is made of durable materials. Since you’ll be using the firearm in various weather and environmental conditions, it is essential to have a sight with rugged construction.


To operate red dot sights or laser sights, they are provided with batteries. If you’re selecting a red dot sight or a laser sight for your Sig P320, ensure you are also getting a high capacity battery to make these sights function.


The Sig Sauer P320 is available in different models. So, if you’re using the upgraded models of P320, you can quickly mount the sights on the gun. However, if you have older versions, you need to mill the slides and also need to use a compatible adapter to mount the optic.


Nowadays, the red dots are manufactured in different MOA sizes such as 2 MOA, 3 MOA, 4 MOA, and so on. So, while buying a red dot, check whether it offers the MOA dot size you like to work with or not.

Sight Color

Some of the shooters also remain confused regarding the sight colors. Both the red and green colors are the most popular sight colors. In red dot sights, many shooters prefer to go with the red color dots.

Whereas in the laser sights and night sights, shooters tend to choose green sights over the red ones. Because the green color laser and night sights allow you to have great visibility in daylight and low-light situations.

5 Best Red Dot For Sig P320

We all love red dots. I mean why not? It helps you to aim fast and make precise shots. It’s even lightweight to mount on the gun. The red dot sights are perfect to work with in daylight conditions.

So, if you own a Sig P320 like X-compact and so, red dots will make the right pair for your gun.

Now you may ask, how to know if a red dot is what you need for your Siggy? The first thing you should consider is whether your gun is optic ready or not.

Otherwise, installing the red dot will be a hassle for you. Next, think about when you mostly use your gun. If you mainly use the gun in daylight conditions, go for it without thinking twice.

Besides, if you want to try out something technologically advanced with your firearm, the red dot sights can be a good option to consider. Plus, in case you don’t want to sacrifice your accessory rail, you can choose red dots over laser sights.

However, note that red dots are functioned with batteries. So, you must find a good quality red dot which is provided with a high quality battery. If you want you can also look for red dots with illuminated reticles, it will enable you to shoot in low-light conditions.

Well, since I’ve taken responsibility to help you find the best sights for your firearm, you don’t have to look far. Just read the reviews below to find your best red dot for P320!

1. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable 3.25 MOA LED Sight

If you have Sig P320 gun models like P320 X, M17, or M18, this RMR red dot sight will be a perfect choice for you. The optic provides a reliable performance in different shooting situations.

You will mainly love the sight because of its rugged construction, adjustable LED system, and high quality battery. All of these factors work together to make your shooting experience as smooth as possible.

The housing of the sight has been made of Military-grade Aluminum alloy. It also has a unique patented shape. Due to this design, the sight lens remains protected from different impacts and environmental conditions.
Additionally, the ruggedized battery contacts and electronics construction ensure that they can withstand harsh environments.

Moreover, the sight lens comes with multilayers of coating, enabling the lens to transmit the maximum amount of light through the glasses.

As a result, you get a clear target visibility in different lighting conditions. To make your shooting practice convenient, the sight features both automatic brightness modes and a manual brightness adjustment system.

With the help of the push buttons, you can manually control the brightness level of the optic. It has 8 brightness levels, so you can choose any level as you want. Its automatic brightness system is similar to the LED RMR version.

Therefore, you will have full flexibility in the brightness control system.

Besides, the optic is provided with a high quality battery that allows you to use the sight for nearly 4 years if you use the sight at 70ºF (21ºC) at setting 4 of 8.

One thing to remember is, that if you use the red dot under extreme temperatures (high or low), it will affect lithium battery performance.

Plus, the sight comes with a battery conversion mode which works to automatically adjust the aiming dot in ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours.

In addition, it also has a button lockout system. This sets RMR into automatic mode to prevent any accidental adjustments. Overall, it will be a good deal for you to consider for your P320.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Normally, Trijicon provides a limited lifetime warranty with their products. Hence, you will get around 5 years of warranty with the sight.

Is the red dot sight waterproof?

The red dot has been crafted to endure any weather conditions. So, it will deliver its best performance in wet weather as well. The optic has submersibility of 20 meters or 66ft.

Is the dot sight compatible to use with night vision devices?

Yes, it is compatible with night vision devices. Since the sight has a compact size, depending on your rail length you can use the night vision devices.

2. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight

In the race of the best red dot sights for Sig P320, the Leupold DeltaPoint is a beating competitor. Especially if you own P320 models like X5 Legion, M18, or X5 Full Size, this red dot is what you need. With its 2.5 MOA dot, you can easily aim for the close range targets.

There are some other features that you will also like about the sight. For example, the optic has been made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum to ensure its durability in different environments.

However, it doesn’t make the red dot heavy-weighted, rather it makes the optic really lightweight to mount on your gun.

You can use the reflex sight under different weather or temperatures. It can perform at a minimum of -20 to a maximum of 120 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature. Plus, it has a strong water resistance ability. The optic has submersibility up to 33ft.

In addition, it comes with a DiamondCoat Aspheric Lens which increases the target visibility in various lighting conditions. This lens coat can increase the target visibility by nearly 56%. Plus, it also adds a scratch resistance ability to the sight lens.

To operate the red dot, it is provided with a high capacity CR2032 battery. The battery can serve you for quite a long time. But if you need to replace the battery, it can do that real quick. Because the battery compartment resides at the top of the reflex sight.

Hence, it gives you easy access to the battery to replace it. The good thing is, that you don’t need to re-zero your optic after changing the battery.

However, to prolong the battery life, the optic has been embedded with a motion sensor system. This system can automatically shut off the LED if the sight remains inactive for around 5 minutes.

But when it senses motion in the sight, you can instantly power up the red dot to function. Thus, it saves battery energy and increases the battery life.

Moreover, the optic has an 8 level brightness control system. So, you can adjust the brightness level as you want. The elevation and windage adjustment of the sight is also easy. Since it comes with a 1 MOA per click adjustment system, the elevation and windage adjustment get quite smooth.

Therefore, if these features match your shooting needs, you can go for the red dot.

Does it come with a co-witness rear sight?

No, the product doesn’t offer a co-witness rear sight. And it’s not even necessary. Because the 2.5 MOA dot of the sight enables you to easily shoot at the target in various environments.

How can you mount the sight on the Picatinny rail?

You can’t directly mount the optic on the Picatinny rail. To install it, you will need to purchase the adapters separately.

Will the red dot work on Sig Sauer P320 XCarry?

Even though this red dot has an optic cut, you can’t directly mount the sight. You will need to purchase an adapter plate that will be compatible to use with the optic for the gun.

3. HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

Holosun HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

As a red dot, HOLOSUN has a lot to offer you. It is one of the best user-friendly red dots you can find in the market. The optic is engineered to have different advanced technologies such as MRS, Solar Power Failsafe, and Shake Awake Technology.

As a result, you get the best shooting experience ever!

This open reflex sight comes with 3 reticle systems, it is commonly known as Multi Reticle System (MRS). The reticle systems are:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 32 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

To switch among the reticle types, press the “-” button for 3 seconds. This way you will have the flexibility to choose your reticle type for different shooting situations. The optic is offered with both red and green reticle colors.

While purchasing the reflex sight, you can go for your preferred reticle color.

Moreover, the red dot is provided with a high capacity battery, allowing you to operate the battery for up to 50,000 hours of battery life.

However, don’t worry, even if the battery dies during your field operation, you won’t be left hanging out to dry. The optic comes with a solar panel system to power up your red dot when the battery fails.

In addition, it has been equipped with a Shake Awake Technology which works to preserve the battery energy.

If you don’t use the optic for a long time, the system will automatically shut the LED down. But as soon as it dictates the motion of the sight, it instantly powers it up to function. Thus, the battery life gets prolonged to serve you for a really long time.

Plus, you can also use the optic in different shooting environments. Because it is crafted with 7075 T6 Aluminum that makes sure your red dot will survive through bumpy situations or heavy recoils.

Besides, the multi-coated sight lens transmits sufficient light through the glasses so that you get a clear target image.

In order to control the brightness level of the red dot, you will get a manual push button system in the optic.

Even though this reflex sight model doesn’t come with an automatic brightness adjustment system, the manual adjustment system works great to control the brightness level of the optic. It has 10 daytime brightness settings and 2 night modes that can be controlled manually.

In fact, this red dot features a Lock Mode system. So, when you activate the lock mode system, it locks the buttons to prevent accidental changes in settings. All in all, this is one of the best RMR reflex sights that you can consider for your P320 gun models.

Can you measure the height difference between the optic bottom and the red dot?

No, it is not possible to measure the height difference between the optic bottom and the red dot. Because the dot of the sight doesn’t sit in one place rather it always floats around the sight. Hence, you can’t measure the height difference between them.

Can you use the mounting screws provided by the company on the milled slide of a gun?

You will get two sets of mounting screws with two different thread sizes (short and long). Therefore, if you own a milled version of P320, you are suggested to check whether the thread sizes will be right for your gun or not. Because the thread size you need for your milled slide may vary from these sets.

What type of mounting plate should you use with the red dot?

The red dot has an RMR footprint and only fits on the guns that have the same footprint. However, if you want to use the sight on the other gun models, you must find a mounting plate that has an RMR footprint to mount the red dot.

4. Sig Sauer SOR1P103 Romeo1Pro Red Dot Sight

Sig Sauer SOR1P103 Romeo1Pro Red Dot Sight

This red dot has been made by Sig which fits almost every model of the P320. It incorporates many useful features to facilitate your shooting experience.
Therefore, whether you use the sight for tactical or any other purposes, this Romeo is always there for you!

The sight is designed to be compact in size so that it doesn’t weigh much and doesn’t take all the place of the rail. Even though this open-reflex sight is lightweight, it has durable construction. Since the sight housing has been crafted with Aircraft Grade Aluminum, it makes sure the sight delivers durable performance.

Plus, it also works to prevent corrosion in the optic when you use it in the harshest environments. Moreover, the company has thoughtfully designed the sight lens.

To increase the target visibility, Sig has added a molded glass aspheric lens. In addition to that, the lens has high-performance coatings. These coatings come as a great help to transmit maximum light through the glasses.

Besides, the red dot features a point-source emitter, ensuring excellent illumination with 12 settings. This 12 setting includes 10 daytime brightness adjustment systems and 2 night modes. Hence, whatever shooting environment you’re in, you will have a clear shot on your target.

To operate the optic, it is provided with a high quality battery. With this battery, you can run the red dot around 20,000 hours. And don’t worry, if the battery dies, you can easily replace it with a new one. The optic offers two more advanced features that you will also like.

First, it is equipped with a Motion Activated Illumination System (MOTAC). This system works to power down the sight when it is not in motion.

Similarly, it can immediately power it up when it senses motion in sight. As a result, the battery life of the optic prolongs for a really long time.

Another cool feature is its TruHold Lockless Zeroing System which utilizes twin adjustment springs. These adjustment springs are specially designed to withstand heavy recoils. Plus, it enables you to return to zero after multiple shots.

Hence, the Romeo1Pro is one of the best calls you can make for your P320 gun models!

Do the Romeo1 and Romeo1Pro have different lengths?

Yes, they have different lengths. Therefore, each sight fits different versions of P320 guns. For example, the XCarry Gen 1 works with the original Romeo 1 whereas the Romeo1Pro fits with the XCarry Gen 2.

Does it work with the Sig P320 M17?

This red dot can be paired up with different P320 models. So, if you own a P320 M17, you can go for the optic.

Is it waterproof?

Since the optic is IPX-7 rated, it has a strong water resistance ability. The red dot can submersible up to 1 meter.

5. Vortex Optics Viper 6 MOA Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight

Now what if you have a milled P320 slide? You may wonder which red dot will be more perfect for your milled Sig P320. So, in case you own a milled slide, you can consider Vortex Viper. This low-profile red dot sight pairs up perfectly with your cut-out slides.

In fact, it also allows you to co-witness with the iron sights.

Additionally, the large 6 MOA dot size enables you to aim on the targets quickly and accurately. The optic also comes with a manual brightness adjustment system. It has a 10 level manual brightness setting system which can be controlled with the side push buttons.

So, you can control the illumination level of the optic as your shooting needs.

To run the red dot, it is provided with a high capacity CR2032 battery. It allows you to use the optic for a long time. If you use the red dot at its highest brightness setting, it will run for nearly 150 hours. But if you use the optic at its lowest setting, it will operate around up to 30,000 hours.

Moreover, it has a 1 MOA per click adjustment system, meaning you can easily adjust the elevation and windage to move the dot to your point of impact. Since the dial system has been recessed into the sight, your sight adjustments will remain intact in advert situations. You can follow the given steps to adjust the elevation and windage:

  • First, you need to undo the adjustment lock by turning the screws 1½.
  • Next, according to your need, adjust the dials by turning them up/down or left/right.
  • Lastly, after finishing your adjustments, re-tighten the locks.

In terms of its construction, the red dot is crafted with high quality materials. It makes the optic shockproof. Plus, the hard anodized finish eliminates the glare of the sight.

Besides, the O-ring seals of the optic work to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from damaging it.

On the other hand, the sight lens is fully multi-coated which gives an unobstructed field of view. And the additional Armortek coatings on the lens protect it from oil, dirt, and scratches. So, want to be an effective shooter? Be “Viperous”!

What accessories are offered with the red dot?

The product is offered with some essential accessories like Weaver / Picatinny mount, T-10 Torx wrench, CR 2032 battery, lens cloth, Flathead wrench, and protective cover.

Where is the battery placed?

You will find the battery underneath the red dot. While changing the battery, first you need to remove the sight from the gun. Then you can replace the old battery with a new one. Remember that, after replacing the battery, you need to re-zero your sight.

Is there any auto on feature in the optic?

The red dot doesn’t come with any automatic features. It has only push buttons that you can use to turn on/off the sight and also to increase or decrease the brightness level. However, by default, the sight can automatically shut itself off every 14 hours.

3 Best Laser Sight For Sig P320

The laser sights are really easy to work with. They come really handy as a shooting practice tool for the beginner. Because it helps you to have an idea of where your point of impact will be.

It works to generate muscle memory when you’re out in the field. Plus, the laser sights allow you to see if you’re dipping the gun while shooting on the target.

Thus, you can easily learn to keep your aiming position steady. Moreover, the laser sights work great for law enforcement agents. The laser beam helps the agents to prevent the offenders from making any moves.

Hence, the laser sights can be your perfect choice if you’re an entry-level shooter or a law enforcement agent.

One thing to remember is that, like the red dots, laser sights are also run with batteries. So, after a certain period of time, you would need to change the battery to use the sight.

However, the good part of laser sights is, that the battery replacement process is incredibly easy.

If the laser sight is what you need for your gun, check out the given reviews on the best P320 laser sights!

1. Crimson Trace LG-420 Sig Sauer P320 Laserguard

Crimson Trace LG-420 Sig Sauer P320 Laserguards

The sign of a good quality laser sight is that it will feature a great laser beam visibility and also a flexible sight activation system.

The reason I believe this laser will be the right choice for you is, that it comes with excellent laser beam visibility. Plus, it has a front Instinctive Activation button which allows you to activate the sight just like that!

The LG-420 features a 5mW Peak, 515-532 Nm, Class 3R Visible Green Laser, so it emits the brightest laser beam without exceeding Class IIIA emission limits. The product is available in both red and green laser beams.

However, I would recommend choosing the green laser beam sight. Because human eyes are more perceptive to green color than the other colors.

Additionally, compared to the red laser beam, the green color laser is more visible in the daytime. Therefore, it will be a good decision to choose the green laser sight over the red ones.

Moreover, the optic is run by a 1/3N battery. At its continuous use, the battery can serve you up to 2 hours.

But don’t worry, the battery installation process is quick and simple. You can change the battery on your own, no experts or gunsmiths are required.

To activate the sight, you just need to position the gun normally. It will enable you to turn on the optic by pressing the activation button.

The good thing is the sight operation is really user-friendly, meaning the optic can be operated by either the left or right hand. Besides, this sight is factory-sighted at a distance of 50 feet.

However, you can easily adjust the windage and elevation according to your shooting needs. Sounds like what you need?

Does the product come with a warranty?

The company provides a limited time warranty. You will get around 3 years of warranty with the product. You are suggested to read the warranty policy before purchasing the laser sight.

What else is offered with the laser sight?

You will get a few necessary accessories with the laser sight such as batteries, an owner’s manual, an installation/adjustment tool, and cleaning swabs. The adjustment tool will help you to quickly adjust the sight elevation and windage when you need.

Will it fit all Sig P320 models?

As per the company description, this laser sight will fit all P320 gun models except the subcompacts. So, if you own a P320 subcompact, the optic is not for you.

2. TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser Sight

TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser Sight

When it comes to reliability, TRUGLO laser sight will never disappoint you. The sight has been carefully constructed to deliver you the best shooting experience with the laser sights.

It features a high-efficiency superconductor laser diode, meaning it can emit the brightest laser beam to aim on the targets in all environmental conditions.

On top of that, the green laser beam will make sure you can use the sight in any lighting condition. The power output of the optic is nearly 500-540Nm. However, the laser sight doesn’t exceed Class IIIA emission limits.

In addition, the sight activation system of the optic is really easy and advanced. The laser sight comes along with an easy ambidextrous push-button Activation system.

Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a left handed or a right handed shooter, you can still use the sight for your shooting purposes.

Besides, since the on/off buttons have been recessed into the sight, it prevents any accidental activation of the optic. Plus, it features an automatic shutdown system that can power off the sight after 5 minutes of inactivity. This way the battery life gets prolonged and you can use the sight for a good amount of time.

If you want you can also adjust the windage and elevation whenever you want. The maximum adjustments can be made up to ±2 degrees. So, at 30 30-foot distance, you can adjust the sight around 12.5 inches in all directions.

Moreover, the optic has been engineered with CNC-machined Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. It ensures the sight’s durability to be used in any terrain. Plus, it also makes the sight quite lightweight to mount on the gun. The sight can function in different weather conditions like from 14˚F (-10˚C) to 122˚F (50˚C).

Impressive, right? Then what are you waiting for! Go get that Tiger!

Will it fit in a holster not designed to be used with a laser sight attached?

It mainly depends on the type of holster you’re using. If the gun doesn’t fit your holster after installing the sight, don’t worry. There are many options available in the market for P320 holsters that enable your gun to rest with the optics. If you want you can purchase “Orpaz Sig P320 Light Bearing Holster” for your Sig P320.

Does this need to sit against the trigger guard?

Yes, the sight needs to sit against the trigger guard. It will allow you to quickly reach to push buttons to activate the optic.

How long can the batteries last?

If you use the laser sight continuously, it can serve you nearly 4 hours. At its casual use, it can run up to 5 months. So, it would be better for you to keep the batteries in your collection. You can keep the “BlueDot Trading AG4 LR626 377 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell” as a backup for the optic.

3. Ade Advanced Optics FDE HG54-2 Mini Green Laser Sight

Ade Advanced Optics FDE HG54-2 Mini Green Laser Sight

To enrich the list of the advanced laser sight, let me introduce the Ade Advanced Optics. Like the other two laser sights, this one is also a user-friendly laser sight.

It can emit the brightest green laser beam allowed by law. Plus, the laser sight is a non-handheld Class CR laser product which means its power output is not more than 5Mw.

Moreover, the optic is operated with a CR1/3N battery. With the help of the battery, you can use the laser sight continuously for around 1 hour. The good part is you can easily replace the battery when it’s out of power.

In fact, if you want you can quickly install the sight from one firearm to another. Therefore, both battery and sight installation processes have been made it easy for you to use the optic at your convenience.

Additionally, you will have flexibility in the sight activation system. The sight features an ambidextrous switch which allows you to switch between two modes of operations. The first one is “constant-on” mode. This mode will enable you to keep the sight on continuously.

On the other hand, the “strobe” mode helps you to flash out/off the sight according to your shooting needs. Plus, the optic is made of metal, ensuring that it will withstand heavy recoils and impacts. Hence, the sight will be the right choice in all shooting situations.

However, note that if you have pistols like Sig P365 which don’t have a rail/dovetail slot under the barrel rail adapter, you will need a rail adapter so that you can fit the laser in the firearms.

Is it difficult to change the battery of the sight?

No, the battery replacement process is quick and simple. The battery of the sight is placed under the laser sight. So, you get easy access to the battery compartment to quickly change the battery.

Will it fit Sig P320-M17?

Yes, the laser sight fits Sig P320 gun models. So, it will also fit Sig P320-M17. But you’re suggested to mount the laser sight far back of the rail. It will leave some room in the rail of your firearm.

Can it hold up to 12 gauge recoil?

The laser sight has a durable construction to endure heavy recoils. Hence, it can also hold the recoil of 12 gauge.

3 Best Night Sights For Sig P320

If you like being old school with your gun, install the night sights instead of the red dots and laser sights. By doing so, you can still use your rear and front sights but in an upgraded way. The vials that are inserted in the sights allow you to aim on the targets in dark and low-light conditions.

In fact, you can also use these sights under bright daylight. However, you’re suggested to choose the night sights, if you mostly use your gun in low lights or dark environments. Because compared to their daylight performance, the sights work best at night conditions.

One of the best parts of the night sights is, that they don’t need batteries or external power sources to function. Hence, the sights can serve you much longer than the red dots and laser sights. So, if nighttime is your playtime, go for the night sights!

1. XS SIGHTS F8 Tritium Front Night Sight

XS SIGHTS F8 Tritium Front Night Sight

The F8 sights are one of the best night sights around in the market. These Tritium iron sights will provide a high visible sight picture in both day and night conditions. Plus, the sights come with rugged construction so that you can use them in any environment.

Besides, the sight design has been kept simple to help you to focus better on the front sight in all lighting conditions. What makes the sight picture of these 2-dots night sights different from the conventional tight sight pictures is, that the rear sight is designed to have a wide-square notch.

Due to the wide-square notch, the visibility of the front sight increases. This expanded gap allows the top edges of the front sight to stand out in diminishing light levels.

Moreover, the rear sight corners are round shaped, ensuring your eye’s attention falls where needed most, which is the top edges.

For example, if you look at the given picture, you will understand that these wider gaps ease the stress on the eyes and help you to easily find the front sight in low-light or moving and shooting situations.

Since the company has around 20 years of manufacturing experience, they understand the fact that just 24/7 glowing Tritium is not enough to make the perfect shots. The rear and front sight constructions also make a great impact on the target acquisition. Hence, they have put their additional efforts into the sight design.

Therefore, the Sig P320 night sights can be a good option for you to consider mounting on your gun.

Do the sights come with a warranty?

With the continuous use of the sights, they can serve you for up to 10 years. And the company warranty also validates for 10 years.

What accessories are offered with the sights?

You will get an Allen key and thread locker with the sights. So, if you want to install the sights by yourself, you can do that with these accessories. But you will also need sight pusher tools for the installation process.

Are the night sights resistant to the cleaning solutions?

Yes, the sights are made to be resistant to the cleaning solutions. They are chemically resistant to acetone-based cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaners.

2. Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set

Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set

These 3 dot night sights can be another alternative to your iron sights. The sights are claimed to provide accurate shots 5 times over than the conventional sights.

Whether you are a law enforcement agent or a target shooting practitioner, you will love the durability and accuracy of the sights.

The night sights have a metal body that has been cushioned within silicone rubber. As a result, they have strong shock-resistant ability.

Moreover, the sights come with a Tritium-filled glass lamp, providing you superior illumination in no light or low light environments.

Besides, each Tritium lamp is designed to be capped with a sapphire jewel. Thus, it helps to evenly distribute the light from the Tritium lamp. Additionally, this sapphire window works to protect it from solvents and punctures.

Plus, the Tritium gas filled lamps are contained within Aluminum cylinders. Therefore, the Tritium lamps will remain protected from heavy recoils and harsh cleaning solvents. Similar to the “XS SIGHTS F8 Night Sight”, this Trijicon 3-dot night sight also comes with a square notch rear sight.

It enables you to make rapid and precise shots on the targets in all lighting conditions. The good part is Trijicon offers different options in the illuminated dot colors. The sights are available with green, yellow, and orange aiming dots. So, choose this night sight with your preferred color!

What is the width of the front and rear sight gaps?

The width of the front and rear sight gap is 4mm. It helps you to aim quickly on the target in different lighting conditions.

Will these fit on a P320 full size?

As long as the rear sight can be replaced in your Sig P320, the night sight should fit on the gun. However, you’re suggested to verify your exact model number with the Trijicon part number.

How much higher do these sit compared to the factory Sig sights?

Compared to the stock Sig front blade, the Trijicon front sight (5.5 mm) is 1.5 mm taller. Additionally, the Trijicon rear sight sits 1.5 mm higher than the Sig night sights.

3. TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-The-Dark Sig P320 Night Sight

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-The-Dark Sig P320 Night Sight

Since the Sig P320 generally needs 8-front and 8-rear style iron sights, this TRUGLO Tritium night sight set will be the right fit for your gun.

Like any other high quality night sight, this sight is also constructed with high quality materials. The sight can withstand heavy recoils and impacts.

The good part of the sights is, they have white dot circles which help you to aim in the bright daylight conditions. On the other hand, the company has used Swiss Tritium in the sights.

As a result, you can have a great visibility of the sights in the low light and dark environments. So, with these night sights, you can use your gun in all lighting conditions.

Moreover, they have been crafted by following the factory sight radius. Hence, they will sit perfectly on the gun without any problem. Plus, you can easily use any standard holster for the gun.

Additionally, the rear sight has a square notch which enables you to aim quickly on the target in various environments. Besides, the rear sight has an angled edge, allowing you to handle emergency one–hand operation.

However, you’re suggested to get professional help while installing the sights on your P320. Overall, the sights will work great for all shooting situations!

Is the point of impact of these sights the same as the original Sig sights?

The point of impact of the sights is the same as the original Sig sights. But if the sights are not perfectly installed, the point of impact will vary. So, make sure you’ve installed the sights perfectly.

Can the rear sight be adjusted for elevation?

No, the rear sight cannot be adjusted. Because it doesn’t incorporate any adjustable feature that will allow you to do that.

Will these work on a Sig Sauer P365?

The TRUGLO produces two versions of the Tritium night sight set for Sig Sauer gun models. One version comes with 6-front and 8-rear sights and another has 8-rear and front style sights. So, if you want to use this night sight set with P365, go for the 6-front and 8-rear sight versions.


To sum up, except for the sights, there is no alternative way to enhance your shooting performance. Now in today’s market, you will see plenty of options in the sights. But obviously, not all of them are worth your investment.
Hence, to narrow down your search for the right sight, I have gathered the list of the best sights you can consider for your P320.

Besides, I have also included a buying guide to give you a clear idea about the factors you need to check before purchasing the sight. So, don’t forget to give it a read. Good luck and happy purchase!

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