Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

The Sig MPX is a 9mm gas-powered submachine gun. The key feature of this gun is that, compared to the other standard handguns and rifles, you can shoot quite faster with it.

So, if you would like to have a bit more fun in target shooting, you can choose the submachine over regular handguns.

Since the gun has more speed than the regular pistols, you need to be extra attentive to make accurate shots on the target. Initially, you may need a bit of practice to become accustomed with the gun features and its controls.

But once you learn to use it, trust me you will forget other handguns.

However, you can enhance your shooting performance by using an optic with the MPX Sig. But the problem lies, there are plenty of options in optics now, so it becomes quite difficult to find the right optic for the gun.

Hence, to reduce your research load, I have brought you the reviews of the 5 best optics that you can use with the MPX. So, let’s get started!

Buying Guide For Sig MPX Optics

In order to make an economic purchase, you should know some of the key factors that can impact the quality of the red dots. So, below is the list of factors, you should check before buying a red dot for your Sig MPX:


Make sure the red dot you’re purchasing for your gun is strong enough to withstand rough situations. Hence, it is important that the MPX sight is made of high quality materials to sustain a long time.

Additionally, the sight lens also needs to have multi-coatings. It helps to ensure the transmission of maximum light through the glasses.


Since the sights are run with the batteries, you should check the red dot you’re selecting is provided with a high capacity battery. Because poor quality batteries will fail soon. Plus, they will keep you in the constant need of changing the batteries.


Without the compatible mounts, you can’t install the red dot on the gun. Some companies offer the mounts with the Sig MPX sights. But in case it is not offered along with the product, you are suggested to do a bit of research to find the right mount to use the red dot.


The red dots are manufactured with different dot sizes such as 2 MOA, 3 MOA, 6 MOA, and so on. So, it mainly depends on what dot size you would like to have in your sight.

If you prefer using small dot sizes, choose a Sig MPX red dot that comes with a small dot size. Similarly, you can also choose the larger dot size if you like to work with large dot sizes.

1. Trijicon MRO 2.0 MOA Adjustable Green Dot Scope

Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

The Trijicon MRO is a reflex optic that allows you to aim by keeping your both eyes open for fast target acquisition. In case you don’t know what “MRO” is, it means Miniature Rifle Optic.

So basically, the optic is designed to be mounted on rifles, carbines, and shotguns. However, it also goes perfectly with guns like Sig MPX.

Since human eyes are more sensitive to green color, this adjustable 2 MOA green dot enables you to make quick aims in different light conditions. The green dot especially comes really handy when there are low light or transitional light conditions.

Plus, if you have astigmatism, this color dot will help aim better than the red color dots.

The highlighted part of this MPX optic is its ambidextrous brightness control, meaning without removing your hand from the fire control, you can dial for brightness adjustments.

Due to this ambidextrous design, both the left-handed and the right-handed shooters can easily control the brightness levels. You will have 8 brightness settings, including 2 night vision-compatible settings with this MRO optic.

Additionally, the optic is engineered to withstand adverse situations. Hence, it comes with hard-anodized, forged 7075-T6 housing which also has fully sealed construction and dry Nitrogen to protect the optic from the tough elements.

Plus, the multi-coated lens provides a clear and crisp dot reticle to aim at the target.

What’s interesting about this optic design is that the turrets don’t need any caps to protect the zero. As it has sub-flush adjusters, it helps you to maintain the zero during rough handling. In addition, you don’t even need any special tools to adjust the turrets.

One thing to note, I have reviewed the optic which comes with a full co-witness mount because it will be the right fit for your MPX. But there are other options in the mounts of this optic that you can also check out.

So, looking for the best optic for MPX to shoot in low lights, this MRO optic is for you!

What is the battery life of this optic?

The optic is provided with a high capacity CR2032 Lithium battery. If you continuously use it at day setting “3″ (setting 5 of 8) at 70°F (21°C), the battery will run up to 1 year.

Does the product come with a warranty?

The company is offered with a limited lifetime warranty. So, you will get 5 years of warranty on the electronics of the optic.

What is the submersion level of the optic?

It is important that the optic you are selecting has waterproof ability. Therefore, Trijicon has designed the optic to be submersible up to 100 ft. (30m).

2. HOLOSUN – HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight

Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

While talking about the best sight for Sig MPX, I can’t possibly miss to mention the HOLOSUN HS510C. Even if it is mainly designed to be used with rifle or carbine firearms, it also works great with MPX. You will love this optic for its construction, reticle system, and the use of advanced technologies.

This red dot is made of Aluminum and Titanium, ensuring extreme durability of the optic. It’s true that due to the construction materials, the optic will add a bit of extra weight to the gun. But at the same time, it will make sure the dot sight can endure any situation you throw at it.

Like any other high quality red dot, this one also has a multi-coated lens, enabling it to transfer maximum light through the glasses.

Additionally, the optic is crafted for the windage and elevation turrets to be recessed into the sight housing. It helps the adjustments to remain intact under rough situations.

Plus, it has a 0.5 MOA per click adjustment system to change the windage and elevation adjustments. You can quickly change the adjustments by using a screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge.

Moreover, the dot sight is offered with 3 different reticle systems such as:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 65 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

Since the optic comes with a large reticle ring, it helps you to aim fast on the target. Besides, the options in the reticle system give you the flexibility to use a reticle type as per your preference.

To operate the optic, the company provides a high capacity CR2032 battery. It can enable the red dot to run up to 50,000 hours of its battery life. But don’t worry, if the battery ever dies in the field, this optic won’t leave you hanging out to dry. Because it has been embedded with advanced technologies like the Solar Power Failsafe Technology.

When your sight battery dies, this solar panel system powers up the red dot to operate. As a result, you never feel ditched by your red dot. Another cool feature of this optic is Shake Awake Technology. It mainly works to prolong the battery life by shutting off the LED when the red dot remains inactive for a long time.

However, it can also instantly power up the sight when it senses motion. In addition, the dot sight has a 10 level daytime brightness setting and 2 night modes, so you can use the sight in all lighting conditions.

All in all, it is one of the best red dot sights for Sig Sauer MPX that you can keep in your consideration.

What accessories are offered with the red dot?

You will get a number of accessories with the red dot such as a T10 L key, an Absolute Co-witness QD mount, a user manual, a CR2032 battery, and a lens cloth. With the Absolute Co-witness QD mount, you can easily attach or detach the sight from the gun. Plus, it also allows you to co-witness with your iron sights.

How can you adjust the brightness level of the optic?

You can manually control the brightness system of the red dot. There are two “+” and “-” indicating push buttons that enable you to increase or decrease the brightness level.

Is it parallax free?

Yes, it is. If an optic is not parallax free, it will make it difficult for you to use the optic to aim on the target. Hence, when buying a sight, it is important to ensure it has a parallax free system.

3. Vortex Optics SPARC Gen II Red Dot Sight

Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

If you’re looking for a rugged yet compact red dot sight for Sig MPX, this Vortex SPARC red dot is just for you. It allows you to keep both eyes open while aiming on the target.

Plus, the 2 MOA dot enables you to quickly acquire the target in close quarters as well as in the long range distances. No wonder why Vortex has named the sight as Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat (SPARC) red dot!

This single-piece body has been machined from Aircraft grade Aluminum, giving it a rugged construction to endure any rough situations. Additionally, the O-ring seals ensure their waterproof performance by preventing moisture, dust, and debris to penetrate the optic.

Moreover, the hard-coat anodization of the sight provides a low-glare matte surface and also helps to camouflage your shooting position.

On the other hand, the multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces work to ensure maximum light transmission through the glasses.

Besides, this dot sight offers you 10 illumination settings so that you can change the dot intensity according to your shooting environment. It also includes 2 settings for night-vision compatibility.

In order to operate the red dot the company provides a AAA battery. If you use the sight at its highest brightness setting, the battery will support you for up to 700 hours. But if you use the red dot at its lowest brightness setting, the battery can run around 50,000 hours.

One of the best parts of the optic is the audible clicks that the elevation and windage dials incorporate. With one small click, you will be changing your point of impact at one MOA.

So, at 100 yards the 1 MOA click will change to 1”, at 50 yards it will change to ½”, and so on. You can quickly and easily adjust the elevation and the windage:

Elevation adjustment:

  • First, remove the turret cap.
  • To adjust the bullet’s POI upwards, turn the inner screw counterclockwise.
  • Or
  • To adjust the bullet’s POI downwards, turn the inner screw clockwise.

Windage adjustment:

  • First, remove the turret cap.
  • Turn the inner screw counter-clockwise to adjust the bullet’s point of impact to the right.
  • Or
  • Turn the inner screw clockwise to adjust the bullet’s point of impact to the left.

Hence, if you want a sturdy as well as a lightweight red dot for your gun, it can be a good deal for you.

What accessories are provided with the red dot?

Vortex offers a number of necessary accessories with the product such as a rubber cover with flip-up lens caps, a AAA battery, a T10 Torx wrench, multi-height mount system. Given the price of the red dot, I think these are quite good additional items provided with the optic.

Does it come with any automatic features?

The dot sight doesn’t have any automatic features to work with. But one good thing is, if you ever forget to shut down the sight after using it, the sight can automatically shut itself down in around 12 hours.

Is it difficult to mount the optic on the gun?

No, it is not difficult to mount the red dot on the gun. The optic mount is offered with two height systems. So, If you want to have a lower 1/3 co-witness with the optic, mount the sight as you’ve received it.

However, in case you want to have an absolute co-witness with it, you need to remove the 3mm base shim. To change the mount height, follow the given steps:

  • First, loosen and remove the four base screws.
  • Take out the base clamp along with the 3mm shim.
  • Then reinstall the base clamp with the four shorter screws provided with the optic.

4. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Red Dot Sight

Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

This Romeo5 provides a 1x aiming solution for any shooting situation. With the 2 MOA dot, you easily can aim on the targets from all distances.

Besides, the Quad reticle also aids you to have a perfect shot on the target. Plus, you can use your Sig MPX with the red dot in different light conditions.

It features 10 illumination settings where the 8 settings are designed for daylight situations and 2 settings for night visions.

Hence, whether you want to use your gun in bright daylight conditions or in low lights, this sight has got your back.

The good part of the Sig Romeo5 is that it is crafted with a MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) system. It means this system can power down the optic when the red dot is not in motion.

In the same vein, it can power up the optic when it senses the motion of the sight. Due to the MOTAC technology, the battery life of the red dot enhances up to 40,000 hours.

In terms of construction, it has Aircraft grade CNC Aluminum housing to ensure its reliability to perform through all environmental situations.

In addition, the multi-coatings and anti-reflection coatings on the sight lens work together to reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels.

As a result, the lens can transmit a maximum amount of light through the glasses to have a clear visibility of the target.

Moreover, the red dot is provided with a M1913 Picatinny mount. The mount has a low profile and comes with a 1.41” absolute co-witness riser mount, allowing you to co-witness with your Iron sights when you want. Plus, the optic is also offered with a side-loading CR2032 high capacity battery.

Therefore, if you want a reliable red dot sight for your MPX Sig, it can be a good option for you to consider.

Is the optic waterproof?

The optic is designed to be used in all weather conditions. So, it also has a waterproof ability. This IPX-7 rated red dot sight is submersible up to 1 meter.

What is the eye relief of this red dot?

When you’re using a scope, eye relief becomes one of the major factors to consider. But in the case of red dots, you don’t have to worry about eye relief. Because red dots give you an unlimited amount of eye relief. So, since this is a red dot, you will have unlimited eye relief with it.

Will it fit Sig MPX K?

As long as your gun has a Picatinny rail, this sight will fit into it. Even though there are many options in optics for this gun model, the Sig Sauer Romeo5 is one of the best optics around for Sig MPX K.

5. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Best Red Dot For Sig Sauer MPX

This is another Vortex red dot that works great with Sig Sauer MPX. There are some key differences between this red dot and the previous one. Unlike the SPARC red dot, Strikefire II has a 4 MOA dot size, a Cantilever mounting system, and ½ MOA adjustment system.

Due to these differences, some shooters may prefer Strikefire over the SPARC red dot.

The 4 MOA dot size enables you to shoot from any distance. Especially when you are aiming for the long range target, this dot size comes really handy for you.

Plus, the red dot provides you with a comfortable shooting experience since it allows you to use your both eyes to aim on the target.

If you’re someone who likes to mount other accessories such as magnifiers and iron sights along with the red dot, you will love this optic. The Strikefire II is designed to use a Cantilever ring mount so that you can move the optic forward to install a magnifier and iron sights on the same rail.

However, you won’t be able to have an absolute co-witness with the sight, it will only allow you to have a lower 1/3 co-witness.

Additionally, this optic has elevation and windage dials with audible clicks. With the ½ MOA per click adjustment system, you can change the bullet’s point of impact to 1/2 inch at 100 yards, 1/4 inch at 50 yards, 1/8 inch at 25 yards, and so on. You can adjust the elevation and windage settings by following the given steps:

  • First, remove the covers from the dials.
  • You can use the raised bar on the dial cover, a coin, or a screwdriver to make the adjustments.
  • Now turn the dials by following the arrows. It will move your POI at your desired place.

Like the SPARC Gen II, this red dot also has Aluminum construction. So, it makes the sight rugged but at the same time quite lightweight to mount on the gun. It even has Nitrogen purging and o-ring seals to make sure the optic provides fogproof and waterproof performance.

Plus, the multi-coated lens works to ensure that the red dot gives a clean and bright, unobscured point of view. Besides, this optic comes with rear-facing controls, allowing you to power on/off the sight. And it also provides an easy 10 level brightness adjustment system.

In addition to that, the red dot has the two lowest settings for night vision compatibility.

More interestingly, this red dot allows you to change the dot color from red to green and vice versa. Moreover, to operate the optic, it is provided with a CR2 battery. If you use the sight at its highest settings, it can run up to 300 hours of its battery life. But if you use it at its lowest settings, it can support you for around 5,000 hours.

Overall, it is perfect for you if you are looking for an “easy to go with” red dot for your Sig MPX.

What is the difference between the 501 and 505 models of the red dot?

There are a couple of differences between the red dot models. But one of the main differences is, that the 501 model is offered with a Cantilever ring mount but the 505 doesn’t.

Is the optic offered with any accessories?

You will get a few necessary additional items with the optic such as a Cantilever ring mount, T-15 Torx wrench, CR2 battery, and flip cap optic covers.

What magnifier will work best with the red dot?

There are many options in magnifiers that you can choose to use with the red dot. But I think the VMX-3T magnifier which is manufactured by Vortex will be best to use with the optic.


To sum up, the red dots come as a big help to enhance your shooting performance. Even though the MPX guns already give you fast and accurate target acquisition, adding a red dot with the gun can make the process much easier.

Hence, I have reviewed the 5 best Sig Sauer MPX red dots that you can use with your gun.

So, by keeping your shooting needs in mind, go through these Sig MPX optic reviews. It will definitely help you to find the right dot sight for your gun.

Plus, you’re also suggested to read the buying guide before making the purchase. It will enable you to choose the right dot sight for your Sig MPX gun. Good luck!

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