Best Scope For Savage 220

The Savage 220 is a great slug gun. Using the Remington Accutip sabots, you can get great accuracy at 200 or so yards. While the gun is capable of being accurate 200 yards, at stock, the accuracy won’t be as good as you expect it to be.

As the gun doesn’t come equipped with a scope, it’s up to you to buy one and attach it to the gun, and then take it for a ride. With a proper scope, the Savage 220 is a beast at mid-range for skeet shooting and hunting.

The Savage 220 is used for all sorts of hunting at close range. Keeping that in mind, finding the best scope for Savage 220 will be a bit difficult. Well, that’s why you are here, no? To solve the difficult equation. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How To Choose a Scope For Savage 220?

The Savage 220 and its scopes are readily available everywhere. As a Slug gun, the gun is quite lenient in scope support. That’s why you won’t have a hard time selecting one scope from the list.

You can just make your decision based on the amount of money you are willing to spend. While cheap scopes will barely get the job done, sometimes we need to start somewhere.

If you want to have a flawless experience, then you should spend a bit more and get something better. But if you don’t want many things from a scope and just want to shoot some turkey down, then any of the scopes from the list will get the job done.

1. Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7x33mm Riflescope

The VX-Freedom is a beast at close to mid-range for turkey hunting. The scope is equipped with some of the best Leupold technologies on the market. Making it an ideal choice for newbies who are getting into hunting with the Savage 220.

Just like the Savage, the scope is easy to use and quite easy to master as well. Once you zero out the scope and start blasting some shots, the gun will feel much better than it did in stock. The scope is constructed from aluminum and it can easily handle the recoil of a Savage 220.

The scope features a set of fully multi-coated lenses. The lenses are bright, clear, and extremely sharp. The 33mm objective lens gathers plenty of light for the scope to work with.

Making it viable in low-light conditions as well. While the shooting experience may not be viable for night vision, it definitely is viable for the entire day.

Does this scope feature the twilight light management system?

Yes, it does. And that’s one of the many reasons why you should start your Savagery with this scope. It’s capable of stalking the prey for a long time and allows you to take your time before you take the shot. Whether it’s during the dawn or dusk, the scope got your back.

Does this scope feature a set of rings?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy a pair of 1” rings for this scope. Leupold makes great budget rings. You should take a look at this.

What kind of warranty does Leupold offer?

Leupold offers a lifetime commitment. The scope is equipped with a lifetime guarantee that Leupold will honor anytime you take the scope to them.

2. Burris 2-7x32mm Compact & Slim Scout Scope

The Burris Scout scope is not just one scope. Rather, there are different variants of the scope available with the same name. You can get the 2-7x32mm or 2.75x-20mm fixed magnification scope.

If you are looking for a good turkey hunting scope for the Savage 220 that won’t put a dent in your wallet or has crazy high magnification, then the fixed magnification scope will be a better option for you.

Both variants of the scope are made out of aircraft grade aluminum and share the same 1” tube. The tube is purged with nitrogen. Nitrogen purging removes all moisture from the scope and makes it fogproof. The scope is also water and shockproof at the same time.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy a pair of 1” rings on your own. Depending on the rail, you will need to choose the right style of mounting rings.

Is the reticle illuminated?

No, the reticle is not illuminated at all. It’s a standard Ballistic Plex reticle.

What is the warranty of this scope?

All Burris optics besides the thermal products, are under Burris forever warranty.

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire SFP Riflescope

The Diamondback is not a new name to most. Under the Diamondback banner, there are more than one product present on the market. One of the popular ones being the rimfire edition of the scope.

This scope is available in 2-7x magnification and features a 35mm objective lens. The objective lens gathers plenty of light for the scope to work with. Thanks to the fully multi-coated lenses, the low-light performance of the Diamondback Rimfire is incredible.

The scope features a nitrogen purged CNC machined aluminum tube. The tube diameter of the scope is 1”. The tube is purged with nitrogen and the openings are sealed with O-rings. Making the scope tube 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof simultaneously.

What kind of warranty does this scope come with?

It comes with the same warranty Vortex provides to all of their optics. Unconditional, unlimited, lifetime warranty.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy a pair of Vortex Pro series or Hunter series rings. Depending on your budget, you can’t go wrong with either.

Is this scope discontinued?

No, it’s not. Yes, it came out almost 8 years ago. But it’s still going strong in today’s standard and will continue to do so.

4. Monstrum P330 Marksman 3X Prism Scope

Monstrum P330 is slightly different from other scopes I mentioned so far. This scope comes with a 3x prism style magnification. The scope magnification is fixed and you won’t be able to increase or decrease it.

The lens of the scope is fully multi-coated and it’s extremely clear. Then it’s essentially a red dot optic right? Well, you won’t be far from the truth.

You can consider this as a combo of red dot and magnifier. Instead of a red dot, the reticle here is a circle dot style and it’s etched on the glass. The reticle is also capable of illuminating in both green and red colors.

The scope is made out of aluminum. The aluminum is lightweight and the tube is 30mm in diameter. The tube is also purged with nitrogen to make it immune to all sorts of internal fogging. The optic is also waterproof and shockproof as well.

Does this optic come with a mounting system?

Yes, it does. The optic has a mounting system built-in and it also has a quick detachable riser if you need that. The default height may be a bit low for some. That’s why the riser.

Is this scope good for hunting?

Yes, the scope is great for hunting. The accuracy and clear vision make it a deadly scope for close-range hunting.

Does Monstrum offer any warranty?

Yes, they do. They updated their warranty policy and now support their scope with a lifetime warranty.

5. Konus – KonusPro 1.5-5x32mm Shotgun Scope

Scope dedicated for shotguns and slug guns. The KonusPro, which is basically named after Konus themselves, is a scope durable enough to work with shotguns with ease. The scope is made for hunting and hunting alone. No, you can’t do tactical shooting with this.

Sure, you can do skeet shooting and hunting with the scope, but you can’t do tactical missions or such. The scope is made out of durable aluminum and has lenses made out of glass.

The AimPro reticle is designed for this scope and it does look a bit weird at first. But the reticle will start to make sense once you get the hang of it.

The tube of the scope is also purged with nitrogen. Nitrogen purging removes moisture from the scope and makes it fogproof. The scope is also waterproof and shockproof at the same time as well. The optical performance of the scope is phenomenal.

It’s a great choice for folks who are looking for hunting scope for Savage 220.

What’s the tube thickness of this scope?

The tube is 1” thick. You won’t get any scope rings with this. But you can easily buy a pair of 1” rings.

Will this work with airguns?

Yes, it will. It’s certified to work with 7.5 Joule energy or less airguns.

Does this scope come with sunshades?

No, it doesn’t. But it has threading where you can install sunshades if you want to install them.

6. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9×40 Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

The Banner from Bushnell may not come with a banner saying it’s the best savage 220 scopes on the market. But it surely is one of them. The scope is also known as dusk and dawn scope by Bushnell. The reason is simple. The scope is capable of operating throughout the day.

Whether it’s 6 in the morning or 6 in the evening, the scope will cover the entire day of hustle with ease. The main tube of this scope is one inch. The tube is purged as you expect.

Instead of nitrogen, the tube is purged with argon. The tube has no defects. The turrets are capped and they retain their adjustment quite well.

The lenses are fully multi-coated as well. The performance of the lens while hunting something small scale is quite good. It’s not suited for a long-range hunt despite having a long-range magnification. And that’s exactly why it’s recommended with the Savage 220. Savage isn’t a long-range weapon either.

Is this a good tactical scope?

You certainly can. Even though the main purpose of this scope is hunting. And it hunts like a beast.

What kind of warranty does this scope offer?

The scope comes with a limited lifetime warranty with them.

Where is this scope made?

The Dusk and Dawn scope is made in the Republic of Korea. The scope is QC controlled in the USA and sold here with a warranty. And most of the Banner models are made in China. So, if your scope says it’s made in China, it’s not “fake”. It’s still Bushnell.

7. Truglo 4x32mm Compact Rimfire Shotgun Scope

The last scope on the list is another scope that packs incredible value. This compact riflescope from Truglo is available in two different colors. Which is one more than most scopes on the market. The scope price often can be considered with a toy. After all, it’s one of the cheapest scopes on the market.

The magnification of this scope is fixed at 4x. The 32mm multi-coated lens gathers plenty of light and it generates crystal clear and bright images. The images are sharp, vibrant, lifelike, and color accurate.

The scope doesn’t suffer from color alteration or mirage. The rubber eye guard on the scope protects it from scratches and drops. It’s not the most durable thing on the planet, but it gets the job done.

Are people saying this will break on top of a shotgun?

They are not entirely wrong. If your shotgun is a bit too strong and generates a lot of kickback from the pumps, it may break the scope. But something like the Savage 220 should be fine.

Will this work with an AR-15?

Nope, no chance. The scope will come apart from the rapid recoil and kickback from the AR. Don’t pair this with an AR.

Is this scope waterproof?

Yes, it’s waterproof. You can hunt a turkey on a rainy day if you want to.


And there you have it. Even though the Savage 220 won’t be able to utilize the maximum magnification of most of the scopes above, it’s still better to have more magnification than to have too little. More magnification means you can locate your target from a long range and close down the distance while stalking it.

With that said, that’s all for now. I hope you found the answer you were looking for. It’s not that hard of a decision. All of them are good at their task. Just choose one and it will be the best scope for Savage 220 for your usage.

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