Best Scope For 6.5 Creedmoor

The 6.5 Creedmoor introduced back in 2007 is a 6.5mm cartridge suited for both hunting and target shooting. It’s a versatile, efficient, cost-effective solution for hunters who don’t want to lose the long-range and still want to shoot at low recoil.

Compared to other large cartridges, the 6.5 Creedmoor has a few advantages. The big one being the price. Anyway, you are not here to find out more about Creedmoor. Rather to find out the best scope for 6.5 Creedmoor.

Why can’t you just buy a scope off the shelf and pair that with the Creedmoor? Well, let’s talk about it and find out why.

How To Choose a Scope For 6.5 Creedmoor?

Now that you know what are some of the best scopes for 6.5 Creedmoor. Time to choose one to add to your collection. I know you cannot bother to buy all of them and test them one by one and keep the one that you like. You have no reason to do that either.

I can understand if you are a bit confused from so many options available.

To make the selection process easier, I’ll distribute this step in two sections. The first section being what do you want from a scope. The answer is very simple.

  1. What are you planning to do with the rifle scope?
  2. Is it hunting?
  3. Is it recreational shooting?
  4. Is it for target practice on a range?
  5. And how much magnification do you need for your designated task?

Once you manage to answer those questions, you’ll end up with one or maximum of two scopes to select from.

The second step is the easier one. Well, not really easy. You will still need to think a little bit. The second step is the budget. When we go to the market to buy something, we have a specific budget in our mind that we don’t want to cross.

We don’t feel comfortable spending more than what we intended to. If you have a specific budget on your mind that you want to spend for your rifle scope, you can find one or more with ease. From that point you can select the scope based on your needs.

What kind of magnification do you want from this group, and what is your intended method of shooting? See, that doesn’t seem too hard now, does it?

1. Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm M5C3 FFP Side Focus Riflescope

Mark 5HD is one of the high-end scopes that Leupold offers. You have seen how well Leupold does in the lower end of the market. And they did fantastic with this product as well.

The scope is manufactured from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is known to be durable and lightweight at the same time.

Making it a perfect choice for all things scope. The objective lens of this scope is humongous. It’s a 56mm objective lens that is also fully multi-coated.

Due to that, the main tube of the scope is a bit thicker than every other scope you are aware of. That’s right, it’s a 35mm scope tube and not 30/34mm.

The thick boy also features Leupold’s twilight max HD light management system. You pair that with the fully multi-coated lens, you get a scope that is not only wonderful vision wise, it’s also fantastic in terms of hunting wise. The low-light performance of this scope is one of the best.

By no means, it’s comparable to a night vision optic, but it’s comparable to other optics around the same price. It’s Leupold scope for 6.5 Creedmoor that can be considered as one of the best for the cartridge.

Where is this scope manufactured?

The scope is made in the USA. From designing, to assembly, to distribution, everything is done right here in the USA.

What’s the zoom ratio of this scope?

The zoom ratio of this scope is 3:1. And it features an FFP reticle to help you hunt at long range better.

Does Leupold offer any warranty with this?

Leupold is known for providing lifetime warranties with their products. The same is true at this instance as well. The scope is under Leupold’s forever guarantee.

2. Eotech Vudu 5-25x50mm Precision Rifle Scope

You might be aware of Eotech EXPS-3, a very famous holographic sight. It’s so famous that there are more clones of that sight available than the original.

In case you didn’t know, Eotech also makes riflescopes. One of them is the Vudu. The Vudu is a high-end riflescope fancying a 50mm objective lens and 25x maximum magnification.

The base magnification of the scope is 5x which is higher than many fixed magnified scopes. The lenses of this optic are fully multi-coated. The Vudu rocks an H59 First Focal Plane reticle. The reticle is similar to your typical Christmas tree reticle. But it’s a bit different.

You will get used to it in a while, that’s for sure. The scope also features a fully multi-coated reticle. With a humongous 50mm objective lens, the scope has plenty of light to work throughout the entire day.

While it may not feature a Twilight Light Management System, it does have its own way of managing light. And let me tell you one thing, it’s not far behind Twilight.

Where are EOTech Scopes made?

Eotech operates from the USA. Their scopes are made in the USA as well.

Does EOTech have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, they do. They offer a no-BS lifetime warranty. NO BS means exactly what you think it means. Yeah, EOTech ain’t kidding with their service.

What’s the minimum focus distance for this scope?

The minimum focus distance for this scope is around 45 yards. Anything below that might blur your focus and vision.

3. NightForce NXS 5.5-22x56mm ZeroStop Scope

You might have heard of the Nightforce SHV series already. Those scopes are some of the best scopes NightForce makes nowadays. And the NXS series is not far behind them. The NXS is a long-range scope with a maximum of 22x magnification and 5.5x of base magnification.

The scope is constructed from some of the best aluminum available on the market. To make it competition worthy and perform well under harsh weather, the scope is fog, shock, and waterproof.

The lenses of the scope are fully multi-coated. As you expect them to be. The reticle on this scope is also illuminated.

Nightforce uses analog illumination. The system uses a red reticle in most NXS scopes. You can turn on the illumination using the knob on the scope and adjust the brightness with a small screwdriver.

What’s the tube thickness of this scope?

Even though the objective lens of this scope is 56mm, and that’s huge. But the scope doesn’t have a huge tube. The tube is only 30mm thick. It’s a standard size tube and will accept all standard 30mm rings.

What kind of warranty does Nightforce NXS have?

NXS has the same type of warranty that SHV has. It also features a limited lifetime warranty that will cover all mechanical defects in material and workmanship. That includes optical and mechanical components of the scope.

Where is Nightforce NXS made?

The NXS is also made in the USA. In Orofino, Idaho the factory of Nightforce manufactures this product in-house.

4. Burris Veracity 5-25x50mm Hunting Riflescope

Burris makes great hunting scopes. There is no way of denying that. The Veracity is a great scope for varmint hunting. As a fact, it’s so good at varmint hunting, that there is a dedicated option to choose the E1 reticle in the Varmint hunting setting. If you are serious about varmint hunting, you know which reticle to get.

The scope is not made out of plastic or nylon. It’s made out of durable aluminum. The aluminum is thick enough to protect the lenses inside. The lenses are fully multi-coated and the scope is purged with nitrogen.

Together, they are fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof simultaneously.

The scope lenses are extremely clean and have no virtual distortion at all. In fact, it’s smooth and vicious throughout the experience. As you expect from a hunting riflescope.

The scope also has 3 different reticles to choose from. SCR MOA, Ballistic E1 and Ballistic E1 Varmint. Unfortunately, the reticle is not illuminated. But the lenses are coated well enough to perform low-light hunting.

What kind of rings do I need for the Veracity?

You will need a pair of 30mm rings for the Veracity. While the scope may look like a thick boy, it’s not as thick as a 34mm or 35mm scope.

Is the reticle in the first focal plane?

Yes, the E1 reticle is in fact in the first focal plane. The Varmint setting reticle is also in the first focal plane. You can guess why Varmint hunters love this scope.

What kind of warranty does Burris offer?

Burris offers a lifetime of commitment. That does mean it’s a lifetime warranty. As long as you have a Burris scope, they will take care of you.

5. Vortex Optics Viper PST 5-25x50mm Gen II FFP Riflescope

The Viper series from Vortex has always been a crowd pleaser. Their rifle scope always had great clarity and good length build quality. They tend to last a long time and they hunt really well.

The Viper PST Gen II features first focal plane reticles and it’s available in three different magnification configurations.

The scope is built from aircraft grade aluminum and the aluminum is processed through CNC machining. Besides having the freedom of choosing your magnification, you can also choose what kind of reticle you want to go with the scope. The scope has two types of reticles, MRAD and MOA.

The lenses of this scope are fully multi-coated. They are clear and bright. They gather plenty of sunlight to work with. The low light performance of this rifle scope is excellent. It’s one of the best hunting scopes in this price bracket.

The scope has O-ring sealings that prevent water from going inside. The inside of the scope is also nitrogen purged.

Vortex uses extra low dispersion glass that increases the resolution of the scope and color fidelity. You don’t see any distorted vision or faded out colors while hunting or practicing target shooting.

Which magnification should I go for?

For the 6.5 Creedmoor which can easily do long-range shooting as well, I will recommend you to grab the 5-25x50mm model. It’s a great balance between visuals and fun.

Does Viper need any special set of rings?

No, the Viper doesn’t need any special sets of rings. It’s a 30 mm tube. You can use standard 30 mm rings. You should go with the Vortex Pro Series. They will offer optimal sitting position and performance.

What kind of warranty does Vortex offer?

The warranty that Vortex provides is very clear. It’s unconditional, it’s unlimited, and it’s there for a lifetime. Rest assured Vortex got you covered for a very, very long time.

6. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24X50 FFP Riflescope

When it comes to hunting riflescopes that won’t break your bank, there aren’t many good options out there. Sure, you’ll find some options here and there, mostly made from some Chinese manufacturer that you’ve probably never heard of.

Athlon is here to take care of a portion of the market where most newbies feel comfortable spending a certain amount of money.

The Argos BTR Gen2 is a long-range riflescope. But it’s a long-range scope that won’t put you under long debts. Jokes aside, the Argos BTR Gen2 is a very well-built scope with good features.

The scope is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. The inside of the tube is purged with argon. Argon purging eliminates all moisture from the inside and it removes the chance of any kind of fogging.

The lenses featured on this scope are fully multicoated. They have no issues with sunlight glare, they reflect light well and they gather plenty of light for the scope to work with. What really surprised me was the low light performance. You expect a scope like this to perform a little less under less sunlight.

After all, Athlon had to cut the corner somewhere. Luckily, that corner wasn’t the low light performance. As a matter of fact, it outperforms most similarly priced scope in terms of low light performance.

What kind of mounting ring does this use?

The Athlon Argos BTR Gen 2 features a 30mm thick tube. You can throw it into any 30mm ring and mount it on top of your 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. It will work flawlessly as it was intended to.

Are the turrets on this scope capped?

No, they are not. They are exposed turrets and you can use your fingers to adjust them on the fly. They make adjustments well and hold on to them on top of a sniper rifle even.

Does Athlon offer any warranty?

They do in fact provide a warranty. The warranty is limited lifetime with all of their rifle scopes. That remains the same here.

7. Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Riflescope

When it comes to budget scope, you guys probably have heard of Primary Arms already. They make some really good airsoft and hunting rifle scopes. The primary arms SLX is one of them. The SLX is a long range rifle scope featuring an illuminated reticle. With a maximum magnification of 14X, the riflescope packs a strong punch.

The chassis of the scope is built from aircraft grade aluminum and the lenses are crafted from glass. The aluminum chassis is purged with nitrogen to make sure there is no moisture left inside from the machining process. And the lenses of the scope are fully multicoated.

The scope is water, shock, and fog proof simultaneously. In terms of durability, it’s up there with top end products.

The scope features an illuminated reticle as I mentioned already. You can adjust the illumination on the scope. There are a total of 6 adjustable levels present on the scope.

Depending on which brightness setting you operate on, the CR2032 battery will run out fast or slow. As the scope features a 30 mm tube, you can attach almost any kind of standard mounting ring you plan to.

Does this scope have any warranty?

Primary Arms is known for their lifetime warranty policy, which covers the mechanical and electrical failures of this scope. You’ll find the same warranty with the SLX.

Where is this scope made?

Primary Arms sources are riflescopes mainly from Asia Pacific. Their budget offerings are sourced from China and their mid tier products are sourced from the Philippines. As they have operations in the USA, they don’t mess up the warranty process Or delay the repair/replacement of your item.

Is this a good scope for AR hunting?

Yes, this is. It’s really good for AR hunting. You can do all sorts of AR hunting with this riflescope. The magnification is flawless. There is zero to no distortion present in the scope. As there is no motion blur or color alteration present or the scope either, you will have a great time hunting with this.


Would you look at that? We are already at the end. I hope you enjoyed the read. I definitely did enjoy writing up this whole thing.

While I wanted to keep it as informative as possible, I may have lacked a thing or two, pardon my mistakes. But the idea behind the post was to help you find the best scope for 6.5 Creedmoor. And I hope I managed to do just that.

With that said, that’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate every single one of you reading. I hope to see you guys in my next post. Till then, take care and have fun.

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