Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

The Ruger LCP Max is a Centerfire .380 auto-calibrated pistol that comes with the same footprint as the LCP II handgun along with a 2.80” barrel length. This pistol is lightweight and compact enough for concealed carry.

You will find several kinds of optical sights for this handgun depending on the purpose of your shooting. The easiest and most popular option will be the Ruger LCP Max red dot sights since they are versatile and easy to work with.

However, some red dots will not give you satisfactory results in dark settings. Now the question is, can you put a laser on LCP Max? And the answer is, yes, you can!

With the expansion of newer technology in the weaponry world, laser sights are a growing attraction among shooters, especially those who like to hunt in dark settings.

Even for home defense, lasers for LCP Max will be a perfect choice as they are perfect to pair up with the weapon for concealed carry.

Finding a good laser sight for the Ruger LCP Max pistol is not a difficult job because the compact pistol can easily fit the Ruger LCP 2 lasers. But here we are looking for the best laser sights you will find for your LCP Max

Buying Guide For Ruger LCP Max Laser

Looking at the necessary points of the laser sights is an essential part of choosing the perfect Ruger LCP Max laser sight. Then let’s take a look at these points and decide which points you want to have in your LCP Max light.

Laser Color

Generally, laser sights come in two different colors. You can find other types as well but the green and red lasers are the two most common ones. Red laser sights are known for their visibility in the dark and their adaptability to fluctuations in temperature.

This laser is durable and can work between 15 to 120 degrees whereas the green laser stops at 100 degrees.

Whereas, the green lights are popular for their visibility in broad daylight. The green light has a spectrum of 532 nm that can go up to 100 yards. However, the red laser can easily get obscured by other lights as with the 635 nm it can go up to 25 to 30 yds in the daytime. That’s why choosing the correct laser color that will suit your needs is important.


The next thing you need to check is whether the laser sight attaches to your Ruger LCP Max or not. This is simple because most laser lights have Weaver or Picatinny mounts that fit a wide range of handguns including the LCP Max. but it never harms to be sure before purchasing the laser sight.

Laser Brightness

Laser brightness is another important point to take note of as it will control your aiming and acquisition ability. The brightness level of a laser will determine how far you can aim with it. While enquiring about the brightness you need to look at two things- amount and distance.

For instance, the 5mW laser is bright and can reach a longer distance. Also, keep in mind the power limitation set by the State law for lasers.

Battery Life

The battery life of laser sight is very important as you need to have a sight that will cover you for a long time. The battery life of a laser is directly connected to its brightness level. With a high brightness intensity, the laser sight will have a lower lifespan.

Therefore, it is essential that you choose a laser that will give you intense brightness with a sufficient amount of battery life.

Design & Weight

Next comes the design and weight range of the laser sights. Laser sights that have ambidextrous dials for power and brightness controls will give you the advantage if you are a left-handed shooter. Easy control along with a lightweight body will go great with compact pistols like LCP Max. It is better to keep the weight range under 4 ounces for better movement.


Last but not least make sure you have a durable laser light that can withstand the recoiling from Ruger .380 calibration. Red laser lights are more durable than green ones.

At the same time, check the water resistance level and impact resistance quality to be sure the laser can withhold during harsh environments.

Now that we know what the points are to keep in mind while choosing the best laser for Ruger LCP Max, we will be looking at the top Ruger 380 LCP laser sights currently available in the market.

1. LaserPro+ArmaLaser TR12-G Green Ruger LCP Laser Sight

Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

The ArmaLaser TR12-G laser sight is one of the most popular green laser lights you will find in the market. This green laser for LCP Max is great when you are venturing out in a bright daylight setting. With the class 3R 520 nm broad spectrum, it is easily visible up to 100 yards.

This laser gives out <5mW brightness intensity which is the highest intensity level approved by the FDA. You are also getting a touch activated laser sight that makes it easy for you to control.

Because of this feature, it becomes easy to power up the sight since you only need to touch the gold-plated sensor with your middle finger.

What makes this laser a great companion for the Ruger LCP handgun is that the laser will perfectly fit the trigger guard of your LCP pistol. That way you can easily turn on/off the laser with the touch sensory while maintaining grip on your handgun.

Another benefit of having this laser in front of your trigger guard is that the laser sight will not interfere with the existing LCP Max sights and can even be used with any red dot sights or night vision devices.

In addition, the master kill switch lets you practice by turning off the laser when not needed.

When it comes to the batteries, the packaging includes two extra batteries so you are getting a total of 3 CR1/3N batteries which will last you a long time. There is a convenient battery door to replace them easily without needing to zero every time you change.

Plus, a single CR1/3N will last for 5 hours for continuous use and has a 2-year standby lifespan.

What’s good is you don’t need to worry about the windage and elevation adjustments as the laser light has full control over them. You will get two modes of laser beams- one with a steady laser beam and another with a pulsing beam to cater to your different needs.

Besides, the Dupont Zytel Fiber-reinforced nylon housing makes it durable enough to handle the recoil from Ruger LCP .380 calibration.

What kind of holster will fit the Ruger LCP Max handgun with this laser sight?

Although there is a LaserPro holster for LCP 2 in the package, the Ruger LCP Pocket holster works great with the ArmaLaser when you are using the LCP Max handgun. This holster is good for concealed carry and fits well with other lasers as well.

Does the ArmaLaser attach to other Ruger handguns?

This is actually a great Ruger LCP 2 22LR laser and you can use it for the .380 model as well. The product is versatile enough to work as a Ruger LCP laser sight for different models.

Is the battery of this laser rechargeable?

No, the CR1/3N lithium battery used in this laser is not rechargeable. You have to replace the batteries after a period of time. However, the batteries last up to 2 years even with the ‘ready to activate’ mode. Hence, you don’t need to change them quite often.

2. Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Sight

Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

This Viridian Reactor is another great Ruger LCP Max 380 laser sight that is compact and gives out a class 3R laser with 510-532 nm wavelength for the brightest green light. The laser has a similar 5mW power input that does not fade away in contrast to other colors.

Its powerful Ruger LCP green laser can reach up to 100 yards in the daylight and 2 miles at night. The green laser provides you with better visibility in the daylight than the red laser. That’s why for any daytime adventures this laser light will be a great option.

In addition, the laser is the new member of Viridian’s Gen 2 technology that comes with a better battery lifespan. This new technology triples the battery life.

As the laser sight uses 2 CR1/3N lithium batteries like the ArmaLaser there is no difference in the quality. However, you will get almost 6 hours of continuous battery life.

With a convenient battery door that you can easily remove without taking the entire laser light off the gun, there is also a dual color low battery indicator that will let you know whenever you need to change the batteries. This is very convenient when you are on the go.

The package includes necessary accessories for mounting and elevation/windage adjustments. There is also a sleek Ambi IWB Instant-on ECR Holster to fit the Ruger LCP handguns. This feature activates the laser light whenever you draw the gun giving you an advantage during critical situations.

Besides, the high strength thermo molded polymer makes the laser light durable enough to withstand recoiling from Ruger 380 LCP guns. On top of that, the laser only weighs about .78 oz with the batteries which will hardly make a difference when attached to the gun.

What kind of tools are needed to remove the screws?

For the mounting screws of this laser, you will need the T6-Torx and T5-Torx to make elevation and windage adjustments.

How long will the batteries last before you need to change them?

The batteries last for a good amount of time and you will get an indication because of the indicator on the laser. But they can last for 5 to 6 months.

Can you use the laser without the holster?

Yes, the holster that comes with the laser connects it with the gun so that it turns on whenever you take the gun out. However, you can also use the laser without the holster. In that case, you will need to turn on/off the laser sight manually.

3. AimShot KT6506 LCP II Ultralight Laser

Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

In the list of the best Ruger LCP Max 380 lasers, the next product is the Aimshot laser sight that fits both the LCP II and LCP Max models. This laser is ultra compact with a red light that has <5mW power output to give out the brightest red laser dot.

With the 650 nm wavelength, the red laser is perfect for use in any low light situation especially giving you an advantage in home defense. This laser for Ruger LCP Max 380 creates a perfect combination as the light weighs only 1.2 ounces.

You also get an ambidextrous activation as the laser sight has buttons on each side to control the intensity. And, you don’t have to worry about the elevation and windage adjustments as the LCP Max light provides you with easy control.

When it comes to battery replacement, the product has an easy battery door to replace them without removing the whole thing. This Ruger LCP 380 laser also uses a CR1/3N lithium battery that has a runtime of over 2 hours. You can also use 2 LR44 batteries in case you are out of the former ones.

In addition to the 2 hours battery time, you are getting 5 minutes of auto shut off feature which works for accidental activation. This helps to save more battery life but compared with other Ruger LCP sights, this laser lacks in the runtime department.

Finally, you are getting 2 mounting screws to attach the laser light to the trigger guard. But make sure you zero the laser light before using it. The wrenches to attach the screws are also included with the laser so you will not need any extra tool.

Will this laser work on the Ruger LCP 2 22LR?

Yes, the laser sight attaches to both the .22LR and .380 auto calibers of the Ruger LCP 2 handgun.

How often do you need to change the batteries?

The CR1/3N lithium batteries are long-lasting when they are not used regularly. It will depend on the brightness intensity but they should last for up to a year.

Does this model fit the older Ruger LCP model?

No, this laser light does not work for the Ruger LCP model. There is another Aimshot laser sight for this specific Ruger model.

4. LaseMax CenterFire (Green) GS-LCP2-G Laser w/GripSense

Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

This Ruger LCP 2 laser also works as a perfect lasermax for the Ruger LCP Max handgun. The green laser light is intense and works best in broad daylight.

What makes this Lasermax green sight different from other lasers for Ruger LCP Max is that the green light is a Class IIIA laser with less than 5mW input which is the highest brightness intensity allowed by the FDA.

The water resistant design with strong polymer housing materials not only makes the laser light durable but also resistant to other liquids. This is a necessary quality as the laser light needs to adjust with the impact from the calibration of the LCP Max pistol.

Another important feature of this laser is the GripSense technology. With this technology, you can easily turn on the light just by holding onto the grip of your handgun. This feature gives the advantage of acting fast during any tactical situation.

You will get a dual activation system with ambidextrous controls. This is perfect as the laser works for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. There are two different modes. One of them will give you a steady bright beam and the other one comes with a pulsing beam.

About the battery life, the laser works for 1 hour in the steady beam mode and for 3 hours when you select the pulse mode. There is also a 10 minutes auto time-out for any accidental activation. However, this time-out is not as good as the other lasers with a 5 minutes switch-off function.

How can you change the batteries?

You have to remove the left side cover of the laser sight to take out the batteries and replace them with new ones. This replacement does not require you to remove the whole laser sight. Hence, there is no need to worry about resetting zero.

How long will the batteries last?

The lithium batteries used in this product have a similar lifespan as the other laser lights. They last up to 6 months.

Does this laser work on the Ruger LCP 9mm pistol?

No, unfortunately, this Lasermax centerfire green laser only works for the LCP 2 and LCP Max models. It does not work on the 9mm model.

5. Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight

Best Laser For Ruger LCP Max

Next in the line is another Viridian Laser for LCP Max 380, but this time it is the red tactical laser light that will go hand-in-hand with your LCP handguns to win any mission.

As the name suggests this laser light is essential during any dark light condition since red laser is best during night time.

The laser comes with a 650 nm wavelength in order to present you with a bright red light that will give solid competition to any red dot for Ruger LCP Max. The laser light is visible up to 2 miles during night time which is more than what you get from green lasers.

However, when it comes to performing in the daylight it falls shorter than the green lasers as the laser only reaches to 25 yards. Still, it gives good coverage for any close distance targeting especially for home defense.

This Class 3R light with almost 5mW power output can last up to 6 hours for continuous usage. It also has a 5 minutes auto shut-off feature in case you have turned it on accidentally. This saves up more battery energy providing you with long hours.

You will find ambidextrous buttons on both sides of the laser so that left-handed shooters can also use it without any hassle. The elevation and windage adjustments are easy to control and the laser sight holds its zero in critical times.

Last but not least, this laser is built from high strength thermo molded polymer that matches with most of the handguns’ frames.

As a result, the laser has a sleek profile that is also strong enough to survive vibration from the 380 calibrations of LCP Max. Besides, the laser light only weighs about .78 ounces which will also add to your comfort.

Does the laser come with a holster?

No, this laser light does not include a holster but you can use any pocket or hanging holster for Ruger LCP Max with this model.

Do you have to zero after remounting the laser every time?

Yes, since the elevation and windage adjustments of the handgun have to match the laser light for perfect aiming, it is essential to zero the light every time after remounting it.

Are the batteries in the laser light replaceable?

Yes, you can replace the batteries once they die as they are not rechargeable. You can use the Viridian CR1/3N lithium batteries to change the previous ones.


All the above laser products are the most recommended Ruger LCP Max laser sights you will find in the market. These laser sights are perfect when your preference mainly focuses on home defense or low light settings.

There is also a Ruger LCP Max laser light combo that will provide you with both LED light and red/green lasers. These kinds of sights are best when you are going for outdoor or hunting purposes.

The laser sights are best for working in a tactical situation where keeping your position discreet is the highest priority. Now the decision is all yours. I have added all the important points about laser sights in the buying guide section for you to check them out.

And, through the reviews of the top 5 laser sights for LCP Max, you will be able to find the one that suits your shooting needs the most. So, which one will you go for?

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