When it comes to budget EDC weapons, PSA Dagger is always on top of your list. This compact and lightweight semi-automatic pistol is everyone’s favorite. It doesn’t fail you much and is pretty modular when it comes to upgradability.

One of the best PSA Dagger upgrades you can do is adding a sight on it. While the stock sights are okay for EDC and a little bit of target practice, they are not even remotely close to being good for professional usage.

The question remains. What’s the best red dot for a PSA dagger? Is there any to begin with? Well, let me give you a small spoiler, there is more than one! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

How To Choose The Best Red Dot For PSA Dagger?

Now that you know what some of the best optics for PSA Dagger are, how do you figure out which one is yours? It can be easy depending on you. That’s right, you.

Still, let me help you with the selection a little bit.


When choosing a new optic for any gun, you will need to choose a sight that is durable enough to last you a long time. That’s why, it’s super important to pick the right optic that will support you through your highs and lows.

Lens Clarity

For me, the lens of an optic is the most important part. If the lens isn’t good, then I wouldn’t support nor suggest this optic to anyone. All of the optics I have mentioned above have been proven to feature excellent lenses.

Back to the point, the lens of your chosen optic should be crystal clear and doesn’t suffer from any deformities that will harm your vision in the long run. If you have night vision gears, then make sure the lens also supports night vision devices.


Let’s say the lens is good, the housing is excellent, but the optic doesn’t have proper windage or elevation adjustments. That will result in you missing half if not all of your shots. In our world, we call that a poorly crafted optic.

It’s super important to pick an optic that will improve your accuracy. Not the other way around.


The weight balance of an optic is also quite important. As you are going to use this on a handgun, the Dagger, cannot be 100-300 grams in weight. That will hurt the balance of your optic. It will also make your gun tilt backward. That’s not a good sign.

Make sure to take an optic that is light and has a good balance to it. You wouldn’t want your weapon to tilt in any direction.


Last but not least, is the budget. If you have a limitation set by yourself, then you will have an easy time figuring this out. You will need to find out how much you can or are willing to spend, then figure out the best optic at that price quite easily.

1. HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

If we are talking about red dots, irrespective of guns, Holosun will always walk into the conversation and own it! The HS507C-X2 is easily one of the best red dot sights for pistols, period! I know it’s a bold claim but you will find the same statement from countless individuals.

The sight is made out of high-quality aluminum. It features an illuminated reticle. The reticle choice will depend on you. You can select from a 2 MOA red dot or a 2 MOA green dot. You can also go for a 2 MOA red dot with a 32 MOA circle around it. Or get that in green.

The battery life of this sight is incredible and it fits the RMR footprint. If you are worried whether the Dagger supports this or not, you have nothing to worry about. The PSA Dagger fits RMR footprint sights.

Another main selling point of this sight is the solar failsafe. If your battery somehow dies in the middle of the shooting practices, you can continue thanks to the solar failsafe. Due to extra coatings and using good quality lenses, the sight doesn’t suffer from any kinds of deformities or vision-impairing issues.

Where Is Holosun Made?

Holosun is an American brand. But all of their optics are made in China.

What Is The Battery Life Of This Optic?

The promised battery life of the CR1632 battery is around 20k hours. You can expect around 2 years of battery life with one battery cell.

Does Holosun Provide Any Warranty?

Yes, they Do. They offer a limited lifetime warranty with their products.

2. Crimson Trace RAD Open Reflex Pistol Sight

Best Red Dot For PSA Dagger

Crimson Trace sights are also a good option that people who are looking for small sights that won’t break the bank. RAD is a perfect size for handguns and the durability of this sight makes it a good choice for the Dagger.

As you can guess, this sight is made out of 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum. Tested and proven to be durable enough to survive brutal weather and battle scenes! The sight is extremely light as well.

The lens is fully multi-coated and it doesn’t suffer from any issues. There is no parallax-related or aberration-related issue either. Thanks to anti-fog coating, you can easily use this optic on a snowy day.

Another great selling point of this optic is the auto-shutdown feature. In case you were to turn it on and leave it as it is in the storage, it will automatically turn off the reticle to save battery. When it comes to red dot sights, the battery backup is super important.

Is Crimson Trace A Good Company?

If we are talking about their products and after-sales service, they are quite good. Their response is usually fast and they make great optics for different firearms. In my book, they count as a good company.

Is This Sight Available In Green Dot?

Yes, it is. You can select the dot color while purchasing the optic.

Is This A PSA Dagger Doctor Cut Red Dot?

No, it isn’t. It’s an RMR cut red dot for PSA Dagger.

3. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

You might have seen some products labeled under Vortex Venom already. That’s because Vortex has a lot of products under the name Venom. That includes this red dot sight as well.

The Venom is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s extremely light and equally durable. Vortex Venom is available in multiple configurations. While all of them have the same chassis, the reticle size varies.

Speaking of reticles, you can get it with a 3 MOA red dot or a 6 MOA red dot. Both of the reticles, however, are illuminated. Thanks to that, you can use this sight in any lighting environment. You will need a CR1632 battery to operate the sight. Vortex includes one battery in the package.

Depending on the brightness you use, the battery life will vary a lot. You can see from anywhere from 150 hours of continuous usage to 30k hours of mixed usage. If you are concerned about the battery life, then you should keep some spares in your possession.

What Kind Of Lens Finish Does Vortex Use?

Vortex uses various kinds of finish on their lenses. The Venom, however, uses ArmorTek.

What mounting footprint does this optic use?

Vortex Venom and Viper don’t use the RMR footprint. What you can do is buy a converter like this that replaces the stock plate and makes it compatible with Dagger.

Does Vortex Offer Any Warranty?

Yes, they do. Vortex has a VIP warranty that ensures you an unlimited lifetime warranty that is fully transferable.

4. Kraken Closed Emitter 1×16 Red Dot

While Swampfox won’t give the Lovecraft monster Kraken a fight anytime soon, they are certainly here to make a buzz in the red dot world with their Kraken Closed Emitter red dot.

The Kraken looks like a holographic sight and is made out of plastic from afar. But that’s not true at all. The sight is indeed, made out of high-quality aluminum. The same type of aluminum you see other brands using in their high-end optics.

The lens is also a fully multi-coated one. You will not find any kinds of blemishes or performance issues in the optic. The Kraken features a red or green dot sized at 3 MOA. While a lot of shooters would have appreciated a larger reticle, the 3 MOA is not a bad size at all.

You know what’s even better? Your shooting doesn’t stop when the daylight stops. You can use this with proper NV gear and use this sight during the night. This is also one of the main reasons why security and law enforcement offices use this on their Dagger.

Can This Optic Use As An Offset Sight On Rifles?

Glad you asked that question. Yes, this sight can be used as a canted sight on a rifle. You can use this as your main sight if you want on a rifle as well. Versatility is king and Swampfox believes in that.

Is This Sight Parallax Free?

Yes, it is.

What Kind Of Battery Does This Optic Use?

It uses a single CR2032 battery. The battery life of this optic is also quite good.

5. Swampfox Kingslayer 1x22mm Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight

Before you ask, no, I wasn’t tipped off by Swampfox. They just make genuinely good sight that also tends to work on the Dagger. 2+2=4, if you catch my drift. Jokes aside, this optic from Swampfox is named perfectly.

The targeted price-point of Swampfox Kingslayer was straight-up an assault on other optics that are in the same vicinity. Due to Swampfox’s positive reputation, this sight got famous rather quickly. Besides having an army of users, this sight has other features to lure you in.

The main selling point of this sight is the attractive price. Once you look past the price, you will see the sight is made out of incredibly durable and rugged aluminum. Yes, it’s the same type of aluminum you see in high-end optics. But Swampfox didn’t stop there. They were gunning for the king, it needed to be powerful enough to slay the king.

Okay, I’ll stop with the corny jokes for now! The sight has a glass lens that is fully multi-coated as well. It doesn’t suffer from any blemishes. The reticle doesn’t suffer from any kind of smearing either. Overall, it’s an incredible choice for both competitive shooting and hunting.

Is Swampfox a trusted brand?

Yes, they are. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty with their products. Their products are incredible and their customer service is equally good.

Is This RMR Cut Or Doctor Cut?

It’s an RMR cut optic.

Is This Optic Available In Green LED?

Yes, it is. You can choose from a Green or Red reticle while purchasing the optic. Both variants have similar battery life. Dot reticles don’t consume as much electricity as lasers, that’s why the battery life differences are negligible.

6. Burris FastFire III Reflex Red Dot Sight

Looking for the best Doctor Cut Sight For PSA Dagger? Look no further! Burris has the right product for you!

Burris is an American brand that is known for making quality optics and not charging your arms and legs as payment. The FastFire III is an improved variant of the FastFire 2 with some changed features that improved the battery consumption.

This optic is made out of high-quality aluminum. The aluminum is lightweight and durable. While the other optics so far followed the RMR cut, this one followed the Doctor cut. Yes, the PSA Dagger can accept Doctor cut sights as well.

The lens of this optic is suitable for low-light uses. Thanks to an anti-glare coating and a well-controlled LED brightness, there is no smearing or overshooting effect present on the optic either.

What Is Burris Forever Warranty?

In short, Burris will repair or replace your optic if it is damaged or defective. The warranty is automatically transferred to future owners. That’s right, nothing is required. As long as your optic has the Burris logo in it, it’s covered by the warranty.

What Is The Reticle Size Available for this?

There are two different-sized reticles you can choose from. One of them is 3 MOA and the other one is 8 MOA.

What Kind Of Battery Does This Use?

This uses a CR1632 battery. You can expect around 5 years of battery life on one of these batteries.

7. Trijicon RMR Type 2 3.25 MOA LED Red Dot Sight

Last but not least, the Kingpin! Most of the optics I’ve mentioned thus far follow the footprint of this optic, quite literally. The Type 2 is a much more needed improvement over the RMR. While RMR was a great sight and performed equally well, the battery backup was a big concern to many.

Trijicon made sure to give an improved battery life to the Type 2 and made it much better in terms of overall performance. The sight is made out of aluminum. Yes, I know, I’m sounding like a broken record. But what can you do? Titanium sights are rare.

Trijicon used high-quality glass to make the lens of this optic. There is no visible distortion present on the optic. The side of the optic is also clean and visible from any distance. Thanks to this being a reflex sight, you can use this on rifles even as a canted sight.

The light transmission capability of this optic is incredibly good. Thanks to that, low-light performance is extremely commendable. While it will not work as a Night Vision sight, you certainly can use it with proper NVD gear.

Where Is This Sight Made In?

Trijicon is an American brand. Their sights are constructed and serviced in the USA. If your sight says it’s not made in the USA, then you probably got duped.

Is This Optic Waterproof?

Yes, it is. It has a submersible rating of 66ft! That’s insane for such a compact sight! While I don’t condone you submerging any optics, this is just proof that you can use it in stormy weather if you wish to.

What Kind Of Battery Does This Optic Use?

It uses a single CR2032 battery. The battery is light and will provide you with high brightness for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does PSA Dagger Say Doctor Or RMR Slides?

The slides of a pistol hold the cutout for optics. If your slide has a cutout that supports a certain cut, then it will accept optics that have a footprint of that cut. In this case, PSA Dagger slides come in two cuts.

One is called the Doctor cut and the other is known as the RMR cut. If you are planning on using your dagger with optics like Burris FastFire or Vortex Venom/Viper, then you will need to buy a slide that has a cutout for the doctor’s footprint.

On the other hand, if you want to buy Trijicon RMR or any optics that follow the RMR footprint, then you will need to purchase a slide with a cutout to accommodate RMR.

Is It A Good Idea To Put Sig Romeo Zero On PSA Dagger?

While the Romeo Zero is a pretty good optic, it’s not the best for PSA Dagger, in my opinion. It has a good quality structure and lens quality, but there are better options out there.

Which One Is Better? Doctor Or RMR?

That’s like asking if you are seeing the number 6 or 9 on the paper. That’s right, it’s a matter of perspective. Both footprint has a lot of optics that support them and they are good as well. While my suggestions are mostly of RMR footprint, it won’t be right of me to call RMR the better one.

After all, Trijicon RMR 2 and Vortex Venom can easily go Head-to-Head and give each other a tough fight! So, it’s a matter of perspective.


Whew! That took a while, didn’t it? After all, the Dagger is a well-loved weapon by the community. The performance of this weapon is incredible and the price you are getting it for is unbeatable.

Hopefully, this guide was clear enough to help you locate the best red dot for PSA Dagger! Trust me, both you and the gun deserve the best and I hope you get that! The experience of PSA Dagger with the right upgrades is something that you won’t be able to mimic easily.

With that said, that’s all for now. I have taken enough of your time. Hope you enjoyed reading it and found it informative as well. Will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun! Ciao!

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