In order to have consistent and repeatable performance, it is important that there are enough “touchpoints” between the shooter and the firearm. The new design of the HK VP9 model ensures you have the maximum “touchpoints” with the gun. Additionally, the ergonomic grip pattern and the striker fired ignition system enhance the fun of using the gun in the range.

If these features weren’t enough, they even crafted the VP9 model to be optic-ready! It means they are upgraded to be used with different sorts of optics. Since the gun has an extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into its polymer frame, it allows you to mount lights and sights on the firearm.

Hence, I have bought you the reviews of the best optics for HK VP9 so that you can easily pick the optic you want for the gun. Whether you want the best red dot, laser sight, or night sight, I’ve got your back. The reviews will take you to any type of sight you would prefer to use with this gun model.

Buying Guide For HK VP9 Optics

To make your purchase economic, it is better you consider a few things before you buy a VP9 optic. Therefore, I would recommend you to ask the following questions when selecting an optic.

What’s Your Shooting Purpose?

If you are a target shooting practitioner and mostly use the firearm in daylight conditions, red dot sights will be the best choice for you. But if you want to use the gun in low light or night conditions, go for laser or night sights.

Is The Optic Durable?

The optics for HK VP9 should be durable enough to withstand any environmental conditions. They should be made of strong materials to endure recoils and bumpy situations.

Do The Sights Have A Good Quality Battery?

Sights like red dot and laser need batteries to function. If they are not provided with good quality batteries, they will not operate properly. Plus, they will also die soon at the continuous use of the sights.

As a result, you will be in need of changing the batteries quite frequently. So, if you are planning to use the HK VP9 with a red dot or laser sight, make sure they come with high capacity batteries.

Which Color Optic Should You Choose?

Since the optics are offered with different sorts of colors, you have an open option to choose an optic with your desired color. The red and green are the most common colors used in the optics. But I will suggest if you’re someone who has astigmatism, choose the green color optics for your gun.

Does The Sight Come In Your Budget?

You should also consider your budget before selecting an optic for VP9. Compared to the night sights, the dot sights and the laser sights are quite less expensive. On the other hand, even though the night sights cost much higher, they can serve you longer than the other sights.

Therefore, while buying the sights, think about your shooting needs and budget to select the right optic for your HK VP9.

Red Dot Sights

The red dots are always fun to play around. So, it is great if you’re considering them for your VP9 gun. Because they will help you to make a fast and accurate aim at the target. The dot sights are really lightweight, hence, they won’t make your gun heavy to carry with you.

I believe it will be a smart decision to purchase a red dot sight for HK VP9 when you mostly use the gun in daylight conditions. In fact, many of the red dots are now manufactured to work in low light conditions as well. So, if you do a bit of research, you will easily come across dot sights that will serve you in different lighting conditions.

Well, since I have taken the responsibility to lessen your research work, I have reviewed the 3 most high quality red dot sights. Therefore, if you are up for a dot sight, choose any one of these three sights!

1. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable 3.25 MOA LED Sight

It is crucial that the accessories you’re using with your firearm, it is reliable enough to survive through any situation. Keeping it in consideration, Trijicon has designed their RMR Type 2 reflex sight.

Since the red dot has rugged construction, an adjustable LED system, and high quality battery, you will find it quite reliable to use with your HK VP9 gun.

The sight housing has a unique patented shape which is forged with Military-grade Aluminum alloy. It enables the red dot to divert any impacts from the lens and protects it from all environmental conditions.

Besides, the ruggedized battery contacts and electronics make sure they can withstand harsh environments.

Plus, the multi-coated lens of the sight ensures maximum light transmission through glasses for clear target visibility. Additionally, the dot sight has both automatic brightness modes and a manual brightness adjustment system.

The automatic brightness system is the same as the LED RMR version. The easy push buttons allow you to manually adjust the brightness level (8 levels) as you want.

On the other hand, the 3.25 MOA dot size helps the shooter to aim perfectly at the target from different ranges.

The optic also has a battery conversion mode, enabling you to automatically adjust the aiming dot in ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours. The battery will support the red dot for up to 4 years if it has been used at 70ºF (21ºC) at setting 4 of 8.

However, remember that extreme temperatures (high or low) can affect lithium battery performance.

In addition, the button lockout system sets RMR into automatic mode so that it can prevent any accidental adjustments. All in all, it is one of the best red dots around for your VP9.

Is the red dot sight waterproof?

The red dot is designed to endure any weather conditions. So, it is a waterproof device. It has a submersibility of 20 meters or 66ft.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Trijicon provides a limited lifetime warranty with the products. Therefore, if you’re purchasing their LED RMR or Adjustable LED RMR versions, you will get around 5 years of warranty with the sights.

Is the dot sight compatible to use with night vision devices?

Yes, it is compatible to use with night vision devices. Since it has a compact design, you can easily use night vision devices with this HK VP9 Trijicon RMR.

2. HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

Holosun HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

Sometimes when you are stuck in a situation, some of your friends may come and say “I’ve got you, buddy!” I believe It feels quite comforting and assuring for you that you can pass through the problems you are facing.

The HOLOSUN HS507C works exactly like those “I’ve got you buddy!” type friends which assures you whatever shooting environments you’re in, you never miss your targets!

So, this red dot sight has got many features to talk about but what really catches my eye; is its reticle system and use of advanced technologies such as Solar Power Failsafe and Shake Awake Technology.

The HS507C is offered with a Multi Reticle System, meaning with this dot sight you will have 3 reticle systems, as in:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 32 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

Just press the minus button for 3 seconds, and the reticle type will be changed. Plus, since the optic is offered with both red and green color reticles, you get an open option to choose your preferred color dot sight.

Additionally, this open reflex optical sight is provided with a high capacity battery that allows the optic to run for nearly 50000 hours of its battery life.

However, even if the battery dies, the solar panel system powers up the red dot to function without it. So, it means the dot sight will never leave you hanging out to dry if the battery fails.

Moreover, the Shake Awake Technology works to preserve the battery energy. When you don’t use the sight for a long time, this system allows the LED to shut down automatically.

Similarly, when it senses the motion of the sight, it again powers up the red dot to function. This way it helps to prolong the battery life of the optic.

Besides, the sight housing is crafted with 7075 T6 Aluminum, ensuring its durability against heavy recoils and impacts. In addition, the multi-coated lens enables maximum light transmission through the glasses.

Since the red dot has push buttons, it allows you to manually adjust the brightness level as per your needs. With this dot sight you will get 10 level daytime brightness settings and 2 night modes.

Hence, I think your HK VP9 with HOLOSUN 507C can be another perfect match that you can consider!

Can you use the mounting screws provided by the company on the milled slide of a gun?

The company provides two sets of mounting screws which have two different thread sizes (short and long). So, sometimes the thread size you need for your milled slide may vary from this set of screws.

What type of mounting plate should you use with the red dot?

Since the dot sight is designed to have an RMR footprint, you can’t use any regular sorts of mounting plates with the optic. Hence, if you want to buy a mount for this sight, make sure the mount also comes with an RMR footprint.

Can you measure the height difference between the optic bottom and the red dot?

No, the height difference between the optic bottom and the red dot cannot be measured. It is because the red dot of the optic is not fixed rather it floats around the sight. So, you can’t measure the distance between them.

3. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Like the other two sights, this one will also help you to aim quickly and precisely at the target. The optic is offered with two types of dot sizes such as 3 MOA and 6 MOA. Therefore, you can easily choose your preferred dot size to work with your VP9.

Plus, the 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments makes the targeting process much faster. You can adjust the windage and the elevation by dialing the up/down or left/right indicating arrows.

In addition, the housing of the sight is constructed with Aluminum so that it can withstand any bumpy or rough situation.

Besides, the O-ring seal on the optic ensures it remains protected from moisture, dust, and debris. On the other hand, the high quality, fully multi-coated lens allows you to have a clear and wide field of view.

Moreover, you can adjust the brightness level manually by using the side buttons of the optic. As the optic comes with 10 level brightness settings, you can easily increase or decrease the brightness as you want.

The dot sight is additionally offered with an automatic brightness mode which is operated by an ambient light sensor. It enables the shooter to have control over the dot intensity.

The dot sight is provided with a good quality CR1632 battery. If you use the optic at its highest setting, it can support you for up to 150 hours. But if you use it at its lowest setting, the battery will run around 30,000 hours.

Since the red dot has a top-load system for the battery, it makes the battery replacement process really easy.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy to go with sort of dot sight, Venom can be a great option for you.

Does the Vortex Venom come with a mount?

Yes, the company provides a Picatinny mount with the optic. Therefore, it can be directly installed on any Picatinny rails like the HK VP9.

Is the brightness of this sight fully adjustable?

The optic has a dual brightness controlling mode (manual and automatic). Hence, you can fully adjust the brightness level of the red dot.

Will this fit HK VP9SK?

It depends on whether this model gun is optic ready or not. If the gun is optic ready, the optic will easily fit into it. However, if you have the original version of it, you will need a Dovetail mount that works with both gun and red dot.

How To Install Red Dot Sight On Non-Optic Ready HK VP9

Now what if you have the old version of the VP9 gun model which doesn’t have an optic ready slide? In case your HK VP9 doesn’t have an optic cut, there are two options that will allow you to mount the red dot on the gun.

  • The first option is quite obvious, you need to mill the slide. Many companies offer milling services, so send the gun to have an optic cut on the slide.
  • The second option is to use adapter plates to mount the red dot on the gun. If you want to mount the Trijicon RMR and the HOLOSUN HS507C red dot sights, you can use “Trijicon AC32054 RMR Pistol Mount” with the sights.

But if you want to mount the Vortex Venom sight, you can use “EGW Sight Mount” with the red dot. However, don’t forget to use a sight pusher tool to remove the rear sight and install the adapter.

Laser Sights

While there is a mixed opinion about laser sights, it is an undeniable truth that they are really good for beginning level target shooting practice. They give you a great way to see how close you are to the point of impact if you’re making any movements in your gun when shooting and so on.

In fact, when you’re using the laser sight for defense purposes, it makes a psychological impact on both the shooter and the offender.

It gives an assurance to the shooter that he is pointing correctly at the target. And for the offender, it works out like he is on the target range and thus prevents him from making any approach.

However, since the laser light beams out from the sight, there is also a good possibility of your hiding spot getting exposed. Honestly, this is one of the reasons that many shooters, especially law enforcement agents, prefer red dots over laser sights.

So, I would say if you’re a beginner level shooter or carry the gun for security purposes, the laser sights will be more appropriate for you.

1. Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Laser Sight

Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Laser

Whenever you’re purchasing a laser sight, make sure it has excellent visibility of the laser beam and also has a quick sight activation system.

Otherwise, it may cause you to miss your perfect shot on the target. And since this CRM-206 laser sight has both of these features, I think it will be one of the best laser sights for HK VP9 that you can keep in your consideration.

The laser sight has a 5Mw Peak, 515-532 Nm, Class 3R Visible Green Laser which is the brightest beam allowed by the law. The reason for designing the sight with a green laser is, that the human eyes perceive the green color more effectively than the other colors. Thus, this color laser beam makes it easier to quickly aim on the target.

The company provides a 1/3N Battery with the sight. So, if you constantly use the optic, it can run up to 2 hours. With the Ambidextrous tap-on/ tap-off controls, you can instantly activate the sight. Additionally, it features a 5-minute auto-shut-off system to save battery life.

Plus, the optic comes with factory sighted at 50 feet but with the company provided tool you can adjust the windage and elevation as you need.

Moreover, the CRM-206 has 3 modes of operation such as Momentary, Strobe, and Constant-On. These modes allow you to set the sight at any mode system according to your personal needs and preferences.

The good part of this laser sight is that it has a universal fitment. It means if you have a pistol, rifle or shotgun with Picatinny M1913 (or Weaver-style) accessory rails, it will easily fit into them. It will also fit into most rail-equipped pistols with a minimum of 1 1/16″ from the recoil lug.

The installation process of this laser sight is painless and quick. So, you can remove and reinstall it in different firearms when you want.

Besides, the optic has a secure lock technology which ensures it is securely fastened on the gun. Therefore, you can consider this laser sight a good deal for your HK VP9.

Does the sight come with the same size as the CRM-201?

The optic is a bit smaller than the CRM-201. But it can still fit into a similar size holster. The main difference between the sight is that it uses an emerald instead of a ruby based laser.

What are the fit inserts for?

The fit inserts help the laser sight to be installed in different lower rails. It ensures the optic has been correctly placed near the trigger guard. However, if you want to mount it on other pistols, make sure the gun model is listed on the Crimson Trace website.

Can you add a flashlight to the optic?

It is a one unit piece optic. It means it doesn’t have a secondary rail to attach any accessories. So, since it is a really small sight, you can’t add a flashlight with it.

2. ArmaLaser Designed to fit HK VP9 GTO Green Laser Sight

ArmaLaser Designed to fit HK VP9 GTO Green Laser Sight

This is another laser sight that will work great with your HK VP9. Similar to the CRM-206 laser sight, this sight also has high quality laser beam visibility and an instant activation system.

It is designed to have a 5mW power output, 520 Nm, Class 3R Green Laser which doesn’t exceed Class IIIA emission limits.

The sight is offered with a custom fit FLX55 ultra thin remote touch sensor switch for HK VP9. It means you don’t need to reach for any switch or button to activate the sight. Just grip the gun normally to activate the laser.

However, if you don’t want to use this activation mode, you can use the GTO system. For that, you will need to install the Finger Touch Adapter (FTA) to activate the sight.

Additionally, the sight construction is also something worth mentioning because it is made from DuPont Zytel polymer pistol material.

It makes the optic to consider as one of the toughest laser sights around the market. In addition, the sight has a strong chemical resistance which makes sure it will remain protected if it gets exposed to any chemicals.

Plus, the laser sight is really easy to install and works with almost any Picatinny rail. In fact, the battery replacement system is also quite convenient. Besides, you don’t need to re-adjust the laser after replacing the battery.

Hence, if you’re looking for the toughest and quick activated laser sight for your VP9, look no further than this ArmaLaser sight!

Does it fit a HK VP40?

Yes, this GTOG/FLX55 works with the HK VP40 gun model. Remember that, as long as your gun has Picatinny rail, this sight will fit into them. Otherwise, you will need the right adapter to mount the optic.

Do you need to purchase the FLX grip strip separately?

The sight should come with the grip strip. But in case it doesn’t, you can purchase them separately as well. The FLX grip strips are quite inexpensive and easy to install.

What is the color of the touch sensor?

The color of the touch sensor is gold. However, even though the sensor part is gold in color, the FLX itself has a matte black finish. So, it doesn’t look odd when you attach it to the gun.

Night Sights

If you want to stick to the rear and front sights, it would be better to choose night sights for your VP9. Even though the night sights are popular to use in low light and dark environments, you can still use them under bright daylights as well.

The best part of the night sights is, unlike the red dots and laser sights, they don’t need any batteries or external power sources to function. Plus, they can last for a really long time.

Therefore, if you mainly use your firearm in low lights or dark environments, you should consider buying the night sights.

1. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sight

Truglo TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun H&K VP9 Sight

Many shooters often get confused to choosing between a Tritium night sight and a Fiber Optic sight. Because both are great and they work perfectly in low light conditions.

But when the Fiber Optics serve much better under bright daylight conditions, the Tritium sights perform their best in a dark environment.

In this case, the TRUGLO TFX Pro comes as a wish fulfillment for the shooters. With the help of the TFO technology, you will get features of both Tritium and Fiber Optic sights in this one single optic.

While the Tritium vial constantly glows at night conditions to aim on the target, the Fiber Optic gathers light from the sun and grows to have a better aim in the bright/low light conditions. The company has used Swiss tritium to maximize the brightness of the sight.

By using the TFX Sealed capsule, these illuminating elements have been securely encapsulated. This capsule is claimed to be chemical and shock-resistant.

Plus, the use of CNC-machined steel in the tube body gives it a rust-resistant Fortress Finish.

Additionally, the sight has a compact and durable design so that it doesn’t add extra weight to the gun and also withstands rough situations.

Besides, it has strong resistance against oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents, and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

Moreover, the TFX Pro sight has a U-notch rear sight. Whereas the front sight has a Focus-Lock dot for the fast and accurate aim on the target. The Focus-Lock means there is a white ring which encircles the Tritium-filled Fiber Optic post to have a better draw of the eye to the front sight.

Therefore, this sight will be a great option for anyone looking for a one solution to aim perfectly in all lighting environments.

Are the sights difficult to install?

No, they are not that difficult to install. If you want, you can take help of your local gunsmith to install them on your gun. But you can do it on your own as well. You will just need a sight pusher for this process.

Will the optic work with HOLOSUN HS507?

You cannot use the optic to co-witness with HOLOSUN HS507. This is because the red dot needs to be placed on the rear part of the slide. And if you want to use the rear sight, it also needs to be installed in the same place. Hence, it is not possible to use both the sights in one gun to co-witness.

Do they fit HK VP9SK?

Since the sights fit into the VP9, it also should work with the VP9SK gun model. However, it would be better if you check the company’s website to ensure whether your gun needs to be milled or not to mount the sights.

2. Trijicon HK Bright & Tough Night Sight Suppressor Set

Trijicon HK Bright & Tough Night Sight Suppressor Set

You will come across many useful features about this Trijicon night sight. But what you will like most is that you can use the sight with a Suppressor and also as backup iron sights for a slide-mounted Red dot sight as in the Trijicon RMR.

With the help of the Tritium Phosphor-led Glass Lamp, you can have a visible sight picture in dark and low-light situations. The company has made sure that the Tritium glass Lamps remain heavily protected.

Since these Tritium glass Lamps are contained in proactive Aluminum cylinders, they don’t get damaged during heavy recoils or with the use of harsh cleaning solvents.

Plus, they come with additional Silicone Rubber cushioning to enhance the protection of the Lamps. Moreover, the sight has been designed to evenly distribute the light.

As each Tritium Lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel, it helps to evenly distribute the light from the Lamp. Besides, it works as an additional protection layer for the sights as well.

However, one thing to remember is that it will be better for you if you take professional help to install the sight on your gun. In addition, even though the Tritium works in the daytime, it glows much better in low light situations.

Hence, this sight will be more appropriate for you if you mostly use the gun in low and dark lighting conditions.

Will these sights change the POI at 25 meters?

Yes, they will. But it is not hard to compensate for bullet drops with the sights. It has been seen that they shoot about an inch and a half low at a ten-foot distance.

Do the sights work with Optic Ready slides?

You can easily use the sights to work with Optic Ready slides. You can either use them as a replacement for the OEM front and rear sights or you can use them to co-witness with a red dot sight.

How high does the front sight sit from the top of the slide?

There is a good amount of distance between the top of the front sight and the top of the slide. The front sight doesn’t overlap off the slide. And if you’re using the night sight with a Trijicon RMR, it will allow you to have 1/3 co-witness with the optic.


To sum up, if you want to enhance your shooting performance, there is no alternative to using an optic with your gun. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right sight for your HK VP9 to ensure reliable aiming on the targets.

So, whether you are using the new optic ready HK VP9 or the old model of this gun, the reviewed products will work on both sorts of gun models.

Hence, by keeping your shooting needs in mind, go through the reviews and it will definitely help you to find the right optic for your gun. In case you need further help while choosing the sights, check the buying guide that is included in the article. Good luck!

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