Best Optics For 300 Blackout

The 300 Blackout is an excellent mid to long-range shooter with around 460 meters of range. While the Blackout definitely holds a lot of range in its arsenal, the caliber is mostly used for home defense, hunting, and target practice nowadays.

I’m sure you already know how good the caliber is. After all, you are here to find a compatible device to use with this caliber. I can understand if you are having a hard time finding the best scope for 300 Blackout. After all, the caliber can work with almost any scope in existence.

That’s why, I have decided to not only find the best 300 Blackout scope, I will also provide you with the best red dot for 300 Blackout and some other sights as well. Hold on to your seats. You are in for a ride that will take quite a while. Grab a thermos flask of coffee and start sipping, let’s start.

1. Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24mm Riflescope

Leupold VX series scopes are great for the money. You have some of them priced lower than $500 and then you have mid-tier scopes like the VX-6HD. The 6HD is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and it comes fully equipped with a set of multi-coated lenses and a pair of lens caps as complement.

The scope tube is purged with nitrogen to make it immune to fogging and eliminate all moisture from the inside of the scope. The brightness of the scope is excellent. With the 24mm objective lens, the light transmission capability is quite good for this scope. It’s made for both hunting and recreational shooting.

The scope features an illuminated FireDot Duplex reticle. The total weight of the optic without any rings is 16.2 oz. It’s not the lightest scope by any means. But it’s not that heavy either. The 30mm main tube is quite well-built and definitely will last you a long time.

Is the reticle on the first focal plane?

No, it’s not. The reticle is on the second focal plane. VX series have second focal plane reticles.

Does Leupold offer a warranty?

Yes, they do. Leupold offers a lifetime warranty with their optics.

What’s the zoom ratio on this scope?

The zoom ratio of the scope is 6:1 and the magnification ring also has a throw lever. Magnifying the scope is simple and flawless.

2. Zeiss Conquest V6 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

Zeiss scopes are known as top of the line products. The Conquest series is used by hunters for their clarity and build quality. The Conquest V6 has a medium to semi-long-range scope. The maximum magnification of the scope is 6x only. But the scope is quite good for mid-game hunting.

For whitetail and elk hunting, 6x is more than enough. The tube diameter of the scope is 30mm. Inside of the tube is also purged with nitrogen. While the scope doesn’t come with any mounting rings, finding them on the market won’t be a hard task either.

The scope doesn’t come with a throw lever either. While the bump on the ring is quite prominent and can be felt with gloves on as well, the throw lever that Zeiss sells separately can come in handy. It will make your magnification process faster and more seamless.

What kind of rings do I need for it?

You will need a pair of Precision Rings from Zeiss. They are made to pair with the Conquest series of Zeiss.

Does Zeiss offer any warranty?

Yes, they do. They offer a limited lifetime warranty with their Conquest series of scopes.

Is this scope good for hunting?

Yes, it is. In fact, the scope is made with hunters in mind. The illuminated scope reticle and the turrets are tuned for hunting.

3. Steiner T5Xi Tactical 3-15x50mm SCR 34mm Rifle Scope

Steiner scopes are quite expensive and that’s for good reasons. Good R&D and quality cost a lot of money. The T5Xi is not their most expensive scope on the market.

In fact, you can consider it as a mid-tier offering from them. The scope is available in multiple different magnification configurations. One of them is also suitable for the 7.62x39mm cartridge.

This one is a mid to long-range shooting scope packed with a SCR Illuminated reticle. The tube diameter of the scope is quite thick. It’s a 34mm tube. The tube is made out of high-quality aluminum and the tube is purged internally with chemicals to make it immune to all sorts of fogging and removing moisture from CNC machining.

The lenses are the best part of this scope without a doubt. They are extremely clear and vibrant. With no color alteration or magnification issue present on the optic, T5Xi is easily the best hunting scope for 300 Blackout in this price range.

Does this optic come with mounting rings?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy a pair of 34mm mounting rings or a P.E.P.R style system from a third party.

Where is this optic made?

The TX5i series has an interesting origin. The designing of the optics was done in Germany. Yet, the machining and assembly of it was done in the USA.

Does Steiner offer a warranty?

Steiner has something called the heritage warranty. They will take care of the optics for a lifetime. As long as the product exists, they will take care of it. Make sure to not break any of their T&C tho.

4. Eotech Vudu 1-6x24mm Precision Riflescope

Eotech is mostly known for the excellent holographic sights that they make for militaries. In case you forgot, they also make great precision scopes for rifles as well. The Vudu is part of their precision riflescope series that is made for recreational shooting and target practicing.

The scope is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum is internally purged and the exterior is sealed as well. Making it fogproof and waterproof at the same time. The scope is available in the SR1 reticle in green or red.

The reticle is also illuminated and you can turn it off if the illumination is not up to your taste. The magnification process is seamless. With the help of the throw lever, you can easily magnify the scope with mere seconds. You can use the lever while wearing gloves as well.

Does Eotech include scope rings?

No, they don’t. Eotech Vudu has a 30mm tube. You can buy the Thorn 30mm scope rings. They are low-profile rings and quite inexpensive.

Where is Eotech Vudu made?

The Eotech Vudu series is made in Japan using one piece aluminum design and multi-coated Japanese glass lenses.

What kind of warranty does Eotech provide with the Vudu?

With the Vudu, they offer a no BS lifetime warranty and 2 years warranty on the electronic components of the scope.

5. ATN X-Sight 4k 3-14x Pro Edition Smart Hunting Scope

If you are looking for the best 300 Blackout hunting scope, then this is one of the best. While all of the scopes I mentioned so far and about to mention are good for hunting. But they all have a caveat. The caveat is they can only hunt during the day.

Meanwhile, this one is capable of hunting 24/7. For this reason alone, it won the competition.

The ATN X-Sight features a 4K sensor that ATN developed in-house to use with their scopes. The scope uses a processor powered camera to capture vision during the day and night and show it to the eyepiece on the user end.

The scope also has the ability to record the process of your hunting. From taking the shot to nailing the target, you can record the entire thing.

A good thing about this night-vision scope is, that it’s great during the daytime as well. Previously, there were some complaints about digital night-vision scopes being bad during the daytime, those days are long over. Mounting and using this scope is quite easy and straightforward.

Does this optic come with mounting accessories?

Yes, it does. It comes with a standard ring, a ring with a Picatinny rail, and an L-shape ring.

What kind of reticle does this scope have?

It has something called a smart MIL Dot reticle. The reticle is a dynamic reticle. It adjusts as you magnify into the target. Similar to the FFP reticle, but with more features.

Is this optic available in other colors?

It is. It’s available in Break-Up Country, Elements Terra, Bottomland, and traditional matte black. You can choose the color while purchasing.

6. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm SFP Riflescope

Vortex Strike Eagle is a great beginner scope. There are a couple of variants of the scope available for purchasing. The one I’m recommending to you is their second focal plane option. It’s quite budget oriented and the scope is available in multiple different configurations.

Depending on the magnification you go for, the price will vary a lot. The scope is made from nitrogen. It’s a single piece tube design with nitrogen purging and an anodized finish. The scope also has turrets that are extremely durable and hold onto adjustments really well.

The lenses are fully multi-coated as well. Vortex is known for providing good quality lenses in all of their scopes. Whether it’s a cheap option or a crazy expensive scope, Vortex makes sure they provide good quality lenses.

Does it come with a throw lever?

Yes, it does. It has a throw lever for flawless magnification adjustments and making it fast as well.

Is the scope waterproof?

Yes, it is. The scope is equipped with O-ring sealings, which makes the scope waterproof.

Is the reticle illuminated?

Yes, it is. The reticle is red-illuminated. The reticle knob is on the side. Using that you can increase or decrease the illumination of the scope.

7. Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Burris makes really good hunting scopes. You can already guess their tactical scopes are quite good as well. This one is a very interesting deal. The RT-6 is available in just the RT-6 scope. Which is great as well.

The RT-6 also comes in a combination of P.E.P.R mount with FastFire 3 illuminated red dot sight. That combination is made for shooters that often switch from mid-range to close-range targets on the fly. It’s a very good combo that will grow on you.

As for the scope alone, it’s made out of aluminum and it’s extremely durable. The scope lenses are also fully multi-coated. They are bright and clear. The color contrast is on point. There is no distortion or vision alteration present on the scope either.

Where is this scope made?

The RT-6 series of Burris is made in the Philippines.

Does Burris offer any warranty?

Yes, they do. They offer a lifetime warranty with their scopes. The warranty policy is seamless like the magnification of this scope.

Is the reticle in the first focal plane?

No, it’s not. The reticle is in the second focal plane.

8. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope

The SLX series from Primary Arms is not a new name to you I presume. The SLX is a mid-tier offering from Primary Arms with a good amount of magnification. The scope has a base magnification of 1x and 6x of maximum magnification & it has an illuminated reticle in the second focal plane.

The scope body is made out of durable aluminum. The aluminum is also lightweight and extremely rugged. The inside of the scope is purged with chemicals to make it immune to moisture.

The exterior has an anodized coating to it which makes it a bit scratch resistant as well.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. They are bright, clear, and accurate. The hunting process with this scope is fabulous. As the magnification ring has no resistance, it’s a smooth process. You can magnify in mere seconds.

Does this scope come with lens caps?

Yes, it does. It comes with a couple of flip-up lens covers for each end of the scope.

Are the turrets capped?

Yes, they are. You can remove them to reset them or zero them with a new caliber if you want to.

What kind of battery does this need?

It needs a CR2032 battery to operate. You will find the battery inside the package as well.

9. Monstrum G2 1-6×24 FFP Rifle Scope

When it comes to scopes that provide too good of a value to be true, Monstrum will be a leading contender in that category. The Monstrum G series of scopes are an extremely budget oriented scope that features a lot of things other expensive scope doesn’t.

The G2 is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s quite lightweight as well. The scope is also available in different colors. Don’t worry, the price won’t increase if you go for a different color.

The lenses are coated. They are quite bright and accurate. There is no distortion present on the optic at all. The package of this scope also includes picatinny scope rings and detachable honeycomb filter sunshades.

On top of that, it also has a pair of spring loaded flip-up lens covers. If that wasn’t enough, the scope also has an illuminated reticle and you will get a CR2032 battery inside as well.

What’s the tube diameter of this scope?

The tube diameter is 30mm.

Is this scope waterproof?

Yes, it is. The scope is also sealed with nitrogen and O-rings. It is fogproof and shockproof as well.

Where is this scope made?

The scope is made in China. All Monstrum scopes are.

10. Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Rifle Scope

To finish off the part of the scope, the Bushnell AR optics is the perfect note. The AR optics from Bushnell is available in tons of different magnification and reticle. Some of the variants also have illuminated reticles to choose from.

The scope is made out of durable aluminum. It is lightweight and features variable magnification lenses with multi-coating. The scope also has a throw lever that can adjust the magnification of the scope in seconds.

While the scope is definitely made for AR, it can be used with DMR, and bolt-action rifles as well. For the 300 Blackout, I will recommend you to go with the 3-9x40mm variant. It’s a good option for hunting and plinking.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy your own rings. Bushnell does make rings, but you will need 30mm rings. Like this one.

Where was this optic made?

This optic is made in South Korea.

Does Bushnell offer any warranty?

They do. They offer a lifetime warranty with their products. It includes factory defects and workmanship errors.

Earlier I said, I would provide you with more than just scopes. Here is the beginning of that alternative route. If you are not interested in deer hunting or practicing long-range even, just want a sight that will go with your 300 Blackout firing a home-defense weapon, then a red dot is what you need.

1. Eotech XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Sight

This variant of the XPS2 is specifically tuned for the 300 Blackout from the factory. The optic is made out of durable aluminum and the entire housing is water, fog, and shockproof as you expect.

The lens is also fully multi-coated and it’s one of the brightest holographic sights you will ever come across.

The XPS2 is tuned in such a way that you can use it for close-range target practice or even take it to hunting games. The versatility of the scope is what makes it such a good bargain for the Blackout.

Does this optic come with a mounting system?

Yes, it does. It comes with a 1” weaver and a Mil-STD 1913 rail.

Where is this optic made?

Eotech Optics are made in the USA. if your optic says it’s made in China or Hong Kong, you have been duped.

2. Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Reflex Sight

The next red dot I want to recommend for 300 Blackout is from Aimpoint. They are one of those brands that you can trust blindly. The Pro red dot is made out of high-quality aluminum. It’s lightweight and durable. The scope is fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof as well.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. They are bright and don’t suffer from the usual red dot vision deformities. There is no reticle related issue either. The reticle is illuminated and you can adjust the brightness of it. There are a total of 10 adjustable brightness levels present on the optic.

Does this come with a mounting system?

Yes, it does. It comes with a Picatinny rail supported mounting system.

What’s the expected battery life?

The expected battery life of this optic is around 30k hours. Keep in mind those ratings are tested with low-brightness settings. Depending on the brightness level, your battery life will vary.

3. Bravo3 BT SGT 3×24 300BLK HS Illuminated Dot

Okay, that was a mouthful! What’s up with companies naming the scopes like they are writing up a fictional novel inspired from Japanese novels? Jokes aside, The Bravo3 is a scope made by none other than Sig Sauer themselves. The scope is made to be paired with their rifles and any rifles that support weaver rails.

A very unique thing about this scope is it has a weaver rail on top and on the side. Thanks to this, you can install a red dot as a cantilever sight or use it as a stacked sight if you want to.

The Bravo3 is a 3x magnified optical system. The lenses are extremely clear and bright. The performance of this scope is brilliant for plinking and target practice.

Is this better than Romeo 5?

That depends on perspective. It can be better than Romeo 5 + Juliet 3x combo as this is more cost effective. But in stock, they are different.

Does this scope have MOTAC?

Yes, it does. Thanks to this, the battery life is quite good for this optic.

Best ACOG For 300 Blackout

Well, you know. ACOGs are good for tactical shooting. They are the closest thing that will give you a feeling of what militaries feel while shooting their rifles.

4. Trijicon ACOG 4x32mm Dual Illum Scope

Trijicon ACOGS are great military-grade weapon scopes. They are extremely accurate and built like a tank. This variant of the ACOG has a fixed magnification at 4x and has a reticle etched on the glass for 300 Blackout.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. The housing is also forged from 7075-T6 aluminum. The 35mm objective lens is extremely bright and visible during low light. The illumination is battery free and will illuminate your reticle 24/7.

Does this come with flip-up lens covers?

No, they don’t. Trijicon sells flip-up lens covers separately for their ACOG.

What kind of warranty does Trijicon ACOG have?

The tritium lamp of Trijicon ACOG is under 15 years warranty. You can find the T&C on their website.

Best Iron Sights For 300 Blackout

What does an iron sight have to do in a best 300 blackout scope list you might ask. Well, that’s a very good question. Why can’t an iron sight be considered as one of the best .300 Blackout scopes? I know some of you love iron sights and will do anything to get your hands on a good one. For those, this is the one to get for the 300 Blackout.

5. Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Front & Rear Flip-Up Backup Sight

Tactical shooters use iron sights as their backup sight and co-witness a red dot or use a regular scope with a spacer to use both iron sight and red dot sight. This set of iron sights from Magpul is made out of stainless steel.

They have a standard height over bore when deployed and have a 45-degree offset on the right-hand side. The case of the iron sight is hardened and has a melonite QPQ finish on it. Making it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Where is this made?

This is made in the USA in Magpul’s factory.

Is this a genuine Magpul?

Yes, they are. I’m aware of fake Magpuls with much worse quality. This ain’t one of them.

You just made me even more confused, what do I choose?

Well, that’s a very good question. With so many options to choose from, it’s understandable that you are a bit overwhelmed and not sure which one is the best scope for 300 Blackout. Don’t worry, let me categorize this for you which might help you in the decision.

You will need to find out what kind of shooting you do with the Blackout.

  1. Is it long-range?
  2. Is it mid-range?
  3. Is it close-range or home-defense purpose only?

If so, then you can decide on whether to get a red dot or a riflescope.

Lastly, once you decide on what to pick, whether a scope or a sight, then you can make your decision based on what you want from the scope.

  1. Is it magnification?
  2. Is it the hunting performance?
  3. The tactical performance?
  4. Or perhaps how much they cost?

That’s right, if you can answer these questions and have a specific budget in mind, you can easily make your decision.


Okay, I might have gone a bit overboard. But hey, I promised that you will need a thermos flask worth of coffee if not more. Well, besides being bored, I hope you found the read useful. And I certainly hope it was entertaining enough to not let you get bored of me.

With that said, that’s all for now. I have taken enough of your time for a day. Don’t worry, you are not getting rid of me that easily. I will be back with more like this soon. Till then, take care and have fun.

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