Best Sight For Cz Scorpion

The CZ Scorpion is a compact and lightweight submachine gun. Suitable for concealed carrying and use inside buildings for tactical and swat uses. While civilians also use the gun for self-defense, it’s not a weapon that you take to hunt down games.

That’s why, finding a scope for this had no relation to finding a good hunting sight. While the scorpion can take a riflescope and utilize it to some degree, you are better off using sights like a red dot or holographic sights for example.

That’s why I’m bringing you some of the best sights for CZ Scorpion you can buy right now. That does include the entire CZ Scorpion series.

How To Choose The Best Sight For Cz Scorpion?

The CZ Scorpion isn’t that picky about sights. It can take rifle scopes as well, But the performance of the optic will vary depending on the scope you pair with it. As the Scorpion is known for its long or mid-range performance, choosing a red dot is the better option.

Well, I have given you a lot of options to choose from and a lot to think about. But if you think about the decision a bit, you will reach a conclusion in no time. You can make your decision based on what color of reticle sails your boat and how much money you are planning to invest behind the optic.

The budget will play the biggest role among the two. Having a budget always helps in the decision making and it’s true here as well.

1. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

The Micro T2 is a fantastic little optic used by all sorts of weapons. Mostly used for tactical uses, the T2 has seen its fair share of uses in squirrel hunting and invasive iguana hunting as well.

While the Scorpion Evo will do no such thing, it sure will use the accuracy of the T2 to its advantage and make you a better shooter overall. CZ Scorpion doesn’t suffer from inaccuracy and is quite devastating at close range.

In both cases, the T-2 has an upper hand than other optics. The T-2 is equipped with fast focus and an illuminated 2 MOA red dot reticle. The brightness of the reticle is adjustable.

You will find a total of 12 adjustable brightness settings present on this optic. By rotating a dial clockwise, you can increase the intensity.

What kind of battery does this use?

It uses a CR2032 battery to operate. The battery will run you around 50k hours. If you use it at a higher intensity, the brightness will be a bit lower but still quite good.

Does it come with a mounting bracket?

It has a built-in mounting system. The built-in mounting system supports a Picatinny/weaver style rails.

Will this fit on a Gisselle T2 mount?

Yes, the optic will fit on that mount. No need for any special tools or brackets.

2. Trijicon MRO 2.0 MOA Adjustable Green Dot Scope

The Trijicon MRO is legendary, to say the least. It’s one of those red dot optics that gets recommended to every gun in existence. The CZ Scorpion is deadly accurate at close range. The MRO is also deadly at close range. While it’s not made for hunting, the optic has found its way into small-game hunting with bolt-action rifles as well.

The body of the optic is made out of durable aluminum. It’s not too heavy and it features a full range of adjustments including windage and elevation. The 2 MOA red dot is also illuminated and you can adjust the intensity of the green dot.

The optic is filled with nitrogen. Making it fogproof. It is also waterproof and shockproof as well.

The parallax free performance requires you to zero the optic at 100 ft. While it’s not the most accurate thing in the 300 ft range, it certainly can wreck some targets within the 100 to 200 ft range.

Does this optic require a mounting system?

If you buy the optic in the barebone configuration with no mounting system included, then you will need a separate one. But you can buy the optic with a mounting system as well. And I suggest you do that.

Does the MRO come with dust lens covers?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to purchase them separately. You can purchase them from Trijicon directly.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. You will find a warranty card in the package and you will need to register it from Trijicon’s website. They offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

3. Holosun HE510C-GR Open Reflex Optical Sight

The HS510C is a popular offering from Holosun. The difference between HS510C and HE510C-GR is literally the illumination. This one comes with a green illuminated reticle and the regular model comes with a red illuminated reticle.

A great feature of this Holosun optic is the solar failsafe. The optic features a little solar panel that can gather sunlight and transform it into energy to use it when the battery of your optic runs out.

The optic also features a shake-to-wake sensor. If it senses any movement, the optic will turn on the illumination and the optic will turn off when it doesn’t sense a movement for a while.

This way, the optic is capable of saving a lot of battery. If you combine that with the solar failsafe, you get a battery for life.

Is the lens coated?

Yes, it is. The lens is fully multi-coated. It’s extremely bright and vibrant with no color alteration or double vision.

Is the brightness adjustable?

It is. It has 12 levels of brightness. 10 of them are for daylight and 2 of them are for night vision.

What kind of battery does this use?

It uses a single CR2032 battery. The battery is capable of running the optic for nearly 5 years with a low brightness setting.

4. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

This is not the first time the Venom is making an appearance here. The Venom is a competing little optic that is supported by more than just handguns and submachine guns. The optic is often paired with rifles even.

The Venom is constructed from high-quality aluminum. The aluminum is durable and lightweight. The matte black anodized coating looks a bit glossy from the side. But overall, the finish is awesome and flawless.

The lens is also fully multi-coated. Vortex is known for making great quality lenses. That stays true to this optic as well.

The red dot is available in 3 and 6 MOA red dot settings. The intensity of the red dot is also adjustable. You will find a total of 10 levels of brightness settings present on the optic. The Venom also features an automatic brightness sensor.

Does Venom support Picatinny rail?

Yes, it does. The included mounting plate supports the weaver rail.

Does Vortex provide any warranty with their red dot?

They offer an unconditional lifetime warranty with their red dot.

Will this fit on a CZ Evo Scorpion?

Yes, the sight will. The Scorpion Evo has a standard Picatinny rail. And the optic supports picatinny rails.

5. Swampfox Kingslayer Pistol Cut Micro Reflex Dot Sight

The Kingslayer is a compact lightweight reflex sight made to support the RMR footprint. That makes the Kingslayer supported by more than just one pistol in the market. In fact, if you want to use RMR to weaver rail and use this on top of an optic, you can do that as well.

The optic features a 3 MOA dot, a red or a green circle dot reticle. You will need to choose the reticle color while purchasing the optic. The lens here is multi-coated and extremely bright. The vibrancy of the lens makes it a perfect choice for use under direct sunlight.

The total weight of the optic is only 1 oz. if you use it with a rifle, the mounting plate is a bit heavier and becomes 1.3 oz in total. To illuminate and allow you to circle through 11 levels of brightness, you will be required to insert one CR1632 battery.

You will find one included with the optic and can easily swap them out via the side tray without the trouble of zeroing your weapon again.

Is this a good red dot for CZ Scorpion Evo?

Yes, it is. The CZ Scorpion Evo isn’t that demanding of a gun. It will take pretty much anything you want to throw at it. And this one will improve your overall accuracy without adding too much weight on your weapon.

Is this a parallax free optic?

Yes, it is parallax free @100 yards.

Is the optic waterproof?

Not only is it waterproof, but it is also shock and fogproof as well. You can submerge it, but as always, I advise against putting any optics under water for the kick of it.

Will this optic break soon?

No, it won’t. It’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum is lightweight as you have seen already. And it’s extremely sturdy.

6. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

The Romeo 5 is in my opinion the best red dot for CZ Scorpion for the money. The Romeo 5 itself is a fantastic optic and can work with pretty much any weapon. The optic by stock supports the weaver rail.

The optic is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum is lightweight and extremely durable as well.

The tube is purged with nitrogen and it’s fogproof. The exterior is sealed with O-ring gaskets and the optic is also waterproof. The Romeo 5’s best selling point is the Juliet 3x. The Juliet is a 3x magnifier made for the Romeo series of red dot optics.

If you want to venture to the mid-range with your CZ Scorpion and practice target shooting at that range, the Juliet is a must for you. And guess what? The Scorpion will handle both the Romeo 5 and the Juliet 3x like a champ.

Does it have a MOTAC?

Yes, it does. The MOTAC sensor is excellent and accurate. It powers up when it senses a bit of motion and powers down when it doesn’t sense any motion for a while.

What kind of battery does this use?

It uses a CR2032 battery. What’s insane is, the battery can last you up to 50k or more hours depending on the brightness level.

Can I co-witness mount it?

You definitely can my friend. It’s the perfect co-witness on an AR and SMG.

7. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

The last optic that I want to recommend to you guys is the Trophy TRS-25. It’s the smaller brother of Trophy Riflescope which is known to be a great budget hunter. And this one does the hunting tasks quite well.

The optic is made out of CNC machined aluminum. The aluminum is aircraft-grade and it’s extremely durable. The exterior of the optic has an anodized matte black finish to it. The finish looks spectacular. The construction is fogproof and shockproof. The optic is also sealed with an O-ring making it immune to water.

The reticle of the optic is a 3 MOA illuminated red dot. You will find a total of 11 levels of adjustable brightness settings. You will need a CR2032 battery with the optic.

With one battery you can get 5k+ hours out of the optic. Keep in mind, if you use it with 11 brightness levels constantly, it won’t last you that long.

Does this optic come with a mounting system?

Yes. The optic is equipped with a built-in Picatinny rail. The rail is attached to the optic in a way where even the shock from a shotgun or bolt-action rifle can move it.

Does Bushnell offer any warranty?

They do. They offer a limited lifetime warranty with their optics.

Does the reticle turn off automatically?

No, it doesn’t. You must turn it off manually. Otherwise, the optic will continue to run and drain the battery.


And that’s about it folks. I know there are a lot of other options available that can be used with the CZ Scorpion and Scorpion Evo. But they are not the best optics for CZ Scorpion Evo. The ones that I did mention here are some of the best ones.

With that said, that’s all for now, I hope you found this read useful and know which optic to go for now. As always, thanks for reading it, appreciate you all. I will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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