The Savage Axis is one of America’s favorite long-range rifles for shooting. Whether it’s hunting or just shooting for fun, you can do both thanks to this awesome not so little weapon.

While the glory of Savage Axis won’t end in a small section, I’m not here to teach you about how good the gun is. Rather, this will be helpful to folks who are planning to buy the gun or own the gun already.

Making this gun compatible with riflescopes is very important. To be able to do that, you will need a mounting system for the Axis. How do you find the best scope mount for Savage Axis you ask? Well, it’s easy. Keep reading and you will find that out in no time.

How To Choose a Scope Mount For Savage Axis?

Now that you are aware of some of the best scope mounts for Savage Axis rifles, how do you choose one among them? After all, they are all some of the best, right? That’s correct, they are.

But choosing one among them is not as hard as you might think. As I mentioned earlier, all of them look somewhat similar and have similar numbers of slots. But one of them comes with a ring and the other one with proprietary rings that are available for extremely cheap.

So, depending on what kind of range you shoot at, choose the base that will support that range of riflescopes.

And last but not least, the budget. Mounting systems can be expensive as well. And it’s understandable if you don’t want to spend much on an expensive one. Don’t fret, get a cheaper one. They are also great.

Best Savage Axis Scope Mounts [Editor’s Picks]

1. Warne 7699-20MOA Savage Axis Scope Mounts

Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis

When it comes to scope accessories, Warne will always pop out on the top. Their accessories are some of the best and most beginner friendly. This scope mounting rail is made out of stainless steel.

The rail is constructed from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and the mounting system is made out of stainless steel hardware. With a mil-spec coating, the anodization will last you a decade if not more.

Installing this is quite straightforward as well. It comes with all the necessary screws and your Savage Axis has the holes tapped in out of the factory.

You just place it in and install the screws and use a screwdriver to tighten it on the barrel. Do keep in mind to not over tighten it. Over tightening can ruin the screw hole.

Will this fit the Savage 220?

Yes, it will. You don’t need to tap and drill either. It supports that weapon right out of the box as well.

What’s the difference between 0 MOA and 20 MOA?

The difference is the shooting range. If you are planning to shoot around 500 yards or less, then you will require the 0 MOA version. If you plan to take full advantage of the Axis and want to shoot around 1000 yards, then you will need to purchase the 20 MOA variant.

Will dovetail scope fit on this?

No, it won’t. The rail is made to fit Picatinny equipment. That includes scope, magnifier, red dot and rest.

2. Outerimpact Savage A17 Mag Picatinny Scope Base

Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis

The thing is, all of the rails I’m about to mention today will look somewhat similar. The difference will lie mostly on the price and the length. This one from Outerimpact is made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and it is compatible with Savage A17 Magnum.

The finish on this is matte anodization with type II hard coated 68 Rockwell. To mount this on your gun, you will find all the required screws inside the package. In terms of durability, this one is capable of handling even the biggest of scopes.

Installing this is straightforward. You don’t need any gunsmith or any specialized tools for it either.

What makes it different from other offerings is the weight and how it looks. If you want something in matte black with a gorgeous finish, then this mounting system should be on top of your list.

Is this 20 MOA?

No, it’s not. It’s O MOA. It’s suitable for all 500 yards or less scopes. Sure, you can hunt over 500 yards with this, but it’s not recommended to do such.

Is this rail good for plinking sights?

Yes, it is. It’s suitable for all sorts of scopes. That includes free-range shooting and hunting scopes as well.

Where is this made?

Outerimpact is based in Idaho. They use their own design and machines to construct their accessories.

3. DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube

Let’s just say, you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a mounting rail, a pair of scope rings, and then the scope itself. This is your next best bet if not the best bet.

The DNZ Savage Axis Edge scope tube is made to make life easier. The distance of the holes is made to fit in the Axis rifle.

The mounting system is made out of solid aircraft-grade billet aluminum. As they used CNC machining to make the mounting ring, there are no flaws present on the scope mounting system itself.

As there are no moving parts involved in the base and the rings themselves, your scope won’t move around at all. Your scope will stay tucked in like a baby sleeping in the cradle. The only difference is, the scope won’t move around like the baby.

What’s the diameter of the ring tube?

The ring tube diameter is 1”. You can fit all 1” scope in this. Don’t buy this if you have a 30mm scope tube.

Where is this scope mount made?

DNZ is a brand based in North Carolina. They have their own machining mill and their design team. They manufacture these in their own factory.

Will this fit the Savage Axis II?

Yes, this will fit on the Axis II with ease. I have seen a lot of Axis II owners use this system in their guns.

4. EGW Picatinny Rail Savage Axis Scope Mount

Back to traditional scope mounting rails. EGW aka Evolution Gun Works, is another top contender of best scope accessories maker on the market. This Picatinny rail not only looks good, but it also performs equally good as well.

The material for the rail here is aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum has an anodized matte finish to it. It looks and feels really nice.

The mounting base is also lightweight and has lots of room to install even the biggest scopes out there.

Even if you use a Savage Axis with Accutrigger, this scope base will work with ease. It’s a one piece design that comes with all the screws needed to install and installing it is super simple as well.

Where is this base made?

Evolution Gun Works is an American company based in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. They have their own factory and in-house R&D.

Is this 0 MOA or 20 MOA?

It is available in both 0 and 20 MOA. As I previously said, choose the MOA based on the range you are planning to shoot at.

Will this fit the new model or the old model?

It is made to fit both brand new and old models of Savage Axis rifles. It comes with hex head screws, T-10 bits, and a wrench. You can easily install it yourself.

5. Leupold Rifleman Savage Axis Scope Base

Leupold scopes are simply put, great. They have scope, scope rings, and a base to install those rings as well. This scope mount is specifically made for Savage Axis. The base is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The aluminum is lightweight and durable. The single piece design has no moving objects in between the rail and the gun barrel. Thanks to that, the scope doesn’t move even an inch from the rail.

The matte finish on the rail looks quite good as well.

The standard mounting system of Leupold is made through precise engineering. Making it flawless to the brim. Granted, some of the units may have some minor flaws, but Leupold will take care of you in that regard.

Is Leupold Chinese?

No, they are not. Leupold is an American brand. They are known for manufacturing great hunting accessories.

Does this mounting system have any warranty?

Yes, it does. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from Leupold. They know how to take care of a customer.

Is this mounting system good for long-range hunting?

Yes, it is. It’s one of the best long-range hunting mounting bases for the price. It’s extremely versatile.

6. Weaver Savage Axis Multi Slot Mounting Base

How can I make a list of some of the best mounts for Savage Axis and forget Weaver? Weaver is the same brand that designed this universal mounting rail system that is widely adopted by almost every brand that makes scopes and accessories today.

This Multi-Slot mounting base from Weaver is constructed from extremely durable 6061-T6 aluminum. I can say that without a doubt that you have come across some sort of 6061 aluminum equipment by now.

There is a solid chance the scope you are using is made out of this very same material as well.

If you are worried about whether this will fit your gun or you would require a gunsmith or not, don’t worry about it. You can install it yourself with the included accessories and tools that you already have in your garage.

Is this a good system for hunting?

Yes, it is. It’s made for all sorts of shooting. But specifically, it’s made for hunting. It is compatible with most hunting scopes available on the market.

This base system is fairly old, should I buy it now?

Yes, it is fairly old. Released all the way back in 2012, this one is still viable and competes against other mounting rails with relative ease.

Is this short-range or long-range?

It’s suitable for both. Depending on what kind of scope you wish to pair this with, you can do long-range and short-range hunting.

7. EGW picatinny rail Savage Axis scope mount

I know what you are thinking,

Jokes aside, the previous EGW I mentioned and this one is the exact same thing made from the same factory. In fact, there is only one difference between the two. That is the range.

This one is 20 MOA and can accept extremely long-range scopes. The other one is 0 MOA and is suited for medium to long-range scopes. So, make sure to go for the model that meets your needs.


That didn’t take long! I can understand if you are still having some doubts about your decision. But don’t worry. You cannot go wrong with any of the choices listed above. They are all tested to be good and can serve you nicely for a long time to come.

And that’s about it folks. I appreciate you all reading it. I hope you found it fun and informative to read. And that coffee was worth it. That’s all for now. I will be back with more for you guys real soon. Till then, take care and have fun. You deserve it.

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