When it comes to rifle flashlights, Modlite is one of the best brands in the market. While all of their lights are extremely good and priced appropriately, that ends up creating more confusion among buyers.

For example, you are out to buy a new smartphone, you now find a smartphone that has two variants while having identical specifications, Which one to buy? They are so identical that it creates more confusion, right?

That’s what’s happening here. Modlite Okw vs Plhv2 are quite similar flashlights. Their performance and durability are identical. Which one is more suited for your tasks then? Thought you would never ask, let’s get right into it!

Modlite OKW

The Modlite Okw is a high-end flashlight from Modlite that comes with a system where you can mount it on your gun towards the side. Unlike scopes, you won’t get off-center target/visual with a tilted light on your weapon.

The light features a chassis made out of 6061 aluminum. It’s extremely lightweight and durable. It will not get damaged from accidental falls.

Modlite PLHV2

The Plhv2 is also a similarly priced high-end white LED featuring light from Modlite. It has a chassis made out of high-end 6061 aluminum. It’s light and durable. You can also mount it on your weapon or carry it as a standalone device.

Modlite has tested the devices on weapons like Scar 20 to see how they stand against AR recoil. The good news, they don’t have the slightest strain on their durability.

Modlite OKW Vs PLHV2 – Key Differences

Modlite OKW vs PLHV2

While the two lights share some similarities, they also feature some differences in their performance. Let’s see what they are.

Battery Type

In case you didn’t know, Modlite features two different packages with their flashlight. One with an 18650 battery and one with an 18350. Depending on which variant you get, the performance and the battery backup will vary a lot.

The difference between 18650 vs 18350 is quite noticeable. While the 18350 typically features around 700mAh to 1200mAh, an 18650 battery can feature 2300 mAh to a maximum of 3600 mAh. Due to both of them being li-ion, they both feature 3.7v.

Depending on the type of battery you go for, your battery life will change drastically.


They share an identical chassis and identical aluminum billet. This is why their differences is not noticeable. If you were to drop both of them from the same height in a controlled environment, both of them would suffer from identical damage if at all.

Lumen and Candela

The Modlite PLHv2 is around 54 thousand Candela at a peak of 1350 Lumen. It’s a white LED that doesn’t suffer from too much light leakage or heat. Due to its peak 1350 lumen, you can easily use this in a closed environment or outside. That’s up to you to decide.

As for the OKW, you will get around 69 thousand of peak candela with 680 Lumen. The lumen rating is not high compared to PLHv2, but the peak candela does make it a better choice for the outside environment.

Battery Life

Both of these lights can be powered up with an 18650 battery or 2x CR123 batteries. If you want a good battery backup and continuous use, you are better off using an 18650 over CR. Despite having a big difference in peak candela, both of them share the same amount of battery life in an 18650 configuration.

You are expecting to see around 75 minutes of continuous usage with either of them. As they are not like regular flashlights where you can change the intensity, you are stuck with the same health all around.

To remedy this, Modlite does sell chargers that can charge two batteries at the same time. If you buy 3 batteries in total, you will always have 2 extra on your hand. And 225 minutes of runtime doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Throw Distance

The rated throw distance of Modlite OKW is 100 yards. You can exceed that with ease. But if you want the best accurate vision and clarity, 100 yards is the mark to keep in mind.

As for the throw distance on PLHv2, you will get a similar distance at peak candela. You are expecting 80 to 100 yards of range with the PLHv2.

Which is not less by any means. Due to their identical light spread, they feel quite similar in a dark environment. But if you are using night vision gears, your mileage may vary.

Modlite OKW Vs PLHV2 – Similarities

After all, they are the same light in terms of appearance. See? This is where the trouble began. As those to light look literally the same, it’s hard to tell from the outside which is which. But you read above already, they are not identical besides sharing the same battery and chassis. Their LED is different and so is the rating of that LED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which light is the best Modlite OKW 18650 vs Modlite PLHv2 18650?

They are both identical with identical performance. Just like real-life identical twins, they share the same exterior with some interior changes. Their mood varies and here the LED varies. Peak lumen and candela are different in both thanks to that, the throw distance is slightly different as well.

Depending on what you are after, the PLHv2 might be a better option. But for most, the OKW makes more sense due to more candela.

Which battery package should I pick?

You can pick from 18350 and 18650. And 100% of the time I would recommend going for the 18650 variant. The variants with 18350 just don’t have enough juice. Around 35 minutes of backup is not worth it at all!

Are these flashlights made in China?

No, they are not. They are all manufactured and quality-controlled in the USA. You can see Modlite proudly boast about their production being inside the USA. Thanks to this, availing their lifetime warranty is a super simple procedure as well.

Closing Thoughts

Both of these flashlights are excellent for your AR adventures. They are incredibly well built and will last you a long time. Thanks to their lifetime warranty, you got an insurance for the future as well.

No matter which one you go for, there are inherently nothing wrong with that decision. Ultimately, you will peak more candela over less. So, I will leave that decision in your hands.

As for me, this is where you and I part ways, Thanks for reading. Hope you had a fun time learning something different. Hope to see you in the next one as well. Till then, take care and have fun.

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