Best Optic For Mk18

The MK18 is an excellent weapon that was originally known as the CQBR. The gun was developed by the US Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division. It was made as the replacement upper receiver for M4 carbines that were previously issued to the Navy SEALs.

This 5.56mm caliber firing weapon is used by civilians for CQB as well. But like every other close-range weapon, you can benefit a lot from using an optic with this weapon. It will improve your accuracy and increase your chances of landing those shots.

And that’s where I come in. To help you find the best scope for MK18. It’s not an easy task but I’m committed to seeing this through. Without further ado, let’s get this party started.

How To Choose an Optic For Mk18?

Now that you know about some of the best MK18 optics, how do you choose one among them? Well, I know this may seem hard to decide among 7, but it’s really not when you think about it.

All of the mentioned optics are good and they are very good at their given price tag. Just because the MK18 with Vortex Razor is one of the best combinations you can put together, it doesn’t mean it will be best for you.

You will need to decide on what you consider as the best.

  1. Is it the price tag?
  2. Is it the looks?
  3. The magnification?
  4. The durability?
  5. Or the affordability?
  6. What floats your boat?

Depending on that, you will find 1 or 2 optics that fits in your bill. From there, go for the one that won’t put you in a bank debt.

1. Vortex Optics Razor HD 1-10x24mm Gen III FFP Riflescope

The razor series has both mid-range and long-range scopes. The Razor HD Gen III is a top-of-the-line offering from Vortex to compete against other premium scopes on the market.

The Razor HD Gen III has an upper hand compared to the rest of the competition.

The scope is crafted from top of the line aluminum and it’s a literal perfection. From anodization to internal coatings, everything about this scope is top-notch.

The scope features a massive magnification of 36x and a base magnification of 6x. With an objective lens of 56mm, the light transmission capability of this scope is quite good.

While the main purpose of this scope is hunting, you can do other things with this scope as well. For example, the 1-10x24mm model is excellent for recreational shooting and target practicing. It’s also good for mid-game hunting.

But if you want the bigger game, go for the bigger one.

Are the lenses created from HD glass?

Yes, they are. They are fully multi-coated lenses made out of HD glass with low-dispersion technology. Thanks to that, the low-light environment performance of this scope is on a whole nother level.

Is this scope waterproof?

The scope has an IPX7 rating for waterproofing. While the scope is not recommended to submerge, you can use this in a cold space or rainy weather as well.

Are the turrets capped?

No, they aren’t. The two turrets on the scope are exposed and they are finger adjustable. And they support reindexing methods as well. You can take out the turret cap, and reinstall the cap at the 0 mark.

2. Elcan SpecterDR 1-4×5.56mm Rifle Scope

The next scope is a bit unique and often being used for short-range combat/practice. The SpecterDR is a really nice and steampunk style looking riflescope made for anything short to mid-range.

While the SpecterDR is a bit on the expensive side as a battle optic, but it’s also a heavy hitter. The scope is definitely one of the best MK18 scopes on the market. The Elcan is still used by the militaries on their M249s and M240s. But it’s a good pair with the MK18 as well.

If you are looking for an excellent civilian close quarter optic that will do more than just self defense and won’t require a new mounting system, then the Elcan is the perfect choice for you.

The scope is built like a tank to last in war-like conditions and the water or dust can’t even get inside of the tube. It’s shock, water, and fogproof as well.

Is Elcan a hunting scope?

It’s not. It can be used for close-quarter hunting. For example, catching a wild boar, or just casually looking for some invasive species, you can definitely do that. But hunting isn’t the bread and butter of an Elcan.

Is the reticle of this scope illuminated?

Yes, it is. You will need a battery to power up the Elcan and you will get one battery inside the package to get you started.

Is Elcan hard to use?

Not at all. It will take some time to read the article and understand what it means. But if you are coming from a busy riflescope already, then the Elcan will be a piece of cake for you.

3. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

Aimpoint red dots are often paired up with much less powerful rifles and SMGs as well. But the T-2 is capable of handling big dogs like the MK18 as well.

The T-2 might look like a small optic that will break from the pressure of the MK18. But the optic is built to last in war-like conditions and help you achieve success in your tactical mission.

The T2 is made out of high-quality aluminum. The chassis has an anodized finish that looks a bit rough in the pictures. But it’s a well-built optic. The chassis is strong enough to be paired up with shotguns and bolt-action rifles even.

The tube design requires purging internally with chemicals. And Aimpoint does exactly that.

The lenses used on this scope are fully multi-coated. They are bright, vibrant, and rock a solid red dot illuminated reticle. You can adjust the brightness of the reticle as well.

You will find a total of 12 adjustable levels and it runs on a single CR2032 battery. The single battery can last you up to 5 years if you use it at the lowest magnification. Then again, it will last you much less if you use it at higher brightness.

Do I need a riser for this?

That depends on you.

  1. Are you used to higher placed scopes?
  2. Does it irritate you to use low-height optics?

If so, then yes, If no, then no, you don’t need it. If you plan to add a magnifier down the line, you need to make sure the height of the magnifier and scope match.

Where is this optic made?

Aimpoint is a Swedish manufacturer. All of their optics are manufactured in Sweden and sold all over the world. If your box says it’s made in China or Hong Kong, you know you are duped.

Can this withstand a shotgun?

Yes, it can. It can easily take the pumps of a 12 gauge shotgun and not even flinch. You will need something crazy strong to break the lens of this while shooting.

4. Eotech EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

Some like red dots, some like holographic, and some like both. For the Holographic lovers, it doesn’t get better than this. The EXPS3 is one of the best holographic sights on the market. It’s so popular that many sites are filled with fakes of this item. And some of the fakes actually perform decently.

But nothing beats the real thing. The EXPS3-4 is a holographic sight with 68 MOA circle and a 1 MOA dot reticle. Both the circle and the red dot glow with the help of a battery. You will find one battery included in the package.

The reticle of this scope features fast target acquisition. The speed ring reticle will guide your eye to the center of the reticle to aim faster.

The field of view of this scope is excellent. For a holographic sight, it’s quite rich and shows you accurately what you are looking at. On top of that, the holographic sight can be paired with a magnifier or a night vision device to further improve the viability of this for tactical shooting.

Is this optic capable of hunting?

It’s not made for that purpose. But hey, hunters make work of lots of things that are not meant to be used for hunting. So, shoot your shot.

What is the “never out of the fight” slogan of Eotech?

It’s a feature of theirs. If your window is slightly shattered from the battle, HWS will still keep on functioning and deliver pinpoint accuracy. It’s one of the key reasons why American serviceholders love this.

Does Eotech offer any warranty?

They do. The Eotech HWS Prestige warranty is a 10 years limited service warranty that you will find with all the variants of EXPS.

5. Trijicon MRO-C-2200004 1x25mm Miniature Rifle Optic

The MRO from Trijicon is an icon. This red dot is often people’s starting point and for some, the ending point as well. The MRO is a fully-fledged miniature riflescope with fixed 1x magnification.

The 25mm small objective lens is big enough to transmit enough light for the scope to work well under all lighting conditions.

While the scope is not suitable for dark and night vision. It still has 8 brightness settings on the reticle. Some of them are bright enough to put you in the right direction even in the dark.

The material on this scope is 7075 aluminum which is also known as aircraft-grade aluminum.

It’s extremely durable and quite lightweight. Two things that you want in a good red dot optics. The optic is also waterproof and adjusting windage is super simple on this.

One thing to keep in mind, there are some fakes of this optic. If your optic doesn’t say it’s made in the USA, there might be some issues my friend.

Does this come with a mounting system?

It has a built-in Picatinny mounting system underneath. The height however is a bit too low for most. Keep in mind, that there are options to select with no mounts at all and options to go ⅓ Co-witness route.

Does this optic come with lens covers?

It does. It comes with a pair of flip up lens covers that will protect your lens from all scratches and accidents.

What kind of warranty does Trijicon offer?

Trijicon offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner. As long as you have proof of this being your optic and not a counterfeit Trijicon, they will take care of your product and provide you warranty.

6. HOLOSUN – HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight

When you are recommending red dot optics to someone, Holosun will sneak in like the sneaky fox. The only difference is, that Holosun ain’t here to damage your house. Rather, it will make sure your house and wallet stay healthy.

The HS510C is a red dot optic with a 65 MOA ring and a 2 MOA red dot in the center as the reticle. In case you didn’t know, there are also options to go to the green reticle. In that case, your model will be HE510C-GR.

The HS510C operates on a single CR2032 battery and it can last up to 50k hours on lower brightness settings. You can adjust the brightness of the reticle. There are a total of 12 adjustable levels. 2 of them are for night vision and 10 of them are for daylight usage.

The low-light performance of this scope is excellent. You don’t expect a tiny thing like this to stay true to color in low light, but props to Holosun for pulling that off.

The lenses on this optic are fully multi-coated as well. They don’t suffer from any sort of visual impairment or washed out colors. You can use this optic in cold weather or in hot sunny weather as well.

Does this optic come with a mounting system?

It does. It comes with a Picatinny mounting system built in the scope. You don’t need to use any riser unless you feel the necessity of using one.

Does Holosun provide a warranty?

They do. They provide a limited lifetime warranty. There are ways of voiding the warranty. So, make sure to read the T&C and follow those.

Is this made in the USA?

No, it’s not. The Holosun scopes are made in China. While Holosun itself is a Californian, they are not the ones that make most of their products.

7. Sig Sauer SOR52102 Romeo5 XDR Compact Red Sight

The Romeo 5 is one of the most talked about optics over here. Starting from SMGs, the Romeo is also paired with AR rifles and shotguns.

The Romeo 5 is made by Sig Sauer. While they mainly made it to complement most of their weapons, this optic ended up being a hotcake for being so cheap.

Even now the demand for Romeo 5 is quite high. The optic is made out of durable aluminum. The optic features MOTAC and it has a total of 10 adjustable brightness settings present on the optic. Among those 10 levels, 8 are for daytime and 2 are for night vision.

The lenses on this optic are fully multi-coated. The entire scope is also rated as waterproof and can be submerged up to 1 meter. Keep in mind, just because it can be, doesn’t mean you should do it. The optic is also fog and shockproof.

One of the reasons why people like to throw it on top of almost everything. The included battery will last you around 50k hours at low magnification. But if you use it medium or high even, the battery life will decrease a lot.

Does this optic come with any mounting system?

It does come with a Picatinny low mount riser and a co-witness 1.41” riser mount. You don’t need to spend money behind a riser.

What is MOTAC?

MOTAC is an activation sensor. The moment the optic will sense some movement, it will turn on the brightness. When it won’t sense any movement, it powers down and saves some battery.

Does Sig Sauer Romeo 5 come with a warranty?

The Romeo 5 is covered by the Sig Sauer Electro-optics infinite guarantee and tritium limited 5 year warranty.


It’s a shame but things must always end. And this is where our journey ends for today. You are not getting rid of me that easily.

Just like this guide here about the best optics for MK18, I will be back with more for you soon. Hopefully, you found the read informative and enjoyable.

With that said, that’s all for now. Thank you all for reading it. Thanks for coming and I hope you return for more. Till then, take care and don’t forget to have fun.

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