When you search for a Glock on the internet, the first question that will arise in your mind is how many bullets does a Glock hold? And why is Glock so popular? Is it just a plastic weapon that feels like a toy or is it an actual worth-it weapon?

Well the questions are many, where are the answers you ask? Here they are. Just stick around and you will find all the needed answers about Glock in no time. Without further ado, let’s start.

How Many Bullets Does A Glock Hold?

Well, when we speak of Glock, we define models of the gun as well. As there are several different kinds of Glock on the market that house different calibers, the total number may vary as well.

Some of them can hold around 15, some 17 and with extended clips, some can hold even 30, 33, and 50 bullets.

Why Does Capacity Matter?

As Glock extended magazines are readily available for all Glock models, no one really thinks about the capacity much. Before you begin to question why capacity matters, you will need to question what is the purpose of your Glock.

Most people purchase Glock for recreational shooting, self-defense, and concealed/open carry. Some even carry glocks as a secondary weapon in hunting. As the gun is capable of doing some close range shooting, it can come in handy when you are in a pinch and can’t bring out the big guns.

If you are using a Glock for recreational shooting, the larger the merrier. If you have more than 30 bullets in your mag, you can shoot for a while without worrying about anything at all. And as for self-defense, 17 rounds are perfectly fine but it doesn’t hurt to have room for more.

Glock Magazine Capacities

Semi-automatic pistols are usually fed from a removable magazine. Thus making the reload time simpler and easier. The difference between a magazine and a clip is distinct. A magazine typically holds cartridges in one or two different layouts.

Single Stack

Single-stack magazines are the most common among pistols. As the name suggests, the magazine stacks one bullet on top of another in a stack. When the pistol chambers a bullet from the stack, the magazine has a mechanism that pushes the bottom bullet upwards and makes the top bullet ready to be chambered next.

Double Stack

Double stack magazines have cartridges in a stack or dual feeding column. They lower the reload time and increase the total capacity of the magazine at the same time as well.

While you can debate for years about the number of bullets a pistol caliber should hold, it’s not always necessary for everyone to have the same opinion on one thing. The standard Glock holds 17 rounds of 9mm bullets.

A Chart For All The Glock’s Magazine Capacity

ModelCaliberStandard CapacityOptional Capacity
Glock 179mm1719, 24, 31, 33
Glock 199mm1517, 19, 24, 31, 33
Glock 19X9mm1719, 24, 31, 33
Glock 269mm1012, 15, 17, 19, 24, 31, 33
Glock 349mm1719, 24, 31, 33
Glock 439mm6n/a
Glock 43X9mm10n/a
Glock 459mm1719, 24, 31, 33
Glock 489mm10n/a
Glock 44.22LR10n/a
Glock 22.40S&W1516, 22
Glock 23.40S&W1314, 15, 16, 22
Glock 24.40S&W1516, 22
Glock 27.40S&W910, 15, 16, 13, 14, 22
Glock 35.40S&W1516, 22
Glock 2010mm15n/a
Glock 2910mm1015
Glock 4010mm15n/a
Glock 21.45ACP13n/a
Glock 30.45ACP109, 13
Glock 36.45ACP6n/a
Glock 41.45ACP13n/a
Glock 37.45 G.A.P.10n/a
Glock 38.45 G.A.P.810
Glock 39.45 G.A.P.68, 10
Glock 42.380ACP6n/a
Glock 31.357 SIG1516
Glock 32.357 SIG1314, 15, 16
Glock 33.357 SIG910, 15, 16, 13, 14

As you can see, most of them are capable of holding additional bullets. Depending on the magazine you are choosing, your capacity will vary. Some Glock even have drum magazines. And I think you guys know drum magazines can hold up to 50 rounds even!

One thing you can’t forget is your state rules. Some states have a maximum capacity on Glock magazines. It’s for gun safety law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Rounds Does A Glock 17 Hold?

As you can see from the chart, the stock capacity of a Glock 17 is well, 17 rounds of 9mm and 1 additional in the chamber. And you can extend that up to 33 with the right magazine.

How Many Rounds Does A Glock 19 Hold?

While the Glock 19 can extend up to 33 rounds well, the stock capacity is less than the Glock 17. It can hold 15 9mm shots on the magazine and one in the chamber.

How Many Rounds Does A Glock 43 Hold?

The 43 can’t hold many shots. It’s capable of holding 6 shots only.

How Many Rounds Does A Glock 43X Hold?

Unlike the 43, the 43x can hold up to 10 rounds.

How Many Rounds Does A Glock 26 Hold?

The Glock 26 is capable of holding up to 10 rounds and can extend up to 33 with different magazines.

Should I Buy Glock Magazine Extensions?

If your state allows you to use more ammo with your Glock, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t extend your magazines. In fact, if your state has no bans on drum magazines, I urge you to try out drum magazines for Glock at least once. Trust me, your experience will be elevated to the next level.

How Many Rounds Do You Need?

Well, it’s impossible for me to say how many rounds you should carry with you. Realistically, you can carry a crate along with you in your backpack. But it’s not something you should do tho. You should carry the amount that you can predict that you need and one or two extra mag worth as a safety measure.


As you can see, the capacity varies from model to model and it varies even more when it comes to magazine extension kits. Depending on the state you are living in and the legal rules you will need to follow, magazine extension kits will vary as well.

And that’s all for now. I hope now you know which model of Glock is more suited for you in terms of bullet capacity. Thanks for reading as always. I will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and study some laws.

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