Holosun HM3X Vs HM3XT [Which One Is Better?]

Another day, another Holosun massacred its own. Jokes apart, the competition Holosun gives to its own products is more than it gives to others. Each year they tend to release a refresh or some sort of upgrade of their own existing lineup. Holosun HM3X and Holosun HM3XT both are Holosun magnifiers.

They are compatible with red dot sights from Holosun as well. If you own a sight and now want to get the best magnifier for your Holosun, this post will help you a lot.

Besides having an extra T at the end of the name, do they have any differences? Don’t worry, we will know that soon enough. Let’s find out which one is the best between Holosun HM3X and HM3XT.

Holosun HM3X

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight at 11.6 oz.
  • Great field of view.
  • Good viewing angles.
  • Flip to the side mounting system.
  • 3.9 in length.

Just like their optics, Holosun made a name for themselves in the magnifier industry as well. A good thing about Holosun Optic is, that they support other brands’ magnifiers. But if you want to keep it in the ecosystem, then HM3X will automatically come to your consideration.

This 3X magnifier is held captive inside an aluminum housing. The housing is extremely durable and lightweight. It is rated to be waterproof and fogproof. As for the lens itself, it’s fully multi-coated. It has a wide field of view with great viewing angles.

The eye relief is not that big coming at 2.75 in. But it’s more than enough for a shooter with glasses on. There have been no issues with internal fogging or the magnifier not working during low-light conditions. If you are looking for a magnifier for your HS series sights, the HM3X is one of the best in the field!

Holosun HM3XT

Key Features

  • QD mount with spacers.
  • 2.75 in of eye relief.
  • Shorter overall length.
  • Better flip to the side mechanism.
  • Great field of view.

Holosun’s tendency to upgrade an existing product to the absolute brim remains true here. While the HM3X is not that old nor that expensive, they soon released an upgraded version of it with a different outlook and smaller housing.

HM3XT is 2.65 in long compared to 3.9 of HM3X and it also has the adjustment values positioned a bit towards the end compared to the middle of the HM3X. If you are looking for a compact, lightweight, and extremely well-built 3x magnifier, then HM3XT might take the cake for you!

It also uses the same high-quality CNC machined housing that has been purged to be fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof. The lens is also fully multi-coated and you can see your target throughout the entire day without any obstructions. The eye relief at 2.75 in is also generous. Perfect for shooters who wear glasses.


Field of view37 ft at 100 yards37 ft at 100 yards
Length4.1 inches3.2 inches
Weight9.5 ounces11.6 ounces

Holosun HM3X and HM3XT – Key Differences

They look pretty similar, right?

Yes, and no. They have identical specs but they don’t look similar visually at all. They have some distinct differences as well.

  • Holosun HM3XT is a lot heavier than HM3X.
  • Holosun HM3XT is made out of titanium.
  • Holosun HM3X is made out of aluminum.
  • Easy to zero in on both.
  • The field of view is the same.

Let’s Take a Look at which One is Better for You

Build Quality

HM3X: The first thing you notice in these two is they are not built the same. From material to mold, everything is quite different between the two. HM3X is made out of traditional high-strength aluminum. It’s lighter and it’s durable. It has an anodized finish to it that makes it look premium. It’s not immune to scratches but a simple drop or two won’t be able to harm it anyway. It should last you for a good while.

HM3XT: HM3XT is outright better in terms of durability. It uses more expensive and robust titanium as its housing material. The process increases the weight of this significantly. Still, it’s not 20-30oz. You cannot really call it overweight at all. The anodized finish on this looks incredible. It’s a premium magnifier through and through.

In terms of durability, HM3XT is the clear winner here. There is no competition when it comes to titanium vs aluminum. But aluminum is incredibly durable as well. You won’t be missing that much by grabbing HM3X if you are on a tighter budget.

Lens Clarity

HM3X: The optical lenses used on the Holosun HM3X are incredible. They are crystal clear and extremely vibrant. There is no chromatic aberration or glaring issues present on the magnifier either. It is fogproof and waterproof. Even in heavy rain, you won’t face any issues while using this. Low-light performance is average.

HM3XT: HM3XT uses some of the best possible lenses as well. They are fully multi-coated and they are incredibly bright and vibrant. Will give you a clear vision of the target with no hindrance and sense of aberration at all. You won’t feel like you are using two different optical instruments at the same time.

They are both epic visually. They both will satisfy you completely. Doesn’t matter which one you opt for.


HM3X: The magnification here is fixed at 3x. You are not gonna get 1x base or 2x adjustable at all. You are stuck at 3x, thus the name. At 3x magnification, it’s not optimal for medium-range hunting or target practice. But it’s perfect for short-range, airsoft, and plinking. The target is clearly visible and there are no obstructions between the magnifier and the red dot.

HM3XT: The 3XT has the same 3X fixed magnification. It’s also optimal for the same thing HM3X is. It performs quite well in short-range shooting. At medium-range, it’s okay but not the best by any means.

Magnification is similar if not the same. If magnification without any focus issue is your main concern, either of them will satisfy you.

Mounting System

HM3X: HM3X has a really unique mounting among Holosun 3x magnifiers. It’s a QD mounting system with spacers included. If you are having issues matching with your red dot, the spacers will come in handy. It’s easy to use and quite easy to zero out as well. It also features a flip to the side system.

HM3XT: The mounting system on the 3XT is similar to the regular HM3x. It’s the same quick detach mounting system with a side flip mechanism. When you don’t want to use the magnifier, you can just flip it to the side and use the red dot sight only.

Both of the mounting mechanisms are similar and they are great.

Size and Weight

HM3X: The total length of the HM3x is 4.1 inches. It’s not the smallest magnifier out there. But it’s still not as large as an LPVO. If your gun has less space in the rail, then you might have issues fitting this with your sight. Make sure that your gun rail has enough space to cover it.

The weight is 9.5 ounces. It’s much lighter than a lot of magnifiers.

HM3XT: The total length of the 3XT is barely 3.2 inches. It’s almost a whole inch smaller than 3X and is more compact. If you want more concealment and less presence on the gun, this is the way to go. Despite being the smaller one among the two, it’s not the lighter.

Thanks to titanium, the weight of this is around 11.6 ounces.

Here they both contradict each other. One is smaller but heavier the other is bigger but lighter. A dilemma indeed.


And there you have it. The most wanted comparison between Holosun HM3x vs HM3xt. Which one is the best among them then? It will boil down to your preference. If you want a more durable magnifier but don’t mind the extra weight, the obvious choice is HM3XT.

But a lightweight magnifier is a must for you and don’t mind a bigger magnifier, then stick with HM3X and save some money. That’s all for now, I will see you guys on the next one. Take care till then.

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