The Holosun 507c and 510c are both open reflex sights. They allow the shooters to aim with both eyes open. Even though the sights are not magnified, you can still make quick shots on your targets.

However, shooters often feel confused while purchasing the optics. Since the features of the sights are quite the same, it becomes a bit difficult to make a choice between them. Hence, we have brought you a comparative discussion on these products so that you can make the right decision in picking up the reflex sights. So, let’s begin!

Holosun HS507C

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Solar failsafe.
  • Incredible battery life.
  • Fully multi-coated lens.
  • Suitable for handguns and as a canted sight.

Holosun H507C was an upgrade on the original 507 and it added some extra features that come in handy. One of the main selling points of this optic is the solar failsafe.

If your battery dies on you during the day, the solar failsafe will kick in and keep your optic running. Thanks to the durable exterior and lens material, the optic will also last you a long time in harsh weather and shooting conditions.

On top of that, it also is rated to be submersible. While I don’t necessarily recommend anyone to test that out, but hey, if you want to, you can! It’s also a slightly smaller optic and is suitable for handguns.

Holosun HS510C

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Suitable for all sorts of rifles.
  • Quick release mounting system.
  • Great battery life.
  • Water, fog, and shockproof.

When you look at both of the optics at first, they are not nearly identical in looks or performance. The 510C is slightly bigger in size and features a fully multi-coated lens with a wider field of view.

While it technically is the “better” optic in this conversation, it lacks one thing. The solar failsafe. Instead, you will get a battery that is promised to run for 50,000 hours at the lowest brightness setting. Of course, it will vary depending on your usage and the brightness level you are comfortable with.

As for the optic itself, you can be as comfortable as you want. With unlimited eye relief and a great exterior, the optic will easily outlast any optic you have in your arsenal. Just like the other Holosun optics, this one is also rated to be submersible. Overall, an excellent choice for all sorts of firearms.


SpecsVortex Spitfire 3XBurris 332
ReticleMulti Reticle SystemMulti Reticle System
Reticle ColorRed, GreenRed, Green
Housing Material7075 T6 AluminumAluminum and Titanium
Multi-coated LensYesYes
Weight1.5 oz.4.94 oz.
Power SourceSolar & BatterySolar & Battery
Battery TypeCR1632CR2032
Battery Life (Hours)5000050000
Brightness Setting10 DL&2 NV10 DL&2 NV
Adjustment Per Click1 MOA0.5 MOA

Holosun 507C/ 510C – Differences

From the table above, you can see technically the sights do have some differences. And these differences can influence your shooting experience. So, to understand these factors better we will be comparing the sights in the following terms:

  • Since the sights are used for different applications, they have quite dissimilarities in their designs.
  • Holosun has two separate housing materials to construct the sights. So we will be looking at the impacts of these materials on the sights.
  • Even though both of the optics have a Multi Reticle System (MRS), they have different types of reticle circles.
  • The sights are provided with different sorts of battery types. Hence, we will discuss how these batteries make an impact on their serviceability.
  • The products are offered with various accessories. So, we will be discussing this factor as well.

Discussion On The Sights

Note that, the discussion we’re doing is solely to give you a clear idea of how the sights are different and how these differences can impact your shooting experience. It doesn’t mean the sights are less than each other. It’s just they are not for all sorts of shooting needs.


The sights are designed depending on the different firearm applications. The main difference between these two sights is that they have been engineered for two separate sorts of firearms.

Holosun 507c: This open reflex sight is designed for pistol applications. So whether you have a defense carry gun or shooting practice gun, you can consider this sight. The optic is offered with a lock mode and button design.

When you activate the lock mode, it helps you to fix your button adjustment for brightness settings. So even if you use it in bumpy conditions, the brightness adjustment you made won’t change. Moreover, this optic has Trijicon’s footprint. Therefore, if your gun has a similar footprint, 507c will be perfect for you.

Holosun 510c: On the other hand, the 510c is for rifle or carbine applications. So, you can consider buying this sight if you own a rifle or any carbine firearms. It may not provide you the added advantage of the locking mode of the buttons. But this optic has a bigger window than the 507c sight.

So, choosing one of the sights predominantly depends on what sort of firearm you own.


To ensure the optic’s durability, it is important that it has been constructed with high quality materials. Therefore, whenever you purchase a sight, check whether it has durable construction or not.

Holosun 507c: The optic has been crafted with 7075 T6 Aluminum. Due to its construction, you will find this sight extremely durable. It can easily withstand recoils or impacts. Plus, it has an anodized surface coating that protects it from different outer elements. So, it is perfect to use in all environmental conditions.

Besides, the sight lens has multi-coating to maximize light transmission through the glasses. In fact, Holosun has carefully constructed the windage and elevation turrets to be recessed into the sight housing.

This way the adjustment will remain intact under rough situations. So, with a 1 MOA per click adjustment system, you can easily change the windage and elevation adjustments.

Holosun 510c: Conversely, this optic is made of Aluminum and Titanium. It also makes the optics sturdy enough to sustain any weather or environmental conditions. But the problem is it puts extra grams on your rifle once you mount it. So, compared to the 507c, this one weighs a bit higher.

Other than that, 510c also has multi-coated lenses and the same windage and elevation placements. You can quickly adjust your windage or elevation with a screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge. This optic has a 0.5 MOA per click adjustment system to change the windage and elevation adjustments.

So, if you want something sturdy and lightweight at the same time, your bet should be on the 507c model.


The durable construction won’t matter if the reticle of the sights doesn’t help you in making fast target acquisition. Hence while buying any optic always check whether it has the reticle type you need for your shooting purposes.

Holosun 507c: Since the optic is designed to have Multi Reticle System, here you will 3 options in reticles such as:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 32 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

Plus, the reticle of this sight is offered in both red and green colors. So, you can choose the color according to your preference.

Holosun 510c: Similar to the 507c, this sight is also offered with three reticle system, as in:

  • A 2 MOA dot
  • A 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA ring around it (Circle Dot Reticle)
  • A 65 MOA ring (no dot in the center)

But the difference is the reticle ring of 510c is larger than the 507c. Due to this reason, with this sight, you can aim at your target much quicker. Moreover, on this sight, you will get the option to choose your preferable reticle color. Because it also comes with red and green colored reticles.

Therefore, if you want to aim faster, your best call is 510c sight.


In order to use the sights for a longer period of time, it is important that they come with a high capacity battery to operate. Hence, always check if your selected optic has a good quality battery or not.

Holosun 507c: With this sight you will get a CR1632 battery. It can support up to 50,000 hours of battery life. The interesting features of this optic are its Solar Power Failsafe Technology and Shake Awake Technology.

The provided solar panel system allows you to use the sight when the battery fails. It means your optic will never leave you hanging out to dry if the battery fails to function. Additionally, the Shake Awake Technology works to preserve the battery life.

When your sight remains inactive for a long time, this system automatically shuts off the LED and preserves the battery energy. However, it can instantly power it up when it senses motion in the sight again.

Plus, you will have a 10 level daytime brightness setting and 2 night modes with this sight.

Holosun 510c: This optic comes with a CR2032 battery. Like the CR1632 battery, this one can work up to 50000 hours of battery life. The good part is that 510c is also provided with Solar Power Failsafe Technology and Shake Awake Technology.

These systems come as a great help in prolonging the battery life. Additionally, the sight has a 10 level daytime brightness setting and 2 night modes, enabling you to aim for the target in any lighting conditions.

So, even if the sights are provided with different types of batteries, they can last pretty much at the same duration of time.


Both of the sights are provided with a certain amount of accessories. Hence, given the price of the sights, it is essential to know what sorts of additional items you’re getting with them.

Holosun 507c: Along with this optic, you will get the following accessories:

  • T10 L key
  • User manual
  • CR1632 battery
  • Lens cloth

Since the sight is not provided with a mount, you need to purchase it separately. Especially, if you’re interested in installing it on the AR platform rifle or pistol, you have to buy high mounts for it. Otherwise, low mounts will be right for the sight.

Holosun 510c: Below is the list of accessories included with this sight:

  • T10 L key
  • Absolute Co-witness QD mount
  • User manual
  • CR2032 battery
  • Lens cloth

The good part of the sight is its QD mount. If you have an AR-15 or other AR platform firearms, it will allow you to co-witness with the iron sights. However, if you have a shotgun or an AK rifle, you might find the mount sets a bit higher in the platforms.

The price of the sights are more or less the same. So, given the price, the accessories provided with the 510c are more economical than the 507c.


In the end, the choice of the optic comes down to you. If you own a pistol, the 507c will be the right choice. However, you can also use it on the AR platform rifle but for that, you’ll need to buy a high mount to attach the sight. Plus, if you want a lightweight sight, this sight is your best bet.

But if you want faster target acquisition, you can consider the 510c as a viable option. Additionally, by choosing the 510c, you may save your money from purchasing a mount to install it.

So, we would suggest you to go through the comparison by keeping your shooting needs in mind. This way you will definitely be able to choose the right sight for you.

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