Eotech G33 vs G43 [Which One Is Better?]

Eotech is a brand mostly known for their holographic sights and hybrid sights. Besides those, they make great night vision scopes as well. But we are not here to talk about either of those. Instead, we are here to talk about something that makes their existing holographic sights even better.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s a reality we live in. Eotech makes magnifiers for their holographic sights as well. The goal of today is to find out the best between Eotech G33 vs G43.

You can take a look at the description box to have an idea of what they are and how different they are from each other. As you keep reading, you will find the similarities and dissimilarities among them in vast. Without further ado, let’s start.

Eotech G33

Key Features

  • 3x magnification.
  • Incredibly durable housing.
  • Flip to the side mounting.
  • Quick release mounting.
  • Easy to adjust.

Eotech holographic sights do not come with magnification. While the optic on its own is still great for close-quarter combat, they are not suitable for medium-range combat. Whether for security purposes or plinking purposes, you would want to invest in a magnifier. When you do, why not look at options from Eotech themselves?

Eotech G33 is an incredibly well-built magnifier fancying a 3x magnification for your convenience. The entire magnifier housing is made out of incredibly durable aluminum. This type of aluminum is rated to be “aircraft-grade”, due to its durability and lightweight nature. Rest assured, your magnifier will last as long as your Holographic optic does.

As for the magnification, it’s smooth and no motion blur is involved. There is no fisheye effect or chromatic aberration present on the optic. It does well to work under low light while reflecting the sharp glares of the sun. Overall, an excellent choice for your sights.

Eotech G43

Key Features

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Quick-release mounting system.
  • Flip to the side method.
  • Supports a wide variety of different optics.
  • Extremely durable.

Eotech did wonders with the G33, and they immediately went, watch me do it again! The G43 followed shortly after G33. While G33 is still an excellent magnifier to this day, it wasn’t the ideal choice for short barrel rifles or SMGs. Due to its size. Eotech decided to take matters into its own hands and decrease the overall size of its G33.

Eotech G43 is essentially a G33 with smaller housing. It also features the quick release and flip to the side mounting system. On top of that, it also shares the incredible housing technology paired with the fully multi-coated lens. Entire housing is also fog, water, and shockproof.

With ratings like those, you can easily use this magnifier in any kind of harsh weather and have tons of fun with it!


SpecsEotech G33Eotech G43
MountSwitch to sideSwitch to side
Waterproof33 ft/10m33 ft/10m
Weight10.6 oz/300 grams11.3 oz/320.3 grams
Dimension4.4″ x 2.2″ x 3.3″3.1″ x 2.3″ x 3.3″

Difference Between Eotech G33 & G43

What sets these two Eotech magnifiers apart? Let’s find that out in this short rapid fire format.

  • Eotech magnifier is a battle ready magnifier that has been tested in a professional environment. Yes, I mean both of them.
  • The G33 came out first and the G43 followed after.
  • G43 is smaller than G33.
  • G33 is a tad bit lighter.
  • G43 has a wider field of view than the G33.
  • G43 offers more eye relief than G33.

In Depth View

So, now from the rapid fire session and the specification chart, you already know two of them are way too close to be in the same competition. It has become difficult to choose one from them. Don’t worry, down below I’ll discuss the two magnifiers and help you choose the best among them.

Footprint & Mounting Style

Mounting style is the method used to install this magnifier on your gun directly or on the gun rail. Let’s see how different they are.

G33: G33 uses a mounting method called switch to side. This is a proprietary mounting system made by Eotech to complement their lineup of magnifiers. It’s a mounting method that transitions the use of your magnifier faster. When you don’t need it, you can move it aside and use the holographic sight directly. Yes, without removing the magnifier completely.

G43: You already read how good the switch to side mounting system is. G43 also uses the same mounting system. In fact, G45 and G30 also use the same Eotech STS mounting system. The mount is included in the package if you are wondering about that.

Which one should you go for then? Alas, you cannot make your decision based on this. Both use the same mounting and have the same pros about them.

Lens Clarity

Lenses are the glass that you will put your eyes on and see the target. Possibly with better clarity. Magnifier lenses are often more fragile than regular scope lenses and they tend to shine more. Does Eotech suffer from that? Let’s find out.

G33: G33 uses a pair of lenses made out of glasses that are tested to be battle ready. They are fully multi-coated as well. The durability of Eotech lenses is far better than any other magnifiers you might find on the market. Proving that money indeed does buy you good things.

G43: Knowing how good G33 lenses were, you would expect G43 to have the same if not better. Well, there is no better here. Cliche, right? But that’s the reality. Both of them use the same exact lenses in each magnifier. They are fully multi-coated and have several layers of anti-reflective coating to them.

Another draw between the two. I feel like there won’t be a winner at this point. Does anyone else feel the same as me?


The point of the Eotech magnifier is to magnify the vision of the holographic sight you are using from Eotech. If it doesn’t do a good job at that, then there is no point in buying that magnifier. Let’s see how good Eotech Magnifiers are.

G33: Eotech G33 comes with a fixed magnification. You can move from 1x to 3x flawlessly. The transition from two distances happens almost instantly. All while remaining the accuracy of the weapon. You won’t feel any jitters or hiccups while moving the magnification. Something we all can appreciate.

G43: Just like the G33, the G43 also comes with a fixed 1-3x magnification. You cannot magnify more or less (why would you want less) than that. The transitions from 1x to 3x and back to 1x happen instantly. There is no distortion in the process and certainly no light bleed. You will have a fun time with either of these magnifiers.

Does anyone else feel like this is a broken radio at this point? Ha-ha! Well, there you have it. Both of them use the same exact magnification.


Is that even a word? It is, believe it or not. What’s the purpose of this word in this guide you ask? Well, all of us are not right-handed shooters. Some of us are left-handed as well (yes, we exist). Let’s see how well they adapt from left to right handers POV.

G33: Most of the magnifiers till recently had right hand use capability. They weren’t ambidextrous nor did they have a reverse mounting system. Aimpoint T2 and Eotech magnifiers were exceptions for a while. The G33 uses an ambidextrous mounting system that can be used as both left and right-handed shooters.

G43: Just like the G33, G43 uses the same mounting system and has the same quick detach lever on it. You can use that to detach that and mount it to focus as a left-hander. Believe me when I say this, this feature is a real lifesaver.

Staying true as a crowd pleaser, Eotech made sure to appeal to both-handed users. Whether you are right or lefty, doesn’t really matter. They are both good for you.

Durability & Weight

Magnifiers also sit on top of your rifle and they take the same amount of recoil hit as your scope/sight. They have to be durable for you to use them for years. Let’s see how durable they are.

G33: G33 is made out of durable and light aluminum. They used the same quality aircraft-grade aluminum. The same type of material Eotech uses in their much more expensive scopes and holographic sights as well. The weight of G33 is only 10.6 oz. For a magnifier, we consider this to be fairly light.

G43: G43 is a lot smaller than G43, so it should weigh less, right? Well, no. It’s nearly 1oz heavier than G33. Did they use any different materials then? No, they used the same aircraft-grade aluminum they are known to use throughout their lineups. It’s durable, lightweight, rugged, and has a good warranty to back it up.

Here we notice one big difference between the two. If you prefer a lighter magnifier, then you are better off with G33. But if you prefer a smaller one, then you need G43. I know they kind of contradict each other. But what can you do?


As you can see, both of them are way too similar to each other. Some features like field of view and eye relief can play a big role in the decision making as well. But all in all, they are virtually brothers.

If you like the smaller form factor more, then G43 is the ideal choice for you. But if you don’t mind the form factor and want the lightest among the two, then go for G33. Otherwise, G43 can be the better deal for most as it offers longer eye relief and a better field of view.

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