Eotech EXPS2 vs EXPS3 [Which one Is Better?]

As we all know Eotech has some very popular optical sights to satisfy the needs of every shooter. The recent addition to the collection of holographic sights, the Eotech EXPS3 has been creating some buzz around the market.

Since its former colleague the EXPS2 is still in the game and giving us quite the hype, it will not be a bad decision to look into both these models and find out which one has better features.

In the battle of XPS2 vs EXPS2, the Eotech EXPS2 could not get the upper hand. Will this time the EXPS2 show something different to us? To explore that answer we have brought the battle between EXPS2 and EXPS3.

We will be comparing all the aspects of both the holographic sights and list out the differences between EXPS2 and EXPS3. That way we will be able to identify the contrasting points and discuss them elaborately to figure out the winner of this competition.

Eotech EXPS2

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight and compact.
  • The brightness of the reticle is adjustable with side buttons.
  • Clear reticle.
  • No distortion or vision deformity is present.

A lot of you might know the EXPS3 because that’s what you find in storefronts and every online vendor. But you just cannot ignore that EXPS2 exists and is a big reason why Holographic sights are so popular nowadays. Released around 2010, the EXPS2 predates the younger sibling EXPS3.

Despite the “age”, right now, the EXPS2 still holds on just fine against EXPS3 and other holographic optics. This sight was made with extreme care and great engineering. The housing of EXPS2 is made out of high-quality aluminum and it’s extremely light. To make it usable in law-enforcement services, Eotech wanted to make it extremely durable.

The lens of this optic is also top-tier and features an illuminated reticle. While it’s a bummer that it’s not compatible with night vision devices, it’s still a good option for any daytime adventures.

Eotech EXPS3

Key Features

  • Extremely light and compact.
  • Night vision compatible.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Easy to mount and use.

Released a little after the EXPS2, Eotech made a sight that will be relevant for a very long time! With a demanding price tag, Eotech had to go all-out and provide consumers with the best possible holographic sight.

EXPS3 is made out of high-quality aluminum and it’s considered as a bar to beat when it comes to weight balance and compact size. Perfect to store in your drawer when not in use. It is also compatible with night-vision devices. Which makes it an appealing choice for security services and law enforcement.

It is also good for civilian usage. Whether you are showcasing your shooting skills in a range or partaking in a competition, EXPS3 is one of the best choices for a holographic sight for your rifle.


Reticle68 MOA ring & 1 MOA dot68 MOA ring & 1 MOA dot
Brightness Settings2020 +10 NV
Night Vision Compatibility
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Mount1” Weaver/MIL-STD 19131” Weaver/MIL-STD 1913
Adjustment Click Value0.5 MOA0.5 MOA
W/E Travel0.5 MOA at 100 yds0.5 MOA at 100 yds
Water Resistant Level10 ft33 ft
Weight11.2 oz11.2 oz

EOTech EXPS2/ EXPS3 – Differences

The specifications gave a really good picture of the features of both the holographic sights so we can now create a list of the contrasting qualities of both sights.

  • The sights mount with a quick detach lever on any Weaver or Picatinny base. But they have a height difference that creates separate co-witnessing with AR iron sights.
  • Their dot size is the same but the EXPS3 has more reticle options that cover more targeting fields for the shooters.
  • The brightness levels of both the EXPS2 and EXPS3 sights are the same. However, the EXPS3 comes with night vision compatible settings.
  • Another contrasting point is their side operation buttons as one of the sights has more options for the brightness settings.
  • Lastly, although their housing construction consists of the same materials, the EXPS3 sight has more water resistance to make it more durable.

In-Depth View

Now we will elaborate on all the points mentioned in the list above and discuss the differences to declare the winner of this battle.


The Eotech holographic sights have a versatile mounting system where they can attach to any 1-inch Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rails making them compatible with a wide range of handguns and rifles.

EXPS2: This Eotech EXPS2 sight includes a quick detach lever that can be mounted on any Weaver or Picatinny base. This creates a perfect height for the holographic sight to allow absolute co-witnessing of iron sights. In addition, it leaves sufficient rail space for any external optics such as the G33 Magnifier.

EXPS3: Similarly, you will also find a quick detach lever with the EXPS3 sight. What makes it different from the EXPS2 lever is the 7mm height which is perfect for lower ⅓ co-witness with AR-15 iron sights. The sight provides true both-eyes-open shooting for fast target acquisition.

Although the Eotech EXPS2 co-witness will work great with your firearm’s iron sight, the EXPS3 provides a better base for lower ⅓ co-witness.


Both the EXPS2 and EXPS3 holographic sights have the same dot size with 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot reticles. However, they differ in the dot placement and the field they cover.

EXPS2: This sight comes with two different dot placements. The Eotech EXPS2 0 has one 68 MOA ring to cover 7 yds and one 1 MOA dot that covers from 5 yds to 200 yds. In addition, the Eotech EXPS2-2 comes with two 1 MOA dots where one covers from 5 to 200 yds of field view and another dot goes up to 500 yds.

EXPS3: On the other hand, you will get three different placements of reticle dots for the EXPS3 sight. The EXPS3-0 and EXPS3-2 have the same dot positions as the EXPS2 sight. But you also get an extra reticle in the EXPS3-4 model. There are four 1 MOA dots in this model, the three dots going respectively for 400, 500, and 600 yds. This 4-dot reticle works better when you combine it with an Eotech Magnifier.

From the reticle options and dot placements of both models, the EXPS3 will provide you with better coverage, especially with a magnifier.

Brightness Settings

The Eotech EXPS2 battery has the same quality as the EXPS3 model. That’s why we can’t really compare the Eotech EXPS3 battery life with the EXPS2 sight. However, they surely differ in the brightness levels both the sights offer.

EXPS2: The Eotech HWS EXPS2 includes 20 brightness settings which are the most levels you will find in a compact holographic sight. These levels will help you to accommodate any light condition throughout the day. The only disadvantage of this sight is that it does not have night vision compatibility.

EXPS3: Similar to the EXPS2 model, the EXPS3 sight also comes with 20 brightness levels to adjust to any lighting condition. But there is a massive difference between the EXPS2 and EXPS3 sights. This holographic sight is night vision compatible as it comes with 10 additional settings to allow you to use it with your night vision devices.

With the 10-night vision compatible brightness settings, the EXPS3 sight definitely is the winner of this round.

Side Operation Controls

The side operation controls of optical sights are important aspects to consider since they determine your usage of the sight during critical situations. They also allow you to control the windage and elevation adjustments of the sights.

EXPS2: This Eotech holographic model has side buttons that control both the brightness settings and windage and elevation adjustments. They are easy to use since being on the side gives you quick access to them. Also, they let you place a magnifier which becomes difficult when you have these knobs in the back of the sight.

EXPS3: The EXPS3 holographic also has side operation buttons like the EXPS2 sight. The only difference with this sight is that you get another button to control the night vision settings. So it is actually providing you with 10 more options to choose from than the EXPS2 sight.

Although this is a minor advantage and does not really change the quality of action for both the sights, we can’t deny the fact that having more options always is a plus. Therefore, the EXPS3 will again be a better choice.

Durability & Weight

Finally, we will compare the housing quality and weight of the two sights to find out which of these two are strong enough to take on some real action.

EXPS2: The high grade aluminum housing of the Eotech EXPS2 model is nothing but a strong holographic sight that can withhold strong recoiling from.223 calibers. This sight is submersible underwater till 10 feet giving you the benefit of using it in any harsh environment. The sight weighs 11.2 ounces which is not too heavy to put on a rifle or shotgun.

EXPS3: The EXPS3 model also has the same structure and housing construction as the other Eotech model. This model also weighs the same as the EXPS2 sight. So they are no different in the durability section. But they do differ in the water resistant level part. You can actually put this sight 33 feet underwater and it will still work just fine.

Therefore, you can choose any of the two models and you will not have to doubt their steadiness and reliability. But we have to admit the water resistant level gives the EXPS3 model more edge.


To sum it up, as we navigated through every contrasting point of both the holographic sights, we saw the EXPS3 taking a major lead in almost every part. Although the EXPS3 2 does not differ much from the EXPS2-2 model, when it comes to the EXPS3-4 model, the sight really presents some lucrative features, especially for 5.56 rifles.

That does not mean the EXPS2 is anywhere less. This holographic sight also has some great functions you would want to have for your firearm. But the comparison between them proves the EXPS3 sight to be the winner of this battle.

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