When it comes to shotguns, both Benelli and Beretta have made up a big name for themselves among their peers! Due to both of the brands making quality products and competing against each other, the consumer is supposed to get a bit confused. 

If you are considering a shotgun for skeet shooting, hunting, and sporting clays, then both Benelli Ethos and A400 from Beretta will be your top choices. Both of these guns are made for competitive shooting and they can do everything you expect them to do. 

But that doesn’t answer the question, which one is the better between the two? Is there any room for debate? Should you bother with either of them? Well, that’s what you are here to find out. So, let’s find out which one is the right for you between Benelli Ethos Vs Beretta A400, shall we? 

Benelli Ethos 

Benelli Ethos is an Inertia-Driven multi-purpose shotgun. It’s available in 12 or 20-gauge. While choosing the gun, you will also find 3 finishes. One is nickel, another is gloss-blued, and the last one is blued. 

The stock of this gun is walnut. The recoil pad is not made out of wood. It’s made out of soft synthetic material. In case you don’t like walnuts, Benelli also has a supersport variant of it. That one uses synthetic stock. 

Beretta A400 

The A400 shotgun family has quite a few options to choose from as well. Depending on what you want to do with the gun, you can choose different variants. For example, they have a bunch of options for waterfowl hunting. You will find the ones made for clay shooting and upland in different categories. 

All of them have one thing in common, though they are gas-powered rifles and they shoot really well. It’s not set in stone that you cannot fire anything else with the clay shooting model. You for sure, can. 

Their build quality is amazing and their noise level is quite low as well. With the right muzzle device, you can hope to use this weapon for a very long time! 

Beretta A400 Vs Benelli Ethos – Key Differences

While both of the guns have some similarities like sharing similar-looking walnut stocks, they are not the same gun and never will be. Here are some key differences between the two models. 


While both guns do share walnut as a material in some models, Beretta A400 has tons more options that outweigh the number produced by Benelli! In my opinion, this is a subjective matter and you should find the stock that you are comfortable with. 


In terms of ergonomics, they don’t have much difference. But the Benelli has an edge in terms of the recoil pad. Both of their recoil pads are made out of synthetic/composite material. But the pad on Benelli feels a lot smoother and comfortable. 

But if you want the utmost comfort possible, then you will need to purchase the A400 kick-back stock and install that on your Beretta. With the integrated spring design, the kick-off stock will provide you with the most comfortable shotgun experience ever! 


If you are an elderly competitor or just don’t like the recoil of shotguns in general, then you would adore the gas-powered A400! On top of that, it has a spring system stock upgrade as I mentioned above! 

In terms of recoil, the A400 is a clear winner. Ethos has a bit of recoil kick to it, but nothing that will admit you to the hospital. If you are used to the recoil of inertia-driven shotguns, then Ethos will feel right at home. 


The Beretta A400 is a semi-automatic gun storing 1 bullet in the chamber. The magazine you feed into it can hold 3 more shots. So, 4 shots in total. As for the Ethos, it has one extra bullet in the magazine. 4+1 instead of 3+1. 


Both of the guns are quite accurate. If you add in muzzle accessories, then the accuracy will differ a little bit. But if you are someone who shoots clay or waterfowl a lot, then the accuracy of A400 with a duck bill might entice you a little more. 

Beretta A400 Vs Benelli Ethos – Similarities

Just like their differences, they share some similarities that are worth considering. 

Shooting Capability 

They are both multi-purpose shotguns made for competition, self-defense, and hunting. If you are gunning for the first prize, both of them will do the job for you. 


While their comfort may differ depending on the variant of the weapon you have, their shape will feel similar. At first glance, you might even confuse them if you haven’t seen all the models from both companies before. 


Even though Beretta says they have different variant for different purposes, you can go against the rules and use either edition for any task. 

As for the Ethos, well it’s multipurpose to begin with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Gun Is Better Between Benelli And Beretta? 

Both of the companies make excellent weapons no doubt about that. It’s not entirely possible to rule out one as the clear winner. Depending on your shooting context and budget, the winner will vary. 

Can I Hunt Waterfowl with A Beretta A400? 

Absolutely! Beretta urges you to choose the A400 that is specifically made for the task. So, if you want you can do that. Or you can take any of your A400 and it will hunt all the same. 

Is Ethos Good For Hunting? 

Ethos is an awesome weapon for hunting. It can shoot down turkeys as well. Depending on the range you shoot at and the type of choke you use, the hunting capability of Ethos will vary highly. 

Closing Thoughts 

I know you are here to find out the “better” weapon between Benelli Ethos Vs Beretta A400, unfortunately, I’m unable to declare one as a clear winner. 

What I can say is, I provided you with solid ground and arguments that will help you shape your decision. 

That’s all for now. Hope you had a fun time reading it and learned something new. You have my good luck in your adventures. See you next time Hunter! 

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