CZ makes both 712 and 1012. CZ has been a trusted company in the gun community for decades now.

With over 20 years of history, the CZ 712 is in 3rd generation now. If you have a Gen 1, consider yourself lucky cause both Gen 1 and Gen 2 have been discontinued. Despite all the different generational upgrades, CZ 712 always had one true competition.

The CZ 1012. It’s not unheard of where two guns from the same company compete in the same price bracket. Don’t worry, I was equally confused between CZ 712 vs CZ 1012. Thankfully, I now know enough to help you choose one between the two.

Without further ado, let’s start.

CZ 712

The CZ 712 is a semi-automatic gas-operating shotgun made for competitions and hunting. The gun features a synthetic body instead of walnut like the G2 and G3.

The body is extremely durable and lightweight as well. Thanks to its durability, the first-gen 712 is still around in people’s cabinets. It’s a great shotgun for anything from self-defense to plinking, you choose what you want to do.

CZ 1012

From all the success the CZ 712 is getting, CZ had to make their next gun a lot better than the 712. After all, the 712 was a great gun to begin with.

Instead of the gas chamber, CZ 1012 features an inertia shooting chamber. The recoil of 1012 is also quite low and is easy to control. It’s also a great gun for sporting and hunting as well. While it’s not used for hunting all the time, it’s one of those versatile guns that is capable of doing both.

CZ 712 vs CZ 1012 – Key Differences

Now that we know a little about the guns, let’s see what are the main differences between the two.


In terms of durability, CZ 712 had years to prove its worth. The synthetic body of the gun has been an outstanding choice from CZ. While CZ is a Czech Republic brand, the 712 was made in Turkey by Huglu.

As for the 1012, it comes with a Walnut base and handle. The base is incredibly well-made and will last you a long time as well. Walnut has always been the go-to choice for gun handles for eternity now.

Overall, both guns are extremely durable and will last a long time as well.


The CZ 712 uses a gas-operated semi-automatic action. It utilizes the energy from fired shells to cycle the next round. On the other hand, CZ 1012 uses an inertia-driven chamber. The force generated from the recoil ejects the spent shell and loads the next round.

Due to the difference in action type, the CZ 712 is harder to clean and 1012 is a breeze to work on.

Magazin Capacity

Magazine capacity can be a deal-breaker for some. The total capacity of CZ 712 is typically 4 shots in the magazine and one in the chamber.

On the other hand, you will find 5 shots in the magazine and 1 shot in the chamber. Usually, you can find after-market equipment to increase magazine capacity.

But in my opinion, both of them have a respectable amount of magazine capacity and they are perfect for competitive shooting as well.


Weight and balance is a crucial part of a gun. If the weight is too much or the balance is off-center, then you won’t have a fun time shooting the gun.

This is where the CZ 712 has an edge over the 1012. If you are finding the 1012 to be heavier, you are not mistaken or imagining things. The weight of 1012 is around 7.6 pounds without any accessories and the 712 is around 7.4 pounds.

If you are looking for a lighter gun, you know which one to get.


Both of these guns had several years on the market and thousands of users to work with. Thanks to that, we have enough information to form an opinion on the reliability of the gun.

If you are concerned about the cleaning process of your gun, then you can choose the 1012 instead of 712. Gas-operated guns are typically harder to clean and need to be maintained regularly.

In all kinds of weather, the CZ 1012 is a better choice as it can cycle even under adverse conditions. In terms of reliability, they are equal. But 1012 might be more convenient for the most.


We cannot take a gun that is not accurate. Even if it’s a shotgun, it still needs to be accurate to a distance. Or else, it cannot be considered a sporting shotgun.

CZ 712 has a front sight that is highly visible and equipped with fast-target acquisition. Thanks to this, the accuracy of 712 is incredibly high at a distance.

Similarly, the CZ 1012 features a fiber-optic front sight. It gives the shooter a brighter and more visible vision of the target. It also has fast-target acquisition.

As the CZ 1012 gun comes with interchangeable chokes, it allows you, the shooter, to choose the patterns for your shooting situation.

Which Shotgun Is Better?

So, which one is the better gun between the two? All the differences wouldn’t mean much if we still couldn’t determine the best among them.

On one hand, the CZ 712 offers a traditional shooting experience with gas-operated action. It appeals to shooters who prefer a classic shooting experience but with a modern semi-automatic function for reliability.

On the other hand, you have the CZ 1012 which offers a modern design with walnut stock and an inertia-driven action system. It also features a larger magazine. In some cases, this is also the more accurate between the two.

So, the better shotgun between the two depends on your shooting preference and requirements. To find the right one for you, I would suggest you go to a local gun store and try out both of them and then choose.

Characteristics Of Both CZ 712 And CZ 1012

Just like they have many dissimilarities, they share a couple of similarities as well.


Both of them have some characteristics that are shared among them both. For example, they both include a 3-inch chamber. The total barrel length of both is 14.5 inches.

These shared characteristics imply that both of them have a versatile shooting experience. Whether it’s hunting clay shooting or even competitive shooting, both of these guns can and will do any task with ease.

Recoil Management

Recoil management is a crucial part of a gun. If the recoil is too much and is also hard to control at the same time, it will automatically get discarded by most.

Thankfully, both of these guns have really easy-to-control recoil and you can mitigate the recoil effectively. Gas-operated 712 is quite good at reducing the felt recoil.

The CZ 1012 with inertia action offers better control at the recoil as well.


Both of the guns share a lot of similarities and that runs deep in the accessories as well.

Depending on what kind of shooting you want, you can change the choke on 1012 almost instantly and see massive improvements.

They also offer the same type of receiver rail for optic and you will find a third-party rail system to install riflescopes on them as well. For upgrading them, they are quite similar as well.

Care and Maintenance

Earlier I mentioned that the CZ 712 is a bit harder to maintain. And that’s true. Because of the gas-powered action system, it leaves too much residue and smell behind that you want to take care of regularly.

It also needs to be properly lubed before each competition. Make sure to follow the recommended type and amount before you start the cleaning or lubing process. Also, try to store both guns in a safe from dust area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shotgun Has Better Recoil Management?

Both of them are designed to mitigate the recoil and overall, give the shooter a smooth ride with no bumps involved. But here, there is a clear winner. Due to the improved chamber system that doesn’t use gas-action like the 712, the CZ 1012 is an obvious choice for better recoil management.

Can Both Of These Guns Used For Multiple Shooting Applications?

Absolutely! Both of them are versatile and suitable for hunting, clay shooting, and in general, target practicing. Thanks to the interchangeable choke of 1012, it further improves the stability and versatility of the gun.

What Is The Capacity Of Cz 1012 And 712 Shotguns?

The total capacity of stock CZ 712 is 4+1 and 5+1 on CZ 1012.

Which Shotgun Is Better For Beginner Shooters?

Both of them are suitable options for beginners. Due to low recoil and easy to maintain, they will not put you in debt either. But right now, I would recommend the 1012 to beginners. That’s due to availability, price, and also the easy-to-maintain recoil.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this guide was able to help you choose between the CZ 712 vs CZ 1012. Both of them are great gun suitable for multiple tasks and offers incredible versatility.

Whether you want a good sporting shotgun or a good hunting shotgun, both of them can do good for you.

Both of these guns are quite good. But right now the G1 of 712 is not available for purchase and has been discontinued for a long-time now. If you want to take the 712, I would recommend you to take CZ 712 G3 instead.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading as usual. Will see you guys on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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