Do Tritium Sights Need To Be Charged?

To simply answer, no, the Tritium sights don’t need to be charged. It is because of the use of the material Tritium in the sights. The material is known to be a radioactive isotope which consists of three atoms of the element hydrogen.

And in the optic, this Tritium comes in a small glass vial that contains Phosphor. So, what happens is, when the Tritium mixes with Phosphor, it radiates light. Even though it doesn’t emit a lot of light, it gives a glowing effect that can be seen in a dark environment.

Installing Tritium Vials

Hence, you don’t need any external power source to use the Tritium made night sights. This is one of the reasons for their popularity that you will never need to worry about recharging them and switching on/off the power while using them.

How To Install Tritium Vials?

You can always replace or re-install the Tritium vials in your rear sights. For the process, you will require the following tools:

Now use the given steps to install Tritium vials in the rear sights:

  • The first thing you have to do is clean the sight’s place where you will insert the vials. To do that, use a good amount of Acetone to clean the area. Then using small screwdrivers or tweezers, you need to take out the old vials from the sights.
  • After taking out the vials, you may need to drill the sight holes a bit so that the new vials are set properly in the sights.
  • Now put the required amount of UV-activated adhesives into the holes.
  • Place the vials in the holes and make sure they are centered.
  • Within a week or so, the vials will be perfectly set in sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tritium sights need sunlight?

No, the Tritium sights don’t need sunlight to function. The beta radiation that the Tritium emits, gets mixed with the Phosphor of the vial container. It mainly causes the sight to glow at night. But in the daytime, you won’t see the glow of the Tritium, it would rather look like a conventional dot in sight.

Is Tritium dangerous?

Having been exposed to a high level of tritium can be dangerous for you. But the Tritium night sights will not cause any harm to you. Because first, it is properly sealed in the sight, so there is very little chance of it being cracked or broken. Next, the amount of beta particles that the company uses is quite low.

What is the drawback of Tritium sights?

The main drawback of the Tritium sights is, they cost a lot more than the other optics. Since Tritium is an expensive material, it naturally increases the price of the sights. However, interestingly, the money you put into the sights is a fruitful investment.

The half life of the Tritium sights is nearly 12 years which means you can continuously use the sights for 12 years without any hassles. And after that time frame, they can work an additional 5-6 years.


To conclude, you don’t need to recharge the Tritium made night sights. This self-luminous sight allows you to use it without any external power source or backup. Many of you may think that since it is a radioactive material, it may be harmful to your health.

But that is not the case. The level of beta radiation used in the sights is very low and hence, it won’t cause harm to your health. Therefore, you can purchase the Tritium sights without worrying about anything. Plus, if you ever need to replace the vials, you can easily do it by yourself. For that, you can use our given installment procedure if you want.

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