Knives come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Each one of them is true to add to the functionality of the knife.

One of the emerging knife materials nowadays in the market is the titanium knife. Not only are they pretty to look at but also excel in their efficiency. From carrying them around regularly in your pockets to using them as kitchen appliances, they always have your back!

However, when it comes to choosing one among several options, it’s fair to feel frustrated. To save you from confusion we have reviewed some titanium knives.

Have a good read of these options in order to save your mind from all the unnecessary hassles.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Perfect Titanium Knife?

Unfortunately, looking up the reviews alone won’t help you in grabbing the concept easily. Another essential task to finish is keeping the right factors in mind.

How is that possible? Well, we got all that backed up for you in this section. Without wasting any of your further time here are some of the significant factors that you must keep in mind to make the right decision!

Have a thorough read, folks!

Blade Length

What most people are concerned about when buying a knife is the blade size of the knife.

Knives with a length of 3-5 inches of titanium drive are a good pick. Wondering what will happen if you buy a much bigger one? Well, it will simply be too long and heavy for your usage.

However, if by chance your knife is about 2 inches then you will not be able to work with it flawlessly.

The Handle

The most important thing in this sector is the handle’s ergonomics. What does that mean?

Well, it means that the handles should have a good textural grip which will allow you to use the knife without any risk of slipping it. Have a good look at the knife’s handle to check if it will be able to handle the currents underwater.

Moving on from that, why miss out on the length of the handle? It’s another important thing you must look for. Check the length of the handle to ensure whether it will fit in your hand or not.

The Edge of the Knife

After going through our list, you might have noticed that there are many types of tips and edges available in knives. You should know some of them in order to choose the one that suits your requirements better.

  • Serrated: These knives have sharp edges that can be used to cut through layers of fibers like in ropes.
  • Tanto: This interestingly, consists of both dull and pointed tips. How does this help? Well, it provides a sharp edge with a very dull tip. By choosing this style you will be able to enjoy both features.
  • Pointed: As the name suggests, this one has a pointed end. This means that you will be able to use it for cutting through tough surfaces.
  • Plain: These knives are ideal for cutting plastic or nylon ropes. Why? Well, this is because both sides of this knife are plain and you might say smooth.
  • Dull: As mentioned previously, this one has a dull surface that allows you to chisel and gid through things.


Another thing you have to consider is to keep your gear safe. Some of the knives come with no folding options. Look whether it comes with a sheath or not. A quality sheath is important.

Sheath straps or leg straps come with some knives, especially with the diving knife. In that case, make sure the length of the straps is fitted with your leg.

What are The Advantages of a Titanium Knife?

It sure does seem like a silly factor at first, as the material is already chosen: titanium!

However, you should recognize the benefit of this material. There’s so much more to titanium knives than it seems.

Skipping ahead of the chitchat, a titanium knife is one of the most powerful corrosion-resistant knives out there. They can detain the sharp edge for a long period of time even without the need for regular sharpening. This surely does mean that you save much of your precious time.

When compared to another popular material which is the stainless steel blade, titanium might be comparatively expensive.

However, they are much lighter in weight. This is a key factor when it comes to choosing an easy-to-use and portable knife. The lighter the knife, the more efficiency will be spotted in its moves.

Top 10 Best Titanium Knives with 3 Best Picks!

These days, a lot of knives are coming from different manufacturers. That’s why it’s becoming a tedious fact to find the best one. Maybe you are also getting tired of searching for the best one?

Just kick your stress out! Here is a list of the best titanium knives.

Editors’ Best 3 Titanium Knives’ Reviews

In this section, we are just trying to help you find the best one without wasting much time. Then why late? Let’s drive to the reviews.

1. Drop+Laconico Keen Titanium Frame Lock Folding Knife

Key Features

  • S35VN stainless steel blade
  • Single clean line handle
  • Provides a 7.9-inch titanium framework
  • Spear-point blade

Bringing to you this flat blade knife by the worldwide recognized company Drop. Apart from its handsome look, the color options are sure to take your breath away. Unlike the other knives, this one has more shades of color which include a gray, bronze, purple, bronze portal, and gray portal.

There are styles for both right hand and left hand. The blade in this titanium knife is the S35VN blade which is of course stainless steel. It measures about 3.4 inches in length. Not to forget, the spear-point is a great addition to this masterpiece.

Furthermore, the most signature thing about this knife is the titanium frame lock. This consists of a slightly curved titanium handle and of course, a spear-point tip that will allow you to pierce through objects easily.

Adding more, the handle of this knife has a single clean line at the base which is the main source of the visual balance of the knife.
However, do keep in mind that if you have high pockets then the sureness of the top of the pocket clip will friction against you when you attempt to sit down.

As this knife is pointy as mentioned previously, it is better to use this knife to cut through tough objects. This can be done using the very sharp edge that it offers.

Is The Flipper Tab Completely Safe?

Yes, it is safe. However, it might sometimes cause your fingers to roll off, therefore it is better if you stay cautious at times.

How is Titanium Processed?

It has a stonewashed finish. This means that it has been provided a distressed texture by applying friction on it.

Is This Knife Big Enough to Fit in The Pockets?

This titanium knife might take up a fair share of your pocket. However, in the end, it depends upon the size of your pocket. It usually does fit into your pockets.

2. Zero Tolerance 0450 Reversible Pocketclip Titanium Knife

Key Features

  • Titanium frame lock
  • Finger guard, jimping, and choil protection
  • Drop-point tip

This one manufactured from the brand Zero Tolerance comes in only one shade. The interesting thing about this knife is that the flipper can be used by both left and right-handed users. This increases its convenience.

The titanium knife has an overall length of 7.4 inches with a lightweight of about only 2.9 ounces. Yet you won’t have to compromise with any of the other essential features. Starting from the lock mechanism to the choil; this knife has it all.

To be specific, the titanium frame lock enables the blade to be sturdy in its position. This is all thanks to the steel lock bar. Furthermore, the finger guard, choil, and jumping help you with everyday tasks in any type of weather.

The pocket clip allows carrying the knife easily. Alongside that the reversible tip-up and tip-down pocket clip allow you to change the position of the tip. Do keep in mind that the knife might be too thin for your use. Also the clip might be too weak which might cause it to snap off.

Due to the high corrosion resistance and strength of the knife, it is best suited for daily chores like slicing, cutting, chopping, scaling, digging, and even piercing in any climate. To sum this up, it allows you to do absolutely anything that you might want to be able to do with a knife.

Is This an Assisted Flipper?

This zero-tolerance knife is not assisted open. However, you shall be able to open the knife smoothly without applying much force to it.

How to Close The Knife?

As it consists of a frame lock you shall be able to open it using your thumb to push to the left of the frame lock inside the handle. Afterward, close up the blade carefully.

Does the Knife Come with a Deep Pocket Clip?

This knife doesn’t come with a carry/flush pocket clip. As a result, you won’t be able to fit this knife deep in your pockets.

3. Atomic Aquatics Titanium Ti6 Scuba Diving Knife

Key Features

  • Titanium alloy blade with full tang
  • Plastic grip handle
  • 4-inch cutting edge blade
  • Quick-adjustable sheath straps

This knife is another one of the best knives for any underwater adventurer. This knife has been manufactured by Atomic Aquatics. The main feature of this knife is without a doubt the full-tang titanium blade.

It is not a surprise that the knives meant for use underground need to be corrosion resistant. It provides you with the exact thing. Yes! It is corrosion-resistant. The knife is beautifully handcrafted and honed full-tanged.

Furthermore, the overall length of the knife is 8.5-inch and the blade is 4-inch. The blade consists of a serrated edge and a large line-cutting notch to help you get through tough objects.

The knife’s handle is also praise-worthy. It has the famous atomic design which is seen in the molded handle. It also comes with finger grooves which ensures that you will be able to have a safe grip.

Apart from all these, there is also a locking sheath with a push-button release mechanism available for you. You will be able to use the lanyard hole to keep the knife within reach. You will also be able to disassemble the knife for better cleaning facilities.

Like the previous one, this knife is also used for underwater adventures. You might have guessed it from the name of the knife itself. As it is specialized to be durable underwater, therefore, you will not face any trouble in cutting ropes, harnesses, or any sort of tough materials using this knife.

Does The Knife Come with a Plastic or Rubber Grip?

Yes, this knife does come with a good quality plastic grip. It doesn’t have a rubber grip. This grip helps you to have better control over your knife.

How Long are The Leg Straps on The Sheath?

This knife comes with two leg straps. One is attached to the upper part of the sheath and another one is there on the bottom part. The upper strip is 21-in in length and the bottom strip is 16.5 inches.

Does the Knife Mount to a BCD?

The knife is too big to put on BCD. However, the leg straps will surely come in handy for your usage as you will be able to use them to mount.

More 7 Best Titanium Knives You Can Consider…

4. Audeamus Titanium Dive Knife

Key Features

  • Titanium alloy
  • Plastic handle with grip
  • Well-built leg straps
  • Locking sheath

Up next, we have this dive knife produced by the company Audeamus. This knife offers you the most premium titanium quality with a 5-inch blade. The blade is protected with anti-corrosive titanium alloy which is also known as Gr.5. Like any other aluminum knives, this one has a rust-free guarantee along with the need for constant maintenance.

The upper edge is also sharpened with serrated features. Not only that, it does come with a premium and well-built leg strap. This premium locking sheath mechanism keeps your knife safe even underwater. You can secure your knife to the lock in the sheath. Moreover, they are offering a 60 days money-back guarantee. Why miss out?

It is important that we remind you that this knife is ideal for right-hand people, as it might be tough to handle for left-handed folks.

This knife is perfect for diving, fishing, and spearfishing. As the knife is completely rust guaranteed therefore you will be able to keep the knife in contact with water. The sheath system allows you to keep the knife to yourself without losing it.

How Many Days Will This Knife Stay Sharp?

This knife stays sharp for a really long period of time. However, in order to use it for quite a long time, you should constantly sharpen it up for optimum outputs.

Is There a Hole to Thread a Leash?

Yes, there is a hole in this knife. You will be able to thread a leash to it which will allow you to carry the knife without much difficulty.

How Does This Knife Stay in The Sheath?

This knife has a double lock system. This system provides you with two buttons on the two sides of the handle which can be pushed to set the knife free.

5. Tusa FK-940 X-PPert II Titanium Dive Knife

Key Features

  • Serrated edge
  • Provides a 4 ½” or an 11 cm blade length
  • Separable feature
  • Single-button sheath lock release

Next on the list, we have this beautiful titanium dive knife in both metallic dark red and metallic silver color for you. This knife is produced by the well-off brand TUSA. Like the other titanium-coated knife this one is made of titanium for its corrosion-resistant. The blade is in a drop shape.

Not only that, but the titanium knife also consists of a serrated edge. The opposite edge is a line cutter. Both edges together aid you in accomplishing more sharp jobs.

Alongside the performance, this 10.4 ounces knife has a well-designed handle that provides excellent grip. This assists in your fingertips being pressed correctly.

The sheath comes with a single-button lock feature. A set of straps is easy to attach with the sheath and is adjustable making this knife set more comfortable. You can easily purchase this item without any hesitation.

This knife is great as an all-rounder. It fits well, is stable and sturdy, not to forget the immense strength, along with the perfect length. You should be able to perform every desirable act with this knife.

Is There a Hole in This Titanium Knife?

Yes, there is a small hole that is present in the knife. This hole is used to attach any dummy rope to the knife which will help you to carry it around.

Does This Mount on The BCD with The Aid of Screws?

No, it doesn’t. This knife isn’t intended to be mounted on any other appliances. This includes the BCD too.

How to Disassemble This Knife?

You can remove the side panels with the TUSA logo on them. Then you will be able to easily make the knife come apart.

6. Aqualung Big Squeeze Tanto Tip Dive Titanium Knife

Key Features

  • Squeeze lock design
  • Various mounting options
  • Anti-slip plastic handle
  • High-grade beta alloy titanium

Bringing to you this stylish knife manufactured by the well-known company AquaLung Wenoka. Not only this knife, but their entire series of knives is also worth the price as they have all the perfect knife accessories.

This fact is proven again when it comes to this titanium knife that they have produced. Starting with the blade, which is made up of 304 series stainless steel or you might say high-grade Beta Alloy Titanium. The blade is about 4 ½” with an overall length of 9 ½”.

Moving from the blade, the next thing that catches the eye is the patented locking mechanism this squeeze lock design provides the security of ensuring your knife stays in the sheath. Alongside that, you can easily get it out with a single pull at the handle.

Alongside the variety of colors, the knife also offers many options for mounting. You will be able to mount it on the rubber leg straps along with the molded belt clip on the sheath. The blade is lengthy.

However, it might be wise to remember that the weight of the knife is about 1 pound. This, in turn, might make it difficult to carry.

This knife is great for outdoor activities you might use it during camping or tracking. Not only that, it just becomes your next partner in any type of sport.

What are The Mounting Options for This Titanium Knife?

Unlike other knives, you get more options for mounting this knife. The mounting options are the arm/leg strap along with the regular squeeze with the BCD mount.

What is The Full Tang?

Like many other knives, this one is a full tang. This means that the blade of this knife can be extended fully through the handle. This is applicable to both the length and width of the knife.

Can The End of The Handle Metal be Used as a Tank Banger?

Yes, it can absolutely be used as a tank banger without any second doubt.

7. Kizer Cutlery Rainbow Titanium Handles Folding Pocket Knife

Key Features

  • 6AI4V titanium handle
  • S35VN stainless steel blade
  • Frame lock mechanism
  • Titanium pocket clip

Presenting to you this beautiful rainbow patterned knife from the much-known brand Kizer. The color is in itself a complete beauty with the rainbow pattern.

The lightweight titanium knife is offered to you. All thanks to the collaboration between the brands Kizer and TomCat knives. The specialty is of course the handle which has a subtle textured pattern. Not only does it provide you with the looks but also gives that amazing grip.

Moving on to the blade, like the previous one, this one is made from the S35VN stainless steel. The 7.48-inch blade is finished with a stonewashed finish. This makes the blade wear-resistant along with being durable.

Moving on from the blade. You might notice the flipper which consists of a frame lock, pocket clip, and a lanyard hole. The pocket clip is a tip-up made of milled titanium. If that’s not enough then the compact design that fits perfectly in your pockets is sure to owe you.

When buying this knife, keep in mind that the handle of this knife might not seem stiff enough to you. Due to this if any pressure is applied on the top two inches of the handle then the blade will not open with the intended action.

This knife is absolutely a traveler’s dream. If you are always on the road then why not choose this beautiful knife? It simply fits in your pockets so you don’t have to worry about portability. You will be able to easily use it for camping chores or any type of sports-related task.

How Thick is The Blade?

The blade is about 3mm at the widest point of the spine and the length is about 8.5 cm.

Does this Knife Open as Easily as an Assisted One?

No, this knife might take some extra effort to open up completely. This is due to the small flipper tab. But applying a little force will allow you to open it within a few seconds.

Is This Knife Stonewash Finished?

Like most other knives on the list, this one is also stonewashed. It has this beautiful distressed and rustic texture.

8. Kizer Cutlery Megatherium Elijah Isham Titanium Knife

Key Features

  • Flipper mechanism
  • Handle made up of titanium
  • CPM S35VN stainless steel

Start off with this beautiful foldable knife by the well-known manufacturer Kizer. This titanium knife was designed by Elijah Isham. Imported all the way from China, this knife weighs about 5.43 ounces with a total length of 8.62″.

The blade is about 3.65″ in length. Talking about the blades one can’t ignore the Wharncliffe. It is produced from CPM S35VN stainless steel. Not only that, but it also consists of a top sedge, a stonewash finish, and a flipper.

Moving on to the handle, which is made of slender gray titanium and carbon fiber. Apart from these, it also has a well-decorated pivot with a sturdy frame lock and titanium pocket clip. One of the most significant details is the “Edge below Tab” flipper system which enables you to hide the flipper for uninterrupted usage of the knife.

This titanium folding knife is a great addition to your work kit. Being foldable acts as an advantage, you will be able to carry it without any hassles to your adventures. You should be able to perform any type of tough chore using this titanium knife.

Is This a Knife-Assisted Opening?

Unfortunately, this knife is not assisted in the opening. However, you can open up this foldable knife within a short period of time without providing much effort.

Where to Find a Sheath for This Knife?

As this is a foldable knife, therefore, for carrying safety hazards you won’t have to take advantage of any sheath.

What is The Use of The Stonewash Finish?

The stonewash finish provides a distressed yet rustic look to the blade. It is done by applying friction to the knife.

9. Drop+Ferrum Forge Dao Titanium Frame Lock Pocket Knife

Key Features

  • S35VN blade & Sheepsfoot shape
  • Low-profile flipper
  • Provides a sizable choil

Guess who barges into the list again? The brand Drop is well-known for making beautifully constructed blades. This one collaboration with Ferrum Forge Dao is no exception.

Starting with the blade, this one also consists of the S35VN which is one of the most balanced steel blades in the market. It ensures the durability of your knife. Alongside that provides you with more control over the knife.

Not to forget, the long flat spine also makes a big difference as it allows you more control over your little friend.

Moving on to the flipper which is about 7.6 inches allows you to open up this titanium foldable knife within a few seconds. Adding to the list is the ambidextrous titanium pocket clip which is an important factor in this knife.

Yet, keep in your concern that the lock bars are not as good as with the slightest hint of pressure it will completely stop the blade from deploying. Therefore, when using this knife you will have to be really careful with your hands.

As it is a sharp knife, it should be thick enough for doing any chore that you might need its assistance with. Starting from cutting ropes to piercing through cupboards to even slicing apples; you can definitely count on this fellow. With the input of much less effort, you will get efficient results.

What is The Meaning of The Heat Treatment of This Knife?

Like any other good forged knife, this one is heat treated. In this process, the knife is passed through high temperatures in order to harden the steel.

Can This Knife Be Shipped to New York?

Unfortunately, due to strict knife laws, this knife can’t be shipped to New York.

What is The Role of The Sizable Choil?

At the base of the blade, there is a sizable choil. This aids in maintaining the sharpness of the knife even after continuous rough usage.

10. Scubapro Mako Titanium Diving Knife

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant 3.5-inch titanium blade
  • Multifunctional knife
  • Large handle with a thumb guard
  • Unique locking mechanism

This knife in particular has been made by the well-known brand Scubapro. Like the other knives, this one is obviously rust-resistant. This in turn means that it is made up of titanium which is strong alongside being sharp.

Talking about sharpness, this knife comes with a 3.5-inch blade. This blade will provide you with a serrated edge along with a conventional edge. Alongside this, the unique locking mechanism of the sheath is praiseworthy. This will allow you to open the knife with the aid of only one hand.

While mentioning convenience, this knife has a secured large handle that comes with a gipping area and a thumb guard. You can utilize both to prevent the knife from slipping. However, it is better to acknowledge that to some people the handle might seem to be too small. It doesn’t fit in a 7mm wetsuit.

As this titanium pocket knife has two different blade sides it can be used for multiple functions. Most of them are specialized for underwater use. The serrated edge can be used for saving through ropes while the conventional edge can be utilized to make clean slicing cuts, a line-cutting notch, and a bottle opener.

Can the Knife be Taken Apart?

As the rubberized handle is glued to the metal part of the blade of the knife it can’t be removed. It is in a fixed shape.

Does the Knife Come with a Strap and Screw Mount?

Yes, this knife provides you with straps and also screw mounts. You will be able to mount the knife without any hazards.

Is This Knife Ambidextrous?

This knife is manufactured to be used by both hands. Both left-handed and right-handed people will be able to use this knife without facing any inconvenience.

Final Words!

If you have gone through the reviews and buying guide for the titanium knife thoroughly, then we can assure you that you are on the right track.

Look up your options and think with a clear and already sorted mind to make the best purchase of your life!

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