However, it can be quite frustrating to pick the best Helle Knife from thousands.

Helle has taken over the knife industry with its high-quality knives. Their unique craftsmanship makes each one of their knives unique and cool. Then which one should you pick?

Nothing to sweat… You’re going to have the best Norway knife, man! Providing our 7 best collections with 2 best picks, we are here to make your decision easier.

Without wasting any more of your precious moments, let’s dive into the deep Helle Knives reviews!

Top 7 Amazing Helle Knives with Buying Guides

It’s really tedious to find the best one from thousands of quality products. Helle has been producing a lot of unique and quality knives over the decades. That’s why it is a tricky job to pick the perfect piece.

Do you have any idea about the tricks? Our team collected the top 7 Helle knives and recommended the 2 best products you can check for.

Editors’ 2 Best Picks: in-Depth Helle Knives Reviews

Here are the 2 best Helle Knife Set you will surely fall in love with. Just try any of them:

1. Helle – Gaupe – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • Triple laminated stainless steel
  • V-Grind shaped blade
  • Two layers of tough stainless steel
  • Curly birch handle with finger guard

It can easily be your choice when it comes to classic mid-sized knives. What makes it unique actually?

Well, this knife comes with a V-Grind shape triple laminated stainless steel blade. The blade has been constructed with two-layer of stainless steel that makes this knife anti-rust and too tough to break. Moreover, the high carbon core blade offers a sharp cutting edge which is also incredible.

Holding the knife, we were surprised because it provides a premium feel to your handle. The curly birch wood handle with a finger guard offers excellent grip ensuring safety.

Both the 4.2 inches long blade and the handle together enhance its efficiency at a surprising rate. With the pretty sharp blade, you will get a genuine leather Scandinavian design sheath.

For the purpose of camping and hunting, this is a perfect choice. The sharp blade enables it to be used for versatile use. If you love adventure, just go for this.

How to Use The Brass Knob at The End of The Handle?

The main intent of the brass knob is to hold the handle and the blade together preventing them from separating.

Is The Knife Full Tang?

This knife is a stick tang, consisting of a rat-tail tang. This means that this one is in full length but not full width.

Does This Knife Allow You to Cut Hard Things Like Wood or Bamboo?

As a camping knife, this is sturdy enough to cut wooden things. It has an anti-corrosion feature. So, Possible to cut small wooden things.

2. Helle – GT – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • High-carbon core stainless steel
  • Straight back blade shape
  • Curly birch wooden handle
  • Aluminum finger guard
  • Two layers of stainless steel

Here’s a long-running knife for you. Helle GT knife has been part of Helle’s knife collection. The traditional design makes it attractive to most buyers. Surely you will also love this one.

The GT knife is designed in a way to fit into all types of hand sizes ranging from small hands to large hands. It actually comes with a 4.9-inch long barrel handle. Moreover, it is featured with a finger guard to prevent your finger from running onto the blade. So if you think about all of this, just relax.

Adding up to its quality, the classic Scandi grind on the blade makes it almost irresistible to buy. The triple laminated stainless steel blade is hair popping sharp as claimed by the company. The size is 4.8-inch long.

Like the other knives from Helle, this one has two layers of tough stainless steel which makes it tough to break and to form rust. However, if rust appears you might want to polish the knife with any fine metal polish and mineral oil.

This knife is really sharp. You might consider it the sharpest among other Helle knives. This makes it perfect for cutting through any surface you want. You can make it your companion during camping, fishing, and even hunting due to its size.

Is The Knife Full Tang or Rat Tail Style?

No, man! This knife comes with a stick tang instead of a full tang. This type of tang makes a knife comparatively lighter as well as provides excellent strength.

What Should be Used to Keep This Knife Rust-Free?

If you don’t leave this knife in a wet place for a long time, then you don’t have to worry about rusting. If you ever do keep this in a wet place perpetually, then the rust spot can appear. In that case, use mineral oil to remove this.

Can This Knife Baton Wood?

The knife is not made for this specific purpose. Due to the lack of solid tang, you won’t be able to do that.

More 5 Best Helle Knives You Can Consider to Have!

3. Helle – Eggen – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • Triple laminated stainless steel
  • Plain edge blade
  • Two-layer hard steel
  • Curly birch handle

One of the best favorite staff from Helle. Not only the staff, but it is also well praised around the world. This one absolutely speaks of beauty with its satin polished finish.

The handle is made up of the carefully picked curly birch which gives it a beautiful pattern. Talking about the handle, it is 4.3-inch in length. Not only that, the well-proportional finger guard of the handle ensures your safety when handling the knife.

Moreover, the Eggen is made up of a 3.9-inch laminated stainless-steel blade. This material makes it resistant to rust as well as being strong. Furthermore, the slight drop point shape and the classic Scandi grind seen in this knife help it in cutting through different types of materials.

Like the other knives, you will be provided with a genuine leather sheath that was designed by Gunnar Lothe in the year 1998.

Before getting your hands on this beauty, you might spot some uncured finishes. Also, the price is also something that you need to keep in your consideration when purchasing this item.

Like the other knives from Helle, this one is also intended for use for both men and women. The Eggen can be used for multiple tasks. For this reason, the knife is specifically known as a true all-rounder knife.

How to Get The Best Out of This Knife?

Well, due to the lack of full-length tang, the optimum way to use the knife is through direct downward cutting through your desired object.

What is Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel Actually?

In the knife industry, Sandvik 12C27 is a popular material. It is a composition of Carbon, chromium, manganese, and silicon that all together gives this an extra solid hardness and toughness. Due to the presence of Chromium, it has become corrosion resistant.

What is The Function of The Odd Little Metal Knob on The Pommel?

One of the uses of this knob is to attach the stick knob and handle together. Another function is to button down the flap of the leather sheath onto it.

4. Helle – Steinbit – Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • Stick tang constructed blade
  • Sandvik 12C27 steel
  • Curly birch handle
  • Consists of the high iron core

Next, we bring to you the perfect companion for your fishing expedition. The Steinbit is absolutely one of their classics. They have been producing it for about 30 years now. The unique features of this knife make it perfect for filleting fish. Now, let’s get deep down into this masterpiece.

Starting with the design of the knife that is made to provide you with maximum efficiency. The stick tang constructed blade provides you with the most excellent edge performance.

The sharpness of the razor allows you to make clean strikes. Not only that, but the blade also excels in keeping the toughness. All this is due to the Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.

Not to forget, the knife also comes with a designer sheath from 1990 designed by Espen Thorup. The only thing that you might want to keep in mind is the sharpness of the knife. In order to ensure your safety, keep the knife covered up with the provided genuine leather sheath.

The answer is pretty clear that this knife is perfect for fishermen and women. You can carry it to any fishing expedition. Helle claims that this knife is sure to bring luck to your fishing adventures.

Is it Suitable for Skinning?

For skinning, comparatively the blade length should be short. A long blade is not the ideal choice for skinning. You can rather use it to cut meat and fish.

There are Two Different Options to Choose From. What are The Differences?

Both are quality fillet knives. The differences are in their design and size. The first one is straight and comes with only 0.15 pounds of weight. The handle length, blade length, and thickness are respectively 115mm, 155mm, and 1.4mm.

On the other hand, the 2nd one is 0.33 pounds with a larger handle. The handle length, blade length, and thickness are respectively 120mm, 153mm, and 1.6mm.

Is The Knife Strong?

This knife consists of a two-layer of tough stainless steel that makes this blade sturdy enough to cut heavy things.

5. Helle – Sigmund – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • Sharp triple laminated steel blade
  • Dark oak handle with leather spacer
  • Consists of fingerboard
  • Comes with a genuine leather sheath

Presenting to you another one of Helle’s Norwegian knives. This knife was created in 1930 by Sigmund Helle, but his son Torodd Helle designed the handle in a new way on the 2012 anniversary of the well-recognized brand.

The absolutely beautiful handle is 4.2-inch in length, manufactured from dark oak. The handle is covered with a piece of leather. The handle has a hand-sanded satin finish that gives it the deluxe look. Furthermore, the medium-sized handle is great for gripping in large and medium hands. Not to forget the fingerboard that guides you to get a close grip on the sharp blade.

To say about the blade, it’s 4.2-inch long, the same as the handle. The blade of this knife comes up with the triple laminated steel blade with 2 layers of tough stainless steel.

Here’s a caution that you might want to keep in mind. Some clients have observed that the handle is not hammered in position. Therefore, after getting your knife make sure to check it properly.

This beautiful knife is a blessing for all men and women. The 80 years of the traditional knife is sure to stick around to aid you in all types of activities. The two generations have come up with the knife meant for all-purpose. From skinning to cutting an apple, you have an assistant always ready at your finger grips.

How Durable is The Leather Handle?

The first thing is that it does not have a leather handle. It’s a wooden handle with leather spacers for an amazing look and outstanding grip. Helle’s knives are durable and it is also.

Where andHhow are The Sheaths Manufactured?

The sheaths for this type of knife are made of tanned leather which is attractive and durable as well. They are manufactured at the Helle’s factory by hand.

Does This Knife Have a Full Tang?

No, man. This knife actually comes with a stick tang assuring you great durability and solid handling feel.

6. Helle – Mandra – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knive

Key Features

  • Triple laminated stainless steel
  • Straight back blade
  • Two layers of stainless steel for toughness
  • High carbon core
  • Curly birch wood and Vulcan fiber handle

Adding another charmer to the list with this Mandra knife. The Mandra knife is the smallest knife with a 2.7-inch razor-sharp blade. It actually comes to aid you in different operations.

To start off, the blade is made from triple laminated stainless steel and a high carbon core. These two materials together make this knife unbreakable and anti-rustable. That’s why the cutting edge offers excellent sharpness. Not only that, the razor-sharp blade will aid you in almost any work.

Not to forget the 3.1-inch handle. It is made of curly birch wood and Vulcan fiber that make the handle comfortable. You will find the handle easy to hold. Alongside that, the handle is shaped in a way that fits into medium to large hands with ease.

Here’s a caution for you, unfortunately, the spine of the knife might be an uneven grind for you. This is because the grind scale is proportionally off. Moreover, the knife tip is also uneven.

We all know that small knives are often very versatile when it comes to usage. The Mandra succeeds in proving this fact. This tiny knife is really useful for adventure. The portability acts as a plus point in this case.

How to Take Care of The Wooden Handle?

The company recommends the usage of mineral oil found in numerous stores. However, they do recommend a product named Ballistol especially.

Is it a Belt Knife or a Pocket Knife?

Both! There is an option to carry this knife with your belt, the loop is large enough to attach with a belt. You can also even carry this amazing knife into your pocket.

Is it Possible to Cut Wooden Things with This Knife?

Sure! It can be your life-saving partner while making an adventure. As it has two layers of stainless steel, the cutting edge is sturdy enough. The carbon core protects it from corrosion.

7. Helle – Arv – Triple Laminated Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knives

Key Features

  • Finest triple laminated stainless steel
  • V-grind shape blade
  • Curly birch, staghorn wood, and leather handle
  • Leather spacers

Now, where to get started on this knife! The name of this beautiful knife means inheritance. This one is a really durable knife that comes in a medium shape.

This one is best suited for people with small to medium hands as the handle comes with a 4.1-inch handle. The handle is made of curly birch wood and staghorn with leather spacers.

Furthermore, the laminated steel will prevent your knife from corrosion along with keeping it intact. Not only that, the by hand sharpened 3.4-inch blade provides you a razor-sharp edge. This allows you to cut through absolutely any desirable item.

Due to the belt attached sheath, it is easier to carry. Not to forget the lightweight of this product. This knife only weighs about 0.20 pounds.

Alongside the other factors, it is important to keep in mind that the knife is expensive. Alongside this, the fit and finish of the knife are not as good as the company has claimed.

This one comes with a v-grind shape blade which is easier to sharpen. This type of blade is an ideal choice for survival situations. If you have a plan to make an adventure, then go for this knife. With this, you can prepare firewood, cut the small wooden things and things like that.

Can This Knife be Used for Woodwork?

This knife comes with a Scandinavian grind which is an ideal edge for hunting and brush crafting. It will work best with skinning and field dressing rather than carving.

Is Handwashing Enough to Clean This Knife?

Due to the stainless steel material of this knife, it can easily be polished off. Just wipe off with a soft cloth or something like that.

Buying Guides: Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Knife

By now it must be clear to you that all the Helle knives are inspired by natural elements like the mountains and rivers after reading the Helle knife reviews.
All of the knives have distinguishable features. However, there are some features that are present in all Helle knives.

Before heading off to get a hand on your own, go through this list to get a better grip of the factors that you might want to keep in mind:

Blade Material

The most important part of a knife is its blade. Helle is one of the best knife brands for producing incredible knives with top-notch material.

We always recommend you have a knife with a stainless steel blade. This makes the Helle knife blades rust-proof and also prevents them from breaking. The steel layers on the outer surface make them sharp like a razor.

The shape of the blades that Helle provides to their customers also helps in fulfilling the purpose of the knives.

Blade size

There are different types of knives for different purposes. And size is also different.

For example, larger blades are good for hunting or cutting wood while camping. Tiny blades are useful for small chores. As all knives are ideal for outdoor activities, just select a blade size depending on what you will do while camping.


Most of the handles of Helle’s have this special curly birch handle. The material gives the knife a hard and elegant structure. Not only that, the selected material of the knife also makes the knife pleasing for the eyes.

Make sure whether the handle has full-tang or stick tang. Though full-tang handles are popular for heavy cuts, a stick tang knife is also good enough for chores.

Handle size also should be considered here for comfort. For a small hand, a small handle is enough, but if you have a large hand, you must choose a knife with a large handle. Otherwise, it will be dangerous to cut something with a knife. It will cause cutting your palm or finger off.


After going through all the details it must be easier for you to make the decision now. Keep your requirements and budget in mind. Then you should be ready to buy one of the best Helle knives out there!

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